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AMMANFORD. You will want to send your Photograph to your friends at Christmas. The best work is always obtainable at A. Bryant's Studio, 8, College Street, Ammanford. Have them taken early and avoid the rush. The fortnightly Mart was held at Tirydail' on Wednesday, and in spite.of the inclemency -of the weather, there was a good attendance of buyers. Mr. W. N. Jones, J.P., Dyffryn, was the auctioneer. The following were sold: 19 cattle and 149 sheep. Battalion Sergt.-Major D. L. Thomas, a ,-C"Tl of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Thomas, of 99, College Street, has now received his discharge from the Army. Sergt.-Major Thomas was attached to the R.F .A., and had seen about 3r, years' service in France. Gwyneth Parry, Tycroes, gained the highest number of marks in the pianoforte examination of the London College of Music held last week at the Ammanford Centre, and has won the local prize of the College. Gertie Sheriff, Margaret Street, with only one mark behind, was second. Both passed with honours. They are pupils of Mr. Gwilym R. ^Jones. At the London College of Music examina- tion, held at the Y.M.C.A., Ammanford, on Thursday last, the 12th inst., Lily A. Lloyd, of 3, Margaret Street, was very successful in passing First Class in the Intermediate Section. She is a very promising pupil, this being the third examination in has been successful in th's year. Also, Phyllis Jones, of 31, Talbot Road, was very successful in passing First Class in the Elementary Section and Queenie Shepherd, First Class in the Primary Section. The above are pupils of Miss Ena Hughes, 79, College Street, Ammanford. 3rd A.M. William Andrew Williams, a son of Mr. David Williams, 40, Bettws Road, officiated on Sunday evening at Ebenezer Chapel during the first portion of the service in a very praifeworthy manner. Air Mechanic Williams was at one time a pupil at the Llandilo County School, and afterwards he passed into Cardiff University College. He is now attached to the R.A.F., and has passed an examination in wireless telegraphy. A brother of Air Mechanic Williams-Mr. Trevor Stanley Williams, who was formerly a pupil at the Amman Valley County School, is a student at Aberystwyth University Col- lege. Priv. D. J. Willjams, another brother, has served in France since August, 1916. He is attached to the R.A.M.C. After having served in the Army for over I four years, Driver Alcwyn Williams, a son 01 Mr. and Mrs. Williams, of the Boot Stores, 'College Street, has returned home, l having been placed in the Reserve. Driver Williams has taken part in a number of the most important engagements on the Western Front, taking part in the great Battle of the Somme, and was with the party which cap- tured Bapaume. Driver Williams was also present in the heavy fighting which took place at Cambrai, and was latterly serving at Mons. A pathetic chord is struck by stating that out of eleven pals who were in training together in the 56th Division Ammunition Column, and who went out to France together, only two survivors remain, and it is most remarkable -that they are two brothers-Driver Alcwya WiiMams and Driver Willie Williams. Driver Williams looks well and happy. Driver Willie Williams is now in France. We wel- come the hero. An excellent reception concert was held at the Wesleyan Chapel, Tirydail, on Tuesday evening to welcome home Priv. Myrddin 'Williams, M.M., a report of whom has ap- peared Jll- a previous issue. The chairman -was the Rev.- Meirion Williams (minister). The following programme was contributed:— Solo, Miss Blodwen Thomas; recitation, Miss Rachel Griffiths; solo, Miss Maggie Jones, Tirydail; solos, Misses Pugh, Tirydail; reci- tation, Miss G. Hayes, Tirydail; solo, Mr. Jack Rees, Pantyffynnon; solo, Mr. Tom Williams, Ammanford; solo, Mr. Rees Isaac, Tirydail. The usual gift was suitably pre- sented by Mrs. Hayes, of Tirydail, and Priv. -v* Williams responded. Penillion which had been composed for the occasion were also read. Mr. Rees Isaac and Mr. Joseph Griffiths made a few appropriate remarks. The duties of organist were ably performed by Mr Trevor Jenkins, A.L.C.M., Ammanford. The sinzing of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau brought a very enjoyable evening to a close. Sergt. L. Br«okyn, M.M., whose home is at 14, Llandebie Road, i6 now discharged from the Army. He joined up in August, 1914, and was sent out to Gallipoli, where he saw heavy fighting. During the period of h;s service in Gallipoli, Sergt. Brookyn con- tracted dysentery, and was sent back to this country and admitted into hospital. After recuperating, he was drafted out to France, where he took part in most of the important' encounters. Sergt., Brookyn has been gassed several times, and has sustained wounds on more than one occasion. During* some severe engagements, the horses were killed at the time when the gallant sergeant was mounted, and he had a miraculous escape from receiv- ing fatal wounds. For great bravery which he displayed at the end of last year, Sergt. Brookyn was awarded the Military Medal. In pre-war days Serqt. Brookyn was an excellent footballer, and his many friends are hopeful that he will again be able to figure in football circles. We extend our welcome to another of our gallant boys who defended our homes, congratulate Sergt. Brookyn on winning the Military Medal. On Friday evening, at the Palace Theatre, a crowded meeting was held in support of the candidature of Mr. J. Towyn Jones, the -Coalition candidate. The chair was occupied by Lieut.