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The Coalition and j Labour…


The Coalition and j Labour Meetings. A WOMAN'S IMPRESSION. The news came on Thursday evening, elec- trifying every woman who has a vote, that a great lady was to address the constituents on Friday at 3 p.m. prompt. Would it be pos- j sible to attend? Anxious thoughts were cast ahead, surveying the time-table of Friday's duties. Shopping must be done! Baking— that could be postponed. CL-a. mgr and household duties d^roatcked with all speed, | and so on ad in fin. The result being that many husbands anu sons were told t-hat, mothers, wives, and listers intended being pre- sent at the meeting and doubtless hundreds of ovens contained the dinners for the loved ones due home from the collieries or work- shops dinners lovingly and carefully pre- pared in readiness t) be served by hupby for himself. And-we were there at 3 p.m. prompt, flushed with cur exertions, ready ana willing to listen to that which, we hoped, would help us to decide for ourselves ax to the best way in which to vote. For we ex- pect much, we women! Endowment ot motherhood, better housing schemes, equality in the rate of wages for males and females, particularly so where brainwork is con- cerned. For instance, the teaching profession and the Fine Arts! There were cushioned seats into which we sank with a sigh, soft lights, and a charmng crimson curtain to look at. However, the feeling of ease and well-being gradually faded, and we turned anxious eyes one upon the other. Were we to be disappointed? Suddenly a laugh rsng out, and we all joined l in, Another laugh., and' further response, thus relieving the tension. At last came the. great lady and het train, and we settled down to hear of that which we sought. But alas! disillusionment was our reward. A few minutes and she was gone! Another few minutes and the Coalition candidate had dis- appeared! What cf the programme? What were his aims and pledges? Where was tl e message ? And we had rushed for this! Homeward bound we were invited to the meeting con- vened by the Labour candidate. Two in one day! Was it possible? Who would super- vise the children? Who would see to the joyous task of preparing them, sweet-faced and happy, for their entrance into the Land of Nod? Plans were quickly and efficiently made, and-we attended the meeting. A rude hall, unadorned, hard seats on which W rest our tired limbs-this was our environment! One looked around. Here were men who toiled daily, diggers in the dark, daily exposing themselves to danger of lrife and limb in the dark caverns beneath the surface upon which we so lightly tread. What had they to say? Had they thought out those problems so vital to the interests of the worker the whole world over? Presently, one of them occupied the chair, and with courage and oon- viction gleaming through the whole, held us breathless in sheer sympathy whilst he out- lined the programme conceived by workers for workers. Next came the candidate's address, clear, calm and concise; followed again by enthusiastic young men who, stirred into the consciousness of their own and fellow- workers' value to the State, are now deeply engaged in raising themselves and their fellow- men into that higher and clearer atmosphere which should and must be the privilege o. the worker as well as the capitalist. These again followed by the glowing eloquence of a minister of the Gospel. Forgotten were the hard seats and the rude hall. Mind met mind, thought followed thought; and into the whole crept the conviction that England will be the better, sweeter and nobler if she gives to Labour unstinted support. Homeward bound again, we reviewed the events of the day. Comparisons were drawn, ideas en- dorsed, and improvements suggested. Strange, erratic creatures are women, they say. But who knows? In the glorious years to come, when women have a fair share in the voice of the nations, there will dawn upon the world an era glowing and bright, where there shall decidedly be no war, no Kaiser. no junkers and party-mongers! For we have the Vote, and it is but the beginning! WIFE. I

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