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I - - __-Ammanford Urban Council.


Ammanford Urban Council. The monthly meeting of the Ammanford Urban District Council was held at the j Y.M.C.A. Institute on Wedne&day vening. WALL IN QUAY STREET. Mr. T. Fletcher said that a point arose out of the minutes of the Health Committee's meeting with r< iard 1 1 the re-erection of the wall outside ivy Cottage, Quay Street. He did not see what right the Health Committee had to discuss the question. They had no jurisdiction over the question. He would like to know under whose jurisdiction the matter came. Mr. W. Evans said that the matter was dealt with by the Health Committee as a domestic matter, and that Mr. Fletcher was out of order. My. Fletcher said that he had a right to ask a question on the matter. Mr. W. Evans replied that he should give notice of motion before discussing the ques- tion. Mr. Fletcher remarked that he was per- fectly in order in dealing with the matter. The Health Committee had no business at all to deal with the question. That was his con- tention. Then followed a few sharp exchanges of opinions between Mr. Evans and Mr. Fletcher. Mr. Fletcher asked the Chairman for his ruling on the matter. The Chairman having examined the Stand- ing Orders, intimated that the matter should have come for consideration before the Roads Committee, as it was within their jurisdiction. It related to the roads, &c. M. Fletcher maintained that the Health Com.iittee had no right to deal with the matter. They had no authority to transact the business. It was entirely out of order. If Mr. Wm. Evans was right, then he (the speaker) required proof of the same at the meeting. He was quite in order in bringing the question on that night. Mr. D. George said that as Chairman of the Health Committee it was his duty to say he was sorry the Committee had dealt with the matter. He admitted it was wrong of the Health Committee to deal with the question at all. He had looked the matter up, and had found out they had no business to deal witfi the matter. Rev. J. Morgans reported that the Com- mittee had met on Tuesday evening to inspect the place, and it was suggested that Lord Dynevor should be asked to have the wall which was in front of Ivy Cottage removed, in order that the Council might extend the curve down to the drains. The drains were full, and the water, &c., ran into Ivy Cottage. Another point was that so much traffic took place at the Great Western Railway yard, and the position was very dangerous. Mr. Fletcher said it was useless re-erecting an old wall at a spot where the road was so narrow. They would not get 23 feet. The old wall was partly pulled down, and it was never intended to have it re-erected. There was an old well there now, and it was a disgrace to the town. If the Health Committee wanted any work to do, they would find plenty there. The mud and filth in that cprner was dis- graceful. There was considerable traffic there, and no two vehicles could pass one another at the spot. It was a disgrace to Ammanford. He had seen carts loaded having to go back so that other carts might pass. It was a disgrace to re-erect an old wall which had been taken down for several years—four or five years. They were com- plaining about the spot being narrow on one I -side, and they were now having a wall re- erected on the other side. There was only a space of 17 feet 6 inches between the two telegraph poles. Some people remarked that they looked liked football goalposts. When improvements were carried out, they could ask the Postmaster-General to remove the posts. He was of opinion that they should get the old wall pulled down. Mr. W. Evans said that only a portion of the old wall was being re-erected. After the Clerk had expressed his view, the proposal was put to the meeting by Mr. Fletcher that the persons affected be asked to withhold their hands, and not to proceed with the work until the matter be considered at a future meeting, and that the Surveyor should prepare a plan of the spot. The Clerk was also asked to look into the matter by the next meeting. This was adopted. Mr. John Davies suggested that the ques- tion of the well be cleared up also. This was agreed to. PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS. It was decided to advertise any public appointments to be made by the Council in future.