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AMMANFORD. You will want to send your Photograph to your friends at Christmas The best work is always obtainable at A. Bryant s Studio, 8, College Street, Ammanford. Have them taken early and avoid the rush. The annual fair was held at Bettws on Monday last. There was a large supply of cattle, but business was poor, many farmers declining to sell at the prices ruling, which shewed a drop compared to those recently in operation. The death occurred on Wednesday, the 23rd inst., of Mrs. Brutton, wife of Mr. jas. Brutton, Villiers Road. The interment took place on Saturday at Ebenezer Baptist burial- ground, the Rev. J. Griffiths officiating. De- ceased leaves a husband and six young chil- dren to mourn- their loss. Driver Jack Marshall, who before the war made his home with Mrs. Lake, 98, Wind Street, is home on leave from France. Driver Marshall has been on active service for over three years, and has been fortunate in escaping injury of any kind. Before enlisting he was employed at Ammanford Colliery. An accident occurred in High Street last week, when the three-year-old child of Mr. Owen Evans, who resides at 130, High Street, was knocked down by a motor-car, sustaining a cut on the head. The child was immediately attended to by a doctor, but on Sunday convulsions set in, and the child died on Monday. Priv. G. Thomas, of The Garage, Peny- hank, has recently been discharged from the Army as the result of having been gassed. He served for 3s years in the Army, part of which time was spent in France and Egypt. Priv. Thomas was attached to the Motor Transport Section, and was chief electrician. We are glad to see him looking so well after his varied experiences. He has resumed his work at Blaina Colliery in the capacity of chief electrician. The many friends of Stoker W. A. Phillips, a son of Mrs. Phillips, Bridgend House, Tirydail, will be glad to know that he was present on H.M.S. Glorious, which took part in the work of receiving the German Fleet recently. H.M.S. Glorious is one of the hush ships," and is one of the "eyes" of our Navy. Prior to embarking on the voyage, Stoker Phillips was amongst those who were inspected by H.M. the King, and Stoker Phillips has written home to say that he is very proud of having received cigs." from our popular monarch. Priv. Morgan Bartlett, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Bartl-tt, of Talbot Road, Tirydail, has been home for a few days. He is d to the N.C.C., and is stationed at Aider i. Priv. Bartlett has served in that capacity for a period of about three years. I L has a I, brother in the Army, Driver Teddy Bartlett. Priv. Bartlett has taken an active part reli- gious circles, and on Sunday evening h otnciated at the Gospel Hall, Ammanfc:, and delivered a very interesting and impres- sive sermon, aaid also gave a biief hislo- of f s experiences. On Tuesday evening, he offic' 4ed at th-- Goscl Hall, Ty:??-s, --z he i .ached a very arre-'?.g sermon. The bad n rfc?! ed hv  The sad news has n recf.e.'e d by Mr. l and Mrs. Th?. Davic. of 'Jard?ie Road. of the death p? Sund.? }ast, & ?-ner"' Lospital at Eapi a no f n?ir sen, Priv. D Tom Da"ieo. The deceased, who was a very praiseworthy young m-m, 5" been in he kimy for abjr.'i Five mouths, ai-d had been drafted to F racce abou, three months ar H was attached to the Tanks Corps, and was very popular with aU he came into contact. He contracted influenza, and later developed pneumonia, which un- fortunately proved fat-il. The iate Priv. Davies was of an exceeding)- genial and kind disposition, and the pathetic news of his demise will be a shock to his large circle .of friends. The deceased was 24 years of age, and w as married some months ago. The greatest sympathy is felt with Mrs. Davies and the family in their sorrow. Anniversary services in connection with the Talbot Road English Congregational Church were held last Sunday and Monday, the officiating minister being the Rev. Joseph James, B.A., Llandy ssiKo, Pem. It is un- necessary to speak of Mr.. James' power as a preacher, and his inimitable style of preach- ing, for none of the younger generation of preachers ie better known nor more generally admired in Ammanford than is Mr. James. But it is not too much to say that he excelled himself during this last visit of his, and