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Brynamman Poultry Show. I

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

Brynamman Poultry Show. I The Brynamman Fanciers' Association deserve to be heartily congratulated on the fine success of their endeavours this year again in promoting a poultry show worthy of the reputation of the feathered world events. A previous effort of theirs yielded a surplus of £ 60, which grand sum was handed over to the Soldiers' and Sailors Welfare Society. The proceeds of last Thursday's exhibition are to be devoted to- 'wards erecting a memoria,l to the fallen heroes of Brynamman. The object deserved the splendid support accorded to the enthu- siastic and painstaking committee, which spared neither time, energy or money in making the affair such an unqualified suc- cess. It was held at the Church Hall, which building, though spacious, proved much too small to accommodate the record number of exhibits on show and the great numbers of sightseers and competitors. The hall was kindly lent for the occasion. This fact deserves special mention. The show was opened by Mr. J. Ernest Lewis, manager, Glynbeudy Works, and Mr. Harold Rees, Albion House. Appended is the list of prize-winners selected by the judge of this section, Mr. J. T. Morris, Mountain Ash:- POULTRY. I Classes I and 2.-Game, any variety, cock or hen: I and special, T. Bevan, Glyn- neath; 2, T. J. Edwards, Cwmgiedd; 3, Griffiths Bros., Llanelly. Class 3.—1 and special, D. L. Price, Ystradgynlais; 2, D. Owen, Brynamman; 3, D. Price; 4, G. Thomas, Grovesend. Class 4.-White Wyandotte, hen: 1, D. L. Price; 2, J. Walters, Sketty; 3, D. L. Price; 4. D. Owen. Class 5.—White Wyandotte, pullet: 1, special, and cup for best in show, D. L. Price; 2, D. L. Price; 3, Gomer Thomas. Class 6.—Wyandotte, any colour, cock or hen: I and special, J. A. Boardley, Lan- caster; 2, W. R. Havard, Glynneath; 3, Sydney Hiller, Standon; r., W. Demaid, Treherbert. Classes 7 and 8.—Orpington, cock or hen: I and special, H. Sweetland, Llanelly; 2, D. Rees, Pencader; 3, T. Rees, Llanelly; r., D. Rees; 4, J. Barton. Class 9.-Rock, cock: 1 and special, J. T. Jones, Brynamman; 2, D. M. Jones, Hirwain; 3, Mrs. G. Hughes, Grovesend; r., A. T. Curtis, Ystradgynlais. Class JO.-Rock, hen: I and special, W. J. Llewelyn, Brynamman; 2, D. and M. Jones, Hirwain; 3, W. G. Thomas, Bryn- amman; r., R. Morgan, Brynamman; v.h.c. and h.c., J. T. Jones, Brynamman. Class I i.-Ancona, cock: I and special, D Davies, Ffairfach; 2, T. D. Thomas, Brynamman; 3, D. B. Thomas, Abere dve; r., j Frost, Clydach. Class 12.-Ancona, hen: 1 and special for best Ancona in show, T. D. Thomas, Bryn- amman 2, E. Ashton, Gwaun-cae-gurwen; 3, J. Jones, Carmarthen; r., F. Hargreaves, Brynamman. Classes 13 and 14, 19 to 25—Judge, Mr. D B. Chesterfield, Glynneath. Classes 13 and 14.-Leghorn, cock or hen: 1 and special, J. D. Davies, Bettws; 2, J. S. Jenkins, Llanelly; 3, W. H. Murray, Llanelly; r. and special, J. D. Davies. C lass IS-Judge, Mr. G. Lewis, Godre r- graig. Class 15.-Rhode Island Red, cock: I, D J. Davies, Brynamman 2, R. Bevan, Cwmllynfell; 3, Sydney H. Standon; 4, B. A Jones, Cwmtwrch. Class 16.-Rhode Island Red, hen: 1, D. J. Davies; 2, D. J. Davies; 3, D. R. Jones, Brynamman. Class 17.-Rhode Island Red, cockerel: I and 2, R. Bevan, Cwmllynfell; 3, D. R. Jones; r., S. Hiller, Standon. Class 18.-Rhode Island Red, pullet: 1, special, and 4, D. J. Davies; 2, R. Bevan; 3, Rees, Glynnneath; r., W. H. John, Swansea; v.h.c., D. J. Davies, D. R. Jones, and D. Jones, Pencader. Class 19.-Campine, cock or hen: I and special, Ll. J. Williams, Glynneath; 2, J. Morgan and Sons, Bynea; 3 and 4, D. J. Jones, Llandilo. Class 20.-Any other variety, cock or hen: I and special, J. Griffiths, Cwmllynfell; 2, E. Mainwaring, Ystalyfera; 3, J. Griffiths; 4, W. M. Davies, Llandilo; r., Griffiths, Llanelly. Class 21 .-Selling Class, cock or hen: 1, W. J. Llewelyn, Brynamman, 2, Gwilym Evans, Grovesend; 3, J. Griffiths; 4, D. L. Price. Class 22.-Likeliest layer; 1 and special, W. J. Llewelyn; 2, W. Llewelyn; 3, D. Owen; 4, D. L. Price. Class 23.-Local Class, cock or hen: I and special, F. Hargreaves: 2 and special, T. Williams; 3, G. A. Thomas; 4, Wm. Phillips; r., Mrs. Hayward and C. Jones. Class 24.—Bantam, hard feather, cock or hen- and special, Morgan and Sons, Morris- ton: 2, N. C. Gower Williams, Codbridge; 3, T. J. Lewis, Neath; 4, 1. Pugh, Bryn- amman; r., Morgan and Sons. Class 25.-Bantam, soft feather, cock or hen: I and special, W. R. Havard, Glyn- neath; 2. D. Price, Ystradgynlais; 3, J. Havard, Gorseinon; 4, W. R. Havard, Glyn- neath. PIGEONS. I Class 26.-Racing Homer, likeliest old cock: 1, special, and cup for best in show: Wm. Stephens, Swansea; 2, W. B. Edwards, Gorseinon 3, E. G. Evans, Swan- sea. Class 27.-Racing Homer, likeliest old hen: I and special, J. V. Trant, Exeter; 2, Roberts, Lye; 3, Wm. Jones, Bryn- amman 4, J. Barnes, Gloucester. Class 28.-Racing Homer, likeliest young cock: 1, special, and R.P. special, C. J. Edmunds, Falmouth; 2, J. Vicarage, Swan- sea; 3, W. B. Edwards, Gorseinon. Class 29.-Racing Homer, likeliest yo; hen: I and special, J. H. Hughes, Glan- amman; 2, C. J. Edmunds; 3, P. Clayton, Nantymoel. RABBITS. I Judge, Mr. D. B. Chesterfield, Glyn- neath. Class 30. Belgian 1 and special, H. A. Jones, Garnant; 2, J. Davies, Glanamman; 3, G. Poulet, Morriston. Class 3 I.-Dutch: I and special, R. A. Lewis, Ystalyfera; 2, R. A. Lewis; 3, W. J. Phillips, Llanelly. Class 32.-Any other variety: 1 and special, D. J. Davies, Brynamman; 2, J. C. Brown, Bedlinog; 3, A. M. Francis, Gar- nant. Class 33.-1 and special, A. Gteenwood, Brynamman; 2, W. Morgan, Glanamman; 3, G. Davies, Brynamman. The secretary was Mr. D. R. Jones, Peny- bank, Brynamman. The drawing for a fretwork design of Nelson s Monument, made and given by Mr J. Greenwood, and valued at 15, was deferred till a future date. <

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