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SARON. A special effort is to be made during the next few weeks to swell the funds of the local Reception Committee. Let us all shew our gratitude to our victorious boys by making the effort a success. On Thursday last, the death took place of Mrs. Rachel Bevan, the wife of Mr. Evan Bevan, Huanfa, Saron, at the age of 35 years, from influenza. The funeral took place on Monday last at Saron Baptist Chapel graveyard. There was a large and representative gathering present to pay the last tribute of respect to the departed, and the following ministers took part;—Rev. D. S. Davies (pastor), Rev. E. George (B.), and the Rev. T. Francis (C.M.). The chief mourners were:—Mr. Evan Bevan (hus- band) Matfer T. Hugh Bevan (son) Mr. Thomas Bevan (father-in-law) Rev. D Pugh Bevan, Mr. and Mrs. John Bevan, Mr. and Mrs. T. Pugh Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Rees Bevan, Mr. B. Bevan, and Mr. S. Bevan (brothers and sisters-in-law) Mr. and Mrs. T. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Richards, Ntt. and Mrs. E. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. E. Davies (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-faw) Misses Ceinwen and Lily Watkins (nieces). There were several beautiful floral tributes. The greatest sympathy is extended to the family in their bereavement. The death took place on Thursday morn- ing of last week of Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, the wife of Mr. Nimrod Jones, Rofz Villa, Drffryn Road, Saron, at the age of 36 years, after a very short illness. The funeral, which was a large and representative one, took place on Saturday last, the place of burial being the Saron Baptist Chapel graveyard. The Rev. D. S. Davies (pastor) conducted a short service at the house, and also at the chapel and graveside, assisted by the Rev. M. Thomas, Tirydail. The chief mourners were:—Mr. Nimrod Jones (husband) Miss A. M. Jones, John H. Jones, Tom Jones, and Trevor Jones (daughter and sons) Mr. and Mrs. H. Elias (father and mother) Mr. and Mrs R. Elias, Mr. and Mrs. W. Elias, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Elias (brothers and sisters- in-law) Mr. and Mrs. J. Jones (father-in-law and mother-in-!aw) Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Davies, Mrs. E. Davies, Mr. and Mrs. J. Jones, junT., Mr. and Mrs. H. Bevan, Mr. W. B. Jones, and Mrs. Williams (brothers- in-law and sisters-in-law); Mr. and Mrs. Job Davies, Mrs. and Mrs. Rees T. Davies, etc. There were several beautiful floral tributes from the following -Lo,ing Husband and Children; Johnnie and Rachel; Rees and Madge; Billy and Martha; Brothers and Sisters-in-law; Job and Bessie; Mr. and Mrs. John Davies; Mr. and Mrs. W. Beynon; Mr. and Mrs. J. Evans; her many Friends af Dyffryn Road. Much sympathy is felt with the husband and six children in their bereavement.

I - - __-Ammanford Urban Council.