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The Election. I

:Ammanford Police Court. I


Ammanford Police Court. I Monday, December 16th.-Before Mr. D. R*cNards, T'ryda'] House (in the chair) m?: D. Davies, Cilrhedyn; and Mr. John Rees, Gornant. AFFILIATION. I Annie Morgan (16), of Gwylfa, Llan- debie, summoned Oswald Mayberry, of Radium House, Margaret Road, Llandebie, to shew cause, &c. Mr. S. Griffith, solicitor, Ammanford, ap- peared for the complainant, and Mr. L. M. Thomas, solicitor, Aberavon, for defendant. The respective solicitors agreed on behalf ot the p. rties that the case be adjourned until Monday, December 30th. The Bench consented to the adjournment. ASSAULT. I Mrs. Margaret Roderick, of Bryn Villa, Waterloo Road. Penygr:;es, summoned Lena Roberts, of G'aspant, Penygroes, for assault. Mr. S. Griffith, solictor, Ammanford, ap- peared foi complainant, and Mr. Hugh Williams solicitor, Llandilo, defended. The Chairman suggested that the parties should settle the case, and the respective soli- citors agreed. The magistrates then ad journed, together with the parties, to their private room, and returned wthout eff ting a settlement. Mr. S. GnFth, 1.1 o;'lining the case for complainant, said that the assault iook place on the 25th ult. Their Worships would have to decide between two women 'who had quarrelled, and the assault committed was one of extraordinary violence. Both were married peoplet and were next-door neighbours. Each occupied houses which were in blocks of two. The assault was committed by defendant in complainant s house, in the presence of a perfectly independent person, who saw the assault from beginning to end. This witness was not prepared to attend to give evidence, and consequently he (Mr. Griffith) had to take the necessary steps to secure his presence there that day. The witness would say that he saw defendant leaping over a fence and rushing into complainant's house, and striking complainant several blows on the side of her face. The complainant had suffered serious consequences. The defendant refused to leave and followed complainant into a room, where defendant again struck at her, and Mr. Jones interfered and ordered her to leave the house. The witness had prevented defendant from striking complainant a third time. The defendant afterwards left. Defendant was followed into complainant' s house by her little daughter, who was seven years of age. The defendant appeared to have transmitted to her daughter a portion of her own vicious- ness, the little girl having rushed on and struck complainant with a skipping rope. The- assault was entirely unprovoked. Mr. Griffith, continuing, said: Law evidently has no attraction for the defendant; she preferred the ways of Bolshevism." His client had suffered very badly after the assault, and on the doctor's recommendation the complainant's mother had to be sent for. Complainant was then called, and bore out her solicitor's statement. Defendant came j into her house on the 25th ult., and struck her three or four times on the same side of he;. face. The Chairman: She ought to have turned the other side. Complainant, continuing, said that defendant also struck her on he- chest while she was going away from her. She had also kicked witness, and had made three attacks upon her. The little girl of defendant had struck her with a skipping rope. Complainant had not touched her. Mr. Jones, the witness, tola defendant to g;) out of the house, and dttfen- dap, had asked complainant to come outside. Cross-examined by Mr. Hugh Williams: She was not extra friendly with defendant. The trouble started on Friday. Her little child had had the 'Flu," and she went out to the ro.ad with a skipping rope. Mrs. Roberts \.as at Penygroes at the time. Defen- dant's I'tt! girl gave witness' little child a flip," and she came crying into the house. On Monday, the 25th ult., defendant came into her house and struck her and kicked her. Mr. J. Jones, Henllan House, Ammanford, was t hen called, and said he was in the house of Mis. Roderick on Monday, the 25th ult. Mrs Roberts jumped over the fence and came into vlrs. Rocf rick' s nouse, and struck com- plainant, swearing at the same time. After complainant was struck, he (witness) did not say a word. Defendant struck complainant a second time, and then he asked her to leave tho house. He told her it was a very serious thing to come into her neighbour's house to assault her. After the second attack he rose and went between them. Mrs. Roderick did nothing at aH. C pendant's little girl struck Mrs. Roderick, ani he separated than also. Cross-examined: He knew Mrs. Roderick for the last five years, and he knew Mrs. Roberts, too. The defendant then gave evidence, and said she was out Dn Friday, the 22nd ult.. putting clothes on the line, when complainant said to a little boy who was kicking at her door: Don't come and bother me to-day. I have been bothered enough by an old She did not speak to complainant. In about an hour and a half she saw complainant taking a stick from her own child, and striking net little child twice on her arm. Witness then went in to complainant's house, and told her she could not bear to see her beating her (witness') child. Witness smacked coni,, plainant on her face. Proceeding, defendant said that when the complainant removed "to Penygroes, Mr. Jones, the witness, told her that Mrs. Roderick b., d the devil in her, and that she was a wicked woman. The Chairman: Are you a customer of Mr. Jones? Defendant: No, sir. Cross-examined, defendant said she went into the house of Mrs. Roderick on' Monday. She struck her. She did not know it was against the law at the time she went into com- plainant's house. Mr. GriHith: But you know now? Defendant: Yes. She admitted giving com- plainant a smack on her face. The Chairman said that they as magistrates felt that the case had been proved, but as there was another case, they would reserve their decision. JUVENILE COURT. Mrs. Roderick, the complainant in the last case, was summoned by Mrs. Lena Roberts in respect of an assault alleged to have been committed upon complainant's little girl, Mary .{oberts, seven years of age. Mr. Hugh Williams, solicitor, Llandilo, appeared for complainant. Mary Roberts, the little girl, said that Mrs Roderick struck her on her arm with a cane on Monday, the 25th ult. Mrs. Roberts, the child's mother, gave evidence of having seen defendant striking her little „'irl with a stick. Defendant, who was represented by Mr. S. Griffith, denied the offence. Mr. John Jones, HenlIan House, Amman- ford, corroborated defendant's evidence, and said that the children were on the other s.ide of the road, and that Mrs. Roderick did not go near t hem, but remained in the house all the time. The Chairman said that the magistrates had decided to dismiss the tecond ease, each side to pay their own costs. With regard to the first case, a technical offence was committed and the law had been broken. Defendant had no right to go into complainant's house. They would impose a fine of IS. and costs. The Chairman said that they wanted to stop such cases coming into Court, and that no advocate's fee would be allowed.