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I Election Addresses. I

Parliamentary Election, 1918


Ammanford Police Court j


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WHO ARE DR. WILLIAMS' STRONGEST SUPPORTERS? To the Editor, Amman .Valley Chronicle. Please allow me a small space in your valuable paper. There is an old proverb which says that A man is known by the company he keeps," and I have found that this proverb is correct. So let us see who are the followers and supporters of Dr. Williams; by them we shall know him. Dr. Williams is supported by the organisation known as the I.L.P., or, in other words, people of the same mind as the well-known friend of the Germans, Mr. Ramsey Mac- donald. It is a well-known fact that this Party have done their best to whitewash the murders and atrocities and robberies commit- ted by the Germans; and, owing to their pro-German actions, our brave sailors will not sail in the same ships as Mr. Henderson and Mr. Ramsey Macdonald. So let us, work- men, tell them to begone and make place for honester men," as Cromwell told the Commoners of his time. Dr. Williams is also supported by the Pacifists and Syndicalists. These are the people who tried to stop the railways and coal-mines from supplying food and ammunition to our soldiers and sailors in the trenches and on the seas, and they never blamed the Germans for sinking hospital ships and the liner Lusitania." I can 't vote for the representative of the enemies of Britain, so I will vote for the man that is a patriot and a supporter of Mr. Lloyd George's Coalition Government. That man is Mr. Towyn Jones. The war has been won by our brave soldiers and sailors and our great Welsh Premier's Government and our Allies. So let us vote for the representative of the Government, and not for the representative of the I.L.P. and th; friends of Germany. Our duty is clear, and our answer to Mr. Lloyd George's appeal will be: Vote for Mr. Towyn Jones and a•] the Coalition candidates," and the pros- perity of our country will be assured.— Yours faithfully, A WORKMAN. I

Appreciation of "Towyn."