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I BETTWS. The Landis Record," of Saskatchewan, Canada, pays a striking tribute to the memory l of the late Mrs. Winnie Williams, wife of the Rev. Trevor J. Williams, B.A., B.D., and daughter of Mr. Morgan Morgan, M.E., Cwmllynfell, in the following -terms:—" To say that the country was stunned is but a mild statement. The majority had not even heard of her illness, and many were unable to intelli- gently perform their duties for the remainder of the day. The elements seemed in accord with the feelings of a grief-stricken people, hr aU day long the sun refused to shine, and even the heavens wept. It was Washington Irving who said, There is a healthful h'ard- ness about real dignity that never dreads con- tact and communion with others, however humble.' This dignity and her great love for humanity is the secret of this noble life's suc- cess, for success it was m?s?rsd by CVCiy standard of unselfishness. ??illiams had a smite and ? kind or cheery wdid; "? der all circumstances, for old or young, rich ?t poor, white or coloured. Her life was crowded full af activity-she was ever seek- ing an opportunity to minister to the needs of others. A great and noble spirit, in a frail tenement, she was utterly unconscious of any limit to physical strength, when suddenly that insidious disease marked her delicate organism for its victim, and snapped the tender link that held her to earth, home and friends, and the great spirit to its flight to the Heavenly Father Who had need of her m a larger sphere. She leaves with us the influence of a noble and beautiful life that has left its impress upon the community." Mrs. Williams was a niece of the late Colonel D. Morris and the Rev. W. Richard, Brynffin.







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