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THE OMNIBUS. I ITking3 Seen and- Henri by the Conductor.] I Writs for the Parliamentary elections were issued on Monday. ? It will be interesting to note how the women record their votes at the forthcoming Election. Mr. Towyn Jones has already come into the constituency to make arrangements for his campaign. • » • Mr. Towyn Jones, M.P., has appointed Mr. Wm. Davies, solicitor, Llanelly, to be his election agent. < Dr. J. H. Williams, Burry Port, has been selected by the Labour Party in the Llanelly Division to contest the seat at the forthcoming General Election. The Board of Agriculture announces that the prices to be paid to fanners for controlled cereals harvested in (919 will be not less than those now current. The schools re-opened on Monday last after having been closed, for five weeks owing to the influenza epidemic. The attendances are not very good. Troubles never come singly there is your own, and somebody else' s. To give one's attention to somebody' else's trouble is often a good cure for one's own." Apples seem to be very scarce in Amman- ford—since the prices have been fixed by the Food Controller. The eightpenny variety is conspicuous by its absence. < Nomination day for the General Election has been fixed for December 4th; polling day, December 14th; and the counting of votes will take place on December 28th. Madam Bessie Morris, the popular Ammanford soprano, captured the champion solo prize at an eisteddfod held in Pontar- dulais on Saturday last. Congratulations. Brown: Heard of the latest in poisons?" Smith: No; what is it? Brown: Aero- plane poisonmgi Smith: What s the dose? Brown: One drop sufficient A large number of Army remount horses are being brought to Wales, and arrange- ments have been made to sell the animals periodically at various centres in South Wales. Many local men are among the miners who are now being discharged from the Army in order to take up work at the mines so as to ensure better coal supplies for the winter. • • • Two of the cases being adjourned and the other settled, at the local Police Court on Monday, elicited from the learned Clerk the following appropriate remark: Peace still Teigns. Waiter (to bridegroom): Will you have French bread, sir? Young bride (to hus- band): Take ordinary household bread, John. French bread must be stale before it gets here." The position of the different parties in the House of Commons when Parli3ment was prorogued was as follows:-Unionists, 282; Liberals, 260; Labour, 38; National Party, 6; Nationalists, 78; Sinn Feiners, 6. It is understood that the Women's Royal Air Force may presently become a permanent service, and that women who signed on for the duration of the war may have the option of remaining in the force under new condi- tions. A report annua l r w eting A report presented at the annual meeting of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society, last week, shewed that as a result of inspect- ing paper about to be sold for pulping, 143 documents of historical value were discovered by the Society this year. Teacher (giving lesson in anatomy): "How many bones are there in your body, Tommy Jones? Tommy Jones: Nine hundred." Teacher: What? That's a great many more than the other pupils have got. Tommy Brown: Yes, but they ain't had kippers for breakfast! ? lsaacstein (who has just recovered from a bad attack of the Flu .): Doctor, you have charged me for four veeks' calls; I vill pay you only three veeks." Doctor: But I called on you every day for four weeks, Mr. Isaacstein." Isaacstein: Veil, dere was von veek I vas delirious, and I didn't see you come in! < < < A Llandebieite is usually of a humorous turn of mind, but all the humour had left him on one occasion at Friday's meeting, when he sarcastically remarked to an interrupter: You were given every faiirplay to speak, and I expect you to have the good grace to give others a chance to do the same." And Oh, the look! The prohibition on the sale of British-made high boots for women is about to be with- drawn. Mr. Forster, Financial Secretary to the War Office, announces the forthcoming tssue of an amending order to this effect in a written answer to Mr. Somervell, who had pointed out that American-made high boots are being imported and sold under licence. < < The Press Association Liverpool correspon- dent states that the well-known Cunard liner Campania was recently sunk in the Firth of Forth during a gale. All on board were saved. The liner broke from her moorings, and, colliding with a battleship, sank before she could be beached. The Campania had for some time been acting as a seaplane carrying vessel. • • • The National Union of Railwaymen, in view of the termination of the war, have decided to withdraw the truce entered into with the railway companies and the Govern- ment, and to enter into negotiations in respect to the society's national programme. The triple alliance—miners, transport workers, and railwaymen—have been informed of this decision, with a request that at its next meet- ing the matter shall be discussed. The plans which the Admiralty have made for the demobilisation of the Navy are com- plete and ready to be put into operation as soon as the safety of the country at sea is assured. For the present, however, no officers or men can, be spared, for, as the Lords of the Admiralty in a recent communication pointed out, there may still be German sub- marines at sea ignorant of the armistice, vast areas will have to be swept of mines, and there will be the work of escorting ships to be surrendered or interned. But as soon as circumstances permit, officers and men will be discharged with as little delay as possible.

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