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I Election Addresses. I

Parliamentary Election, 1918


Ammanford Police Court j


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Appreciation of "Towyn."


Appreciation of "Towyn." Mr. H. C. Bond, formerly Conservative candidate for the Carmarthen Boroughs, has addressed the following letter to Mr. Towyn Jones, the Liberal Coalition candidate for the Llaneliy Division:— I am glad to hear Mr. Towyn Jones decision, and that he has undertaken to give his full support to the Coalition Government. In whatever respects we have differed in the past on many matters of policy, I am one of those who consider that the country owes a great debt of gratitude to the Prime Minister. I am convinced that no one could have held the Government together during the past few years in the way he has done, and that a successful conduct of the war has been his sole aim during the trying times .ve have passed through. I am also on need tJ-t a Coalition Government is the :y form ot government that can satisfactory/ cist: with the many difficult problem-, arising )1. of the transfer from war to peace "ditionst '.d that such a Coalition Government shot; 1-1 be led by the present Prime Minister. it appears to me that under these < jumjtances the Unionist Party will best shew their loyalty, not only to their -pa.1 !y but to the country, by supporting the Ccoiition candi- dates, and it is for this reaso: hat uave withdrawn my candidat"re fo< LirneUy. and appeal most earnestly to my supporters to give their votes for Mr. Towyn-Jones, the Coalition candidate for the constit. C'C7. By doing-so, in my opinion, they best shew their loyalty to their own party and their patriotism to their country. Having taken this decision with regard to the election, I feel my chief duty is to devote the whole of my energies to restarting and safeguarding the tinplate industry, which is of such great im- portance to the town of Llanelly and to the whole of South Wales."