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AMMANFORD. You will want to send your Photograph to your friends at Christmas. The best work is always obtainable at A. Bryant' s Studio, 8, College Street, Ammanford. Have them taken early and avoid the rush. A very successful mart was held at Tiry- dail yesterday, the auctioneer being Mr. W. N. Jones, Dyffiyn. The following were sold: -Cattle, 27; sheep, 84. There was a good attendance, in spite of the inclement weather. The death occurred on Monday last of Mr. J. Shreiff, of High Street, at the age of 74 years. The family removed to Ammanford some years ago, and are highly respected. The funeral took place to-day (Thursday), the place of burial being the Christian Temple burial-ground. On Monday evening, at the Church Room, the first of a series of meetings to held in the Parish of Bettws-cum-Ammanford by the teachers of the local Church Sunday Schools took place. An excellent paper dealing with the responsibility and duty of Sunday School teachers was given by the Rev. D. W. Thomas, M.A., vicar of Llandebie. The Rev. J. \V. Jones, B.A. (vicar), presided. We extend our hearty congratulations to Miss Lorraine Thomas, the daghter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas, 31, Talbot Road, Tirydail, on her recent success in passing the third examination in the Junior Division of the Trinity College of Music, which was held at Swansea. Miss Thomas, though very young, has previously passed some examina- tions in music, and her future is undoubtedly a bright one. Gunner Handel Edwards, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, of Norman Road, Tirydail, is home for a few days' leave. He has served on a merchant ship for over two years, and has played an important part in our cam- paign against the subs." His experience is full of very interesting and thrilling incidents, and it is no exaggeration to say that the merchant seamen of our country have dis- charged their duties in a most praiseworthy manner. The death of Mrs. Sarah Evans, of 21, College Street, took place on Wednesday morning, at the advanced age of 77 years. The deceased was one of the oldest residents of the town and was highly respected. Her husband, the late Mr. \Vm. Evans, pre- deceased her about six years ago. The late Mrs. Evans was the mother of P.C. Tom Evans, the wen-known Welsh international forward. The funeral takes place on Satur- day next at 3.30 p.m., the interment being at Bethany burial-ground. Wireless Operator W. Jones, a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Jones, The Nurseries, Tirydail, has written to his parents stating that he was glad to have the honour of being alowed to be one of the boys who took over the German Fleet. Operator Jones jovially adds- that he was surprised that the Germans ever intended entering into battle against our r teet; their condition was weak, and their appearance could be truly described as being diirty and downhearted. Operator Jones has -aerved for three years. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davies, of 60, LIan-1 debie Road, desire to express their -,i?, thanks for th kir.d sympathy extended to them in their sad bereavement through the loss of their son, Priv. D. T. Davies (a report of whose death appeared in our last issue, and whose photo appears I and Mr3. Davies, the widow of deceased, also thanks all kind friends for thejr sincere sympathy with her in her sorrow. Among local heroes home on leave this week is Gunner D. J. Jones, of High Street, Pontammar. Gunner Jones is attached to the R.G.A., and has seen thirteen mont'V service in France. He is well known in the town and district, having at one time carried oi a tailor's business at Tycroes. Gunner Jones is an ardent Churchman, having been a Sunday School superintendent for some years, and also conductor of All Saints' Church Choir. He expects in the near future to leave these shores, his company being amongst those selected to go to a foreign country. We are pleased to report that another local hero has arrived home from the clutches of the Germans, after having been a prisoner of war for about eight months, Priv. W. O. Davies, attached to the ? 