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The Election. I

:Ammanford Police Court. I



I DANGER from infection can be successfully averted in every home where is regularly used. FIRST AID is the scientific disinfectant soap of guaranteed power. It is made in a unique way, and its value in combating microbe-borne disease can hardly be over-estimated. In triple tablets, 7id. Made only by Christie Thomas & Bros. Ltd., Bristol *The First Aid Book, 40 pp. of illustrated first || aid hints, free on request if usual dealer's name mentioned. 79 DEAKIN'S ?oNDERFUL  BL.LU DEAKIN'S„B HE&LTH PI LLS ? FEVERand HrM? PURE STRONG HEALTHY BLOOD Free from those terrible slayers- ErysIpelas, ChUls, Pams, Ulcers, QPnPiBUHlSlIT E P! F?S Q?!M Burning, Fevers, Inflammatins, BRIGHT CLEAR ??E?, Pneumonia, Dropsy, Pleurisy, luro f^UiS i C Torturing Eczem, Rheumatism, rCnOuCt IT CrnOnUiH« J LlVLn uriiLLd, Gout, Pimples, Boils Blotches. lnd,ge1,°n Hrache Jaundice, Dropsy, acl;aeh And all Unhealthy Inflamed Ulcerous Conditions. DEAKINS Ensure immediate benefits for all Sufferers, and effect quick and most wonderful recoveries. DEAKINS In Stamped Boxes only, 13; by Post, 1/6; Six Boxes for 7/6. I Sole Proprietors and Inventors G. Deakin & Hughes, The Inflammation Remedies Co., BRISTOL & BLAENAVON, Mon.