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I ________CWMAMMAN.






B. SPENCER-JONES Opapei? Sk Outfitter, Lower Brynamman. Annual WINTER SALE Commences To-morrow (Friday), Nov. 29, And will continue throughout December. The whole of my Large Stock will be marked for Clearance at Prices much below present value. Below you will find a few of the numerous Bargains obtainable. SHEETS-F ull size, Heavy Twill quality, 15/11, 16/1 J, 17/11 per pair BLANKETS Full size, 5/11, 7/11, 8/11 each up. COUNTERPANES & QUILTS 13/11, 14/11 each. TOWELLINGS-A very heavy Stock to clear at 9d. per yard. PRINTS Dark Blue Grounds-, from 111d. per yard up. SATEENS—A beautiful Range, in all shades, to dear at 1/3 per yd. FLANNELS-A thoroughly good line of English Flannels at I/ I I- I per yard in Stripes, suitable for Men's Shirts, and guaranteed for hard wear, worth at least 2/111 per yard. I FLANNELS Real Welsh, at 2/1 H up. U;fh 'The Standard' Wdsh SHrtS— Government 1 116 each. DRAWERS-W-elsh, 6/11 and 7/6 each. Moleskin Trousers, by the best Makers, to clear at 8/11 to 16/6. WADDING by the yard, for Quilting, 7d. per yard. A Grand Assortment of Figured Sateens at 1/412 and 1/61, per yd. LADIES' PINAFORES A huge Stock at 1/11 up. Boys' WASHING BLOUSES 50 Coze;; in Stock-J/6 up. Worth to-day 3/6 to 4/11. Every Cus- tomer should take the opportunity of this Special Useful Line. 20 Do/en Turkish Towels, large size, in Striped and White, only 1/11 2 each. Dozens of Ladies' Fancy Blouses, in good Washing Material and nice Designs, at 2/1 1 each. Inspect the Window. Dress Materials in Dark Fancy Grounds and Checks, suitable for Girls' and Maids' Costumes and Dresses, 1/1 li, 2/11, 3/6 per yd. Knitted Scarves in all Colors, from 8-d. each up to 5/6. I wish to draw your attention to the Special All Wool Botany Black and Blue Costume Serges, beautiful quality, 56 inches wide, at 15/6 and 16/6 per yard. Also a lower quality at 9/11, 50 INCHES WIDE. Dark Grey and Fawn Nursing Shawls, 14/11, 17/11 each. Don't miss this GREAT MONEY-SAVING SALE. The Stock is too large to give a full detail of all the Bargains, but all Goods will be sold at a Price which will command a SPEEDY CLEARANCE. There is still a great Shortage of Goods and Raw Material, and Prices are certain to rule high for some considerable time. However, the above List is actually in Stock, and ready for Clearance. In addition, I have a Large Stock of Men's and Ladies' Trench Coats, etc. Also Men's, Youths' and Boys' Suits of every description to clear at OLD PRICES. 14 & 15, Amman Road, Brynamman PALACE, Ammanford. TO.NIGJB[T at 7.30. FRIDAY at 7-30. SATURDAY at 6-30 & 8-30. MARY PICKFORD 144 9 h look, 19% Amarilly of Clothes Line Alley. Our High-class Triangle Comedy. PICTORIAL NEWS.







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