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The Election. I


The Election. I After the exciting times we had witnessed in the town prior to the Election, Saturday- the day of test-came as an appropriate change. The electors who attended at the various polling booths were quite decided as to the merits and demerits of the respective parties who sought election, and the votes-the deciding factors-were recorded without the slightest disturbance. The women deserve to be complimented for their response to the confidence reposed in them. Their appear- ance in such numbers was quite a change from the scenes witnessed in previous Parliamentali1 Elections, and it is to be hoped that they made a wise selection in their first privilege of voting. According to some reports, it appears that the women electors were in the majority. There was much speculation as to who would be the successful local candidate, though some voters wers quite confident that their man would be returned. Several of the electors wore badges representing their parties, and a number of women electors also exhibited their colours; one was tempted to conclude, judging from appearances, that women had always enjoyed the privilege of voting in Parliamentary Elections. The elec- torate will now eagerly anticipate the result of their votes, and it is quite possible that many surprises will happen when the results are announced. The local electorate included a variety of people, and it was a striking scene to notice how the aged and infirm turned out to record their votes.

:Ammanford Police Court. I