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Brynamman Poultry Show. I

Llandilo Board of Guardians.I


Llandilo Board of Guardians. I The monthly meeting of the above Board of Guardians was held at the Union Offices, Llandilo, on Saturday last, Mr. Gomer Harries, J.P., Chairman, pressiding. There were also present: Mr. J. W. Richards, Vice- chairman; Mr. W. Hopkins, Mr. D. P. Davies, Mr. L. N. Powell, Mr. Roderick Evans, Mr. D. Davies, Mr. Jno. Lewis, Rev. J. Morgans, Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. D. Glyn Jenkins, Mr. Jno. Davies, Mr. Evan Davies, Mr..W. Roberts (Garnant), Mr. Arthur Williams, Mr. W. Roberts (Llanfynydd), Mr. Theophilus Harries, Mr. Chas. Price; together with the Clerk (Mr. R. Shipley Lewis), the Deputy Clerk (Mr. D. Jones Morris), the Relieving Officers (MrT W. Popkins and Mr. W. James) ,and the Master (Mr. D. Evans). POOR LAW CONFERENCE. The Chairman presented a report of the deliberations of the South Wales and Mon- mouthshire Poor Law Conference held at Swansea, which he attended as representative of the Guardians; and he said that a strong feeling was shewn against the proposal to abolish Boards of Guardians throughout the country, and it was decided to ask the various Boards of Guardians represented to pass resolutions against the proposal, and that resolutions be sent to the local members ot Parliament for the Union, as well as candi- dates at the forthcoming election. They should impress upon the Government that they did not think it satisfactory for the County Council to have any more work attached to them, as their action with education since the abolition of School Boards had not been such as to justify confidence. Mr. Jno. Lewis asked whether full parti- culars of the proposed scheme were submitted to the Conference, and he said that they could not very well IDass anything before they knew what the difference was. The Chairman replied that the scheme was submitted to the Conference. Mr -J. Richards said he thought the pro- posal had been discussed for the last ten years. Mr. W. Williams said the question resolved itself as to whether they believed in direct representation or in the appointment of a higher Council, when small committees would be formed in different areas. They had an example of the latter in the matter of educa- tion. In the time of the School Boards, the people who administered education were elected directly by the people. Now there was no election. It was placed in the hands of the County Council. He dared say that this new scheme was intended to work in the same way as education had been working, and they knew the result. Mr. Arthur Wiltiams said the democratic principle of direct representation on Boards of Guardians was not without its faults. Nevertheless, by handing over the work to the County Council, the poor will not have the same justice as they were having by direct representation to-day. The Chairman said that at the Conference the resolution was passed unanimously. Mr. A. Williams added that he was afraid that public bodies in this county were a great deal too conservative in this matter. He was afraid that they as a Board of Guardians were guilty of the same thing as the County Council. Things were not carried out in a proper spirit in view of their innate conser- vatism. He proposed that they support the resolution submitted, and that the Board oi Guardians as at present existing be a separate body which was directly elected. The resolution as submitted from the Con- ference was unanimously adopted, and the Chairman was thanked for his attendance at the Conference and for his lucid report thereon. HOUSE REPORT. The report shewed that divine service had been conducted in the House by the Rev. G. E Williams (Baptist), Rev. G. Davies (Methodist), and Archdeacon Williams. The Master asked if the Board would con- tinue to give Christmas dinner to the inmates th:s year. It was unanimously agreed to do so. ADDITIONAL RELIEF. With reference to additional relief for out- door paupers, the Clerk said that he had re- ceived instructions from other Unions respect- ing non-settled paupers to grant them addi- tional amounts varying from Is. to 4s. Still, he thought it was not advisable to grant vary- ing amounts, which would undoubtedly give ri.se to much dissatisfaction. Mr. J. Bevan then proposed that they grant an additional sum of 2s. to outdoor paupers, which should include non-settled paupers and children. Mr. J. Hughes seconded, and the proposi- tion was carried. It was decided to ask other Unions who had paupers chargeable to the Ltandi to Unic-n under their control to treat them the same as their own paupers. TREASURER'S REPORT. I The Treasurer presented his report, which shewed outstanding calls to be £ 451, and balance in hand £246. HEATING APPARATUS. I The Chairman complained of the heating I of the Board Room, pointing out the injurious effect upon health when having to sit there in such a cold atmosphere for several hours. The Clerk said there was something un- I doubtedly wrong with the apparatus, as the Caretaker kept a fire in both day and night, and had done so for the last fortnight. It was decided to ask Mr. D. Pritchard Davies to inspect the apparatus. THE ARMISTICE. I The Chairman expressed the Board's thank- fulness for the successful termination ot hostilities. A great deal of the credit was due to the Right Hon. D. Lloyd George, who in his masterly handling of the situation had been to a large extent responsible for the successful iurn of events and the complete subjugation of German militarism. He anti- cipated that a new era would now dawn upon Europe. Mr. W. Williams then said that he felt sure that the Chairman, with his usual liberality, would, when peace was actually signed, invite the members to a sumptuous banquet to celebrate the occasion. If it was not an imposition on good nature, he would propose it. The motion was carried with great hearti- ness. PREMIER'S WALKING-STICK. I Before the business of the Rural District Council was proceeded with, the beautiful walking-stick which it is intended to present to the Premier was handed round tor the mem- bers' inspection, they having subscribed to- wards the same.

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