8th Welsh, who joined the Army about two years ago and was drafted to France. Priv. Davies took part in some important battles, and was taken priso-nci in the Battle of Armientieres in the early part of this year. He was made to work behind the German lines, and his recollections of the manner in which he was treated are anything but pleasant. Priv. Davies, whose parents reside at 48, Wind Street, Ammanford, was formerly employed by Messrs. Williams Bros., grocers, Bryn- hyfryd, Swansea. We extend to the hero ou hearty welcome. On Thursday evening last, a dance was held in the Drill Hall, the M.C. being Mr. Fred Jenkins. An orchestra was in attend- I ance, under the conductorship of Mr. Geo. I Thomas, A.L.C.M., and played in fine style, greatly adding to the pleasure of the evening; and the whole proceedings reflected credit on the instructor for the way in which he conducts his classes. The whole of the profits, amounting to £ 10, were received Ly Mr. T. Rainford, secretary of the local branch of the Discharged and Demobilised Sailors' and Soldiers' Federation, through the medium of which the sum realised, together with a substantial sum from the funds of the Federation, will be distributed amongst the I 1 11 1 war widows of the town as a little extra comfort for Christmastide. A very praiseworthy movement has been introduced into the life of the town by the Physical Culture Classes which are being held at Parcyrhun Schools under the Carmar- thenshire Education Committee's scheme. Up to the present the classes are only for mem- bers of the fair sex who are over 14 years of age, but it is anticipated that in the near future it will be possible to inaugurate classes for boys as well. The classes are held on Thursday evenings from 6 to 8.30 p.m., and under the able instruction of Mrs. Fletcher, of 80, College Street, the success of the classes is assured, provided the pupils do their part. The movement is worthy of the support of all who value health and physical fitness, and it is to be hoped that the ladies of the town and district will unite together and thereby assist to make the project a really successful one. It should also be stated that the fee is 2s. per term, which is refunded to those who have attended all the classes. Mrs. Fletcher, the instruc- tress, is a well-known physical culturist, having been a member of the London Poly- technic Club for many years. during which time she gained certificater. for efficiency. An excellent reception concert was held at Ebenezer Chapel on Tuesday evening to wel- come home Priv. Evan J. Evans, who has been a prisoner of war in Germany (as reported in our previous issue), and Priv. W. 0. Davies. of Wind Street, who was also taken prisoner by the Germans (a report of whose return appears in our columns). The meeting was ably presided over by Mr. John Lewis, J.P., Bryn-Rhug. The following pro- gramme was gone through:—" 0 cofia am em Gwlad," the audience; Chairman's address; solo, Miss Drinkwater; solo, There s a Land, Miss Hughes recitation, Mr. Joseph Phillips; solo, Mr. T. F. Rees; recitation, Leaving it off by drees" (by request), Mr. Percy James; solo, Mona," Mr. Brinley Williams. A collection was then made, and the programme continued as follows:-Recitation, Clwb Arian," Mr. John Williams; penillion were then sung by Mr. Tom Williams (specially composed for the occasion by the artiste). The chief event of the evening took place at this juncture, when Mr. Hiley Harries, The Bank, in very appropriate terms referred to the great debt of gratitude they owed the two heroes who had been prisoners of war. Every one pre- sent that evening was indebted to Privs. Evans and Davies for having gone out to right for them. They had endured a great deal for our sakes, and he thanked God that they were allowed to come back safe. They all felt proud of them, and they could even say that they loved them. He had the greatest pleasure in presenting the two heroes with the usual gifts as a token of their best wishes and appreciation of their services. (Applause) The recipients returned thanks for the gifts. Mr. John Rees, Pantytiynnon, rendered a solo in good style, and the Rev. J. Griffiths, B.A., B.D. (pastor), made very suitable remarks regarding the good services rendered by Privs. Evans and Davies. That meeting was different to all the other meetings which had been held in Ebenezer, inasmuch as the soldiers who were welcomed home would not have to return to the Front, as was usually the case. He welcomed them, and hoped that when all the boys would return they would have a huge concert and a feast to celebrate the occasion. Mr. Criffiths remarks were loudly applauded. Solo, 0; na fyddai' n haf o hyd, Mr. Morley Lewis; solo, Mr. Jenkin Matthews; solo Mr. Tom Williams. Mr. J. Williams, wind Street, also presented Priv. Evans with a gift on behalf of the Bob Morgan Dramatic Society, of which Priv. Evans was a member. The singing of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau," Mr. Tom Williams taking the solo, concluded a very fine concert. Thanks are due to Mr. Willie Leyshon, T.C.L., Tirydail, for his valuable services in presiding at the piano. Mr. D. Brynmor Davies also deserves thanks- for having arranged such an excellent programme.







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