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I Election Addresses. I

Parliamentary Election, 1918


Parliamentary Election, 1918 LLANELLY PARLIAMENTARY DIVISION OF THE COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN. I have been selected by the Llaneliy Dis- trict Labour Party to contest this seat at the coming Election. My candidature 4ias been endorsed by the National Executive Com- mittee, and I am in entire accord with the Labour programme as explained in the Manifesto. Amongst other items I would fight for are the following:— PAYMENTS AND PENSIONS. A drastic and wholesale increase in the payments and pensions to Soldiers, Sailors, and their Dependents. DEMOBILISATION. I would work for the passing of a Right- to-Maintenance Bit!, which would ensure honourable maintenance or work at proper rates of pay to all who are discharged from the Forces, or unemployed. HOUSE RENT. I I want the Rent Restriction Act continued until the Government has built an adequate I number or suitable houses. LAND, RAILWAYS, AND MINES. I I will fight for the Nationalisation of the Land, Railways, Mines, &c., and other things which are essential to the well-being ot the Nation. Further items in my programme include the fol lowing:— The formation of a League of Peoples. 1 he abolition of Conscription, and all restrictions on Liberty. The full Restitution of Trade Union Rights. Home Rule all round. I am against interference in Russian- affairs, and think that our boys should not be sent there to perish in the interests of Traders and BIG MONEY. i I will be addressing meetings in all parts I of the Division during the campaign. I shall I there discuss more fully the reasone. WHY I ASK FOR YOUR SUPPORT. I Should you honour me by electing me, 1 -shall make it my constant endeavour to be worthy of your confidence by striving to serve the men and women of our country to the best of my ability. Yours faithfulily, Dr. J. H. WILLIAMS. Snowden House, Burry Port, 4th November, 1918. Why you should Support THE LABOUR CANDIDATE. Because he has given his whole life to the cause of Labour. Because he is not the Puppet Candidate of a Political Kaiser. Because he is not a commodity to be rationed out like sugar or jam. Because he will add Political Power to your Industrial Power. Because he is in favour of honourable main- tenance for all. Because he is free to vote for any good Measure, whilst the Coalition Candidate has to vote for the Coalition-right or wrong.


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