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Mrs. Lloyd George at Ammanford.


Mrs. Lloyd George at Ammanford. The news that Mrs. Lloyd George would visit Ammanford on Friday last to address a meeting in support of the candidature of Mr. Towyn Jones soon spread through the town and district, and as a result there assembled a huge crowd of people outside the Palace Theatre, Ammanford, awaiting admittance. The spacious building was soon filled, and a rousing reception was accorded Mrs. Lloyd George when she arrived. Und er the able direction of Mrs. C. Fletcher, the local Ladies' Physical Culture Class were in attend- ance, and a guard of honour was formed, which was very suitable and attractive. The Men of Harlech was rendered effectively while the ladies marched on to the stage. Mr. John Lewis, J.P., Bryn-Rhug, who presided in the unavoidable absence of Lady Howard, said that owing to sudden i llness Lady Howard was unable to present. How- ever, he was very glad to be able to introduce to the audience the wife of our great Prime Minister. (Applause). The speaker said that we had heard a great deal about Mr. Lloyd George as Prime Minister, but per- haps we had not heard enough about Mrs. Lloyd George. With Mrs. Lloyd George he was a "little clinker." (Applause). As Mrs. Lloyd George's time was limited-she had to go in a very short time-he had great pleasure in calling upon her to address the meeting. (Loud applause). Mrs. Lloyd George then addressed the meeting, and said: Ladies and gentlemen, I am very sorry to be so late coming here this afternoon, and I am sure you will bear with me when I tell you that I can only give you about two minutes. Some have called this South Wales campaign of mine a whirlwind campaign, and I think it is so. You know that a whirlwind does not stop long in the same place. I am due in Llanelly now, but I wanted to put in a word for Mr.T owyn Jones. He has been a great supporter of the Coalition Government, and I am sure you will agree that he is the best man to repre- sent you in Parliament. (Applause). I hope there are many among the women present who have the vote. I have heard that some women are not very keen with their votes- put in their hands by the Coalition Govern- ment-but I hope they will not be indifferent, because, when we come to re-construction, the things that will be put forward-better housing, child welfare, &c.—will touch every one of us; and I hope you will all go to the poll I have heard of some men who were afraid they would not get home in time for the poll, but when asked about their wives, said: Oh, they are not going to the poll.' Mrs. Lloyd George finished her speech in Welsh, and left amidst loud applause. Mr. Towyn Jones then spoke, and in the i Lad'les an d course of his remarks said: Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for your kindness in turning up this afternoon to hear Mrs. Lloyd George; you have turned up in your thou- sands. Now, Iwant you women who have a vote-who are coming into your own-to use it. Everyone in the Amman Valley knows that since coming here I have fought hard for women's rights. Women have more good— more of the eternal-in them than men. They keep more to religion than men, and if any- one ought tp get a vote it is the women." The candidate concluded his remarks in Welsh, and said that if the Germans had come into this country they would have treated us with far more cruelty than they had treated Belgium, Montenegro, and other coun- tries. This was not the time for discussions, but for a party of all classes. (Applause). At this juncture Mr. Towyn Jones had to leave the meeting to accompany Mrs. Lloyd George to Llanelly.. The Rev. D. B. Richards said: I feel much happiness in saying a few words in favour of Mr. Towyn Jones. I have been greatly honoured, and I think Ammanford has been greatly honoured to be paid a visit by Mrs. Lloyd George, the wife of our Prime Minister. General Foch has said that Mr. Lloyd George is the man who has caused all the clouds to blow by and leave the sun to shine upon us, and I hope you will do your best to support MT. Towyn Jones, who has been of great help already to his country. We ought to thank God for such a man as Mr. Lloyd George, and no doubt we are all ready to say, Long may he live and I hope you will send him such a supporter as will stand by his side as Mr. Towyn Jones." Mr. John Lewis said he was sure they all felt grateful to Mrs. Fletcher for arranging the guard of honour at such short notice.

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