-Col. W. N. Jones, Dyffryn, and the meeting was addressed by Mr. Mervyn Peel, Llangadock, and the Rev. L. Berian James, B.A., Penygroes. The Chairman moved a vote of confidence in Mr. Towyn Jones, which was carried. There was con- siderable hooting indulged in during the meet- ing, and interruptions were of frequent occur- rence. The audience was soon converted into paities who indulged in arguments after the meeting was closed, and there was con- siderable disturbance among a section of the audience when questions were not entertained. After the meeting was over, the, groups of people resumed their discussions outside, and the feeling amongst a number of groups assumed a very threatening aspect. Follow- ing this, the Labour supporters held a meet- ing on the Square, which was addressed by Mr. James Griffiths, Mr. D. Davies, Mr. T. Dafen Williams, and Mr. F. Davies. Hun- dreds of people assembled together, and inter- ruptions and disturbances were somewhat pro- minent. In the recent ballot to elect a treasurer for the Anthracite District, in succession to the late Mr. J. D. Morgan, a very peculiar example of the method by means of which appointments are made is disclosed. The ballot was by single transferable vote, and there were seven positions or grades, as there an equal number of applicants for the post. Although Mr. John Harries (Irlwyn) secured the greatest number of votes in four positions and in the agreegate, still, the appointment goes to another candidate. The following explains the unsatisfactory method which was adopted:—Mr. John Harries: Position No. I, 2,129 votes; No. 2, 2,257; No. 3, 2 415 No. 4, 2,872; No. 5, 3,178; No. 6, 4,687; total, 17,538. Mr. W. M. Davies: No 1, 731; No. 2, 2,008; No. 3, 2,365- No.4, 2,698; No. 5, 3,751; No. 6, 5,235; total, 16,,780. It will be seen from the above that Mr. John Harries secured a substantial majo- rity for the first four >ositions. The voting clearly illustrates that Mr. Davies was in the majority only in the two lower pcsiuons, thus proving, in our option, that the miners were in favour of Mr. Harries being appointed to the post. It pi.oSi's our comprehension whv such an unsatisfactory system is allowed to bo in force. The marriage took place yesterday (Wed- nesday), at Henrietta Street Welsh Congre- gational Church, Swansea, of Mr. Wm. Morgan Davies, son Mr. n:d Mrs. Rets Davies, Hopkinstown, orga/iist of the lalbot Road Engl Ish Cor,,gre,,ation;,l Church, and Miss M. K. Evans, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Gorsfeicn Farm, Manordilo, organist of Herman Congregational Church, and soprano vocalist of much repute. The bride was given away by her father, and was her- self attended by Miss M. L. Thomas, College Street, and Miss M. M. Davies (sister of the bridegroom). The groomsman was Mr. D. E Harris, Co-operative Stores, Mr. Rees Davies, the bridegroom's father, and Mr. Johnnie Waters, Margaret Street, a personal friend of the bridegroom, being also present at the ceremony. The officiating minister was Rev. D. Bowen, Hermon, assisted by the P ev. D. E. Harris, Ammanford. 1 he wed- dmg breakfast was partaken of at Thomas' Cafe, High Street. The various toasts were spoken to in felicitous terms by Messrs. D. E. arris anA J. J. Waters and the officiating m msers. The honeymoon will be spent at Cardiff and other places. The many friends of the bnde and bridegroom wish them every joy and happiness. The Rev. David Griffiths, chaplain to the blind, lectured on behalf of St. Dunstan' s at Ebenezer Chapel on Wednesday evening of last week. Mr. W. Cathan Davies, the pre- sident of the Free Church Council, made an admirable chairman. For close upon two hours the lecturer, who is-himself blind since he was s' x years of age through an attack of typhoid, held the undivided attention of the audience. His description of the blind and the marvellous work which is being done in their behalf, and especially the interest taken in sailors and soldiers blinded in the war, was most graphic, and his humour was irresistible. His appeal for our assistance in such a good cause was made with such power that it was generally felt that a visit from Mr. Griffiths must be arranged on a Sunday some time during the coming year, when he will be given an opportunity to preach morning and evening at two of our largest chapels: The Free Church Council, under whose auspices Mr. Griffiths visited the place, is developing its work along right lines, and the churches must respond generously when philanthropic appeals of this nature are being made. The Council would desire to most cordially acknow- ledge the splendid services rendered by the young people of our churches in the selling of tickets for the lecture. At the close, Mr. D. Hughes, the West Wales representative of the Institute, spoke a few words in Welsh.

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