cer- tainly never did the message of the Kingdom receive greater justice at the hands of mortal man. Those who were privileged to listen to Mr. James during the last week-end will not soon forget his eloquence, nor the Master Who was exalted with such spiritual passion. Mr. James' discourse last Monday evening Oil Jesus Christ and Reconstruction was one of- the finest utterances of the day. The Rev. Havelock Roderick took the devotional exercises on Monday evening. A reception in honour of Gunner F. Nicholson, of Pontamman, was held at the English Congregational Church on Wednes- day evening. Gunner Nicholson has been out in France for the last thirteen months, and this is his first leave. All his friends were delighted to see him looking so fit. Quite a good number came together, and the meeting was warm, and the welcome cordial. TKfc Rev. D. E. Harris presided. Miss Jennie Evans (Garnant), Miss Blodwen Pugh, Mr. W. T. Rhys, Mr. T. F. Rees, and Mr. W. T. Rees contributed solos in their usual good style, and were all encored. Miss Steele, of Pantyffynnon Colliery Offices, supplied the accompaniments in an excellent manner. Addresses of welcome and congratulation were given by Messrs. R. W. Davies and Sam Waters. The customary cheque wa; presented by Mrs. Jimmy Prout, whose hus- band, to the delight of all, has just had hisi discharge, and was present at the meeting. Gunner Nicholson responded in a brief speech. The president moved the thanks of the meeting to the artistes for their services, which was seconded by Mr. A. Hughes, and carried with acclamation. The funeral, which was of a military char- acter, of the late Priv. Rees Jones, Walter Road (whose death was reported in our issue of last week), took place at the Christian Temple burial-ground on Saturday last. It was undoubtedly one of the most respectable and impressive funerals that has ever taken place in the district, thousands of people being present. The cortege was headed by the Ammanford Urban Silver Band, and following came members of the Police Force, members of the Discharged and Demobilised Sailors' and Soldiers' Federa- tion, and the local V.T.C., under the com- mand of Lieut.-Col. W. N. Jones, J.P. The coffin was* draped with the Union Jack, and was drawn cn a gun carriage, in charge of three local soldiers. i here was a very large number of relatives and friends. On its way to the place of interment, the Band effec- tively rendered the Dead March." The street was thronged with people, and abun- dant testimony was shewn 'that deceased vas nry highly respected. The Rev. D. I Davies officiated, and there was also present the v. B. Ffvies (curate), Bfws. Ti- bi.'i lal-grc j id pre?«?(-ed a very striking appear- -ice, hu > -eds oi people witnessing fha last c Hal rites. The neatest sympathy is wntii the family in their sad bereavement. having b,ec i risv r of war in Ge;-riany for practical! ye,rs, Pri- E. J. Evans, whose parcn, reside at Station Road, Tirydail, has returned hoi-.e, and we extend to him our he.irty we-cc-me after his ni ;ant -z)er ic Priv. Evans joined the .-V.r.y larch, .915, a .d after a short ^ ?o ? Ira-,ted out to France. During ?.P 1".? b..tde of LQos, in 9)5. he was taken i -isoner by the Germans, ad wa. SUIt even-ually to Friedrichsfeld, near Vye where iie was detained in a con- centration camp. The hero attempted to escape on four occasions, and was once '■j^jht w hi 1st on the brink of making good 1. oLape. His fri-nd, Priv. Hollings, it wiii be recalled, managed to escape from Germany, and the two warriors have now met under more pleasant circumstances than those which attended them whilst in Ger- many. Priv. Evans was formerly a prominent forward of the celebrated Tirydail Cowboys Football Club, and was also a keen pigeon fancier, having captured many prizes with his birds. It is intended to hold a concert in the near future to give the hero a real welcome home. We are proud of the honour of having produced so brave and unassuming a soldier from Ammanford, who exhibited such a courageous spirit in the face of so many obstal.s. and who;. repeated attempts to escap from tne Germans is emphatic proof of his determination to overcome the diffi- culties in which he was placed, through having to endure severe punishment for each offence.


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