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RELIEF IN BELGIUM. I To the Editor, Amman Valley Chronicle. Sir,—The British National Committee for Relief in Belgium have received the f< ow- ing letter from Mr. W. B. Poland, Director for Europe of the Commission for Relief in Belgium, of which Mr. Hoover, the American Food Controller, is chairman:— In the wake of the victorious advance of our Armies in France and Flanders and imme- diately behind the German Lines there are some three or four hundred thousand helpless old men, women and little children, literally with only what they stand in. Many are without boots, few have blankets to sleep under, and all are in need of clothing. Winter is fast approaching, and there is no time to make new clothing, therefore with the approval of the French and Belgian Govern- ments e urgently ask the National Com- mittee for Relief in Belgium to provide used or new dresses, suits, underclothing, over- coats, raincoats and boots and shoes for the men, women and children in Belgium and France. Shoes for little children are espe- cially needed, and we have pitiful requests for blankets." With the full approval of His Majesty's Government we ask the Press to give all possible publicity to this request from the Commission for Relief, in the confident belief that, after four years of unexampled suffering and un co-lquerable endurance, these thousands of French and Belgian people, at last free or on the verge of freedom, will be imme- diately provided by the British public with the clothes to keep them warm and the boots to keep them from going bare-footed. Parcels "containing used or unused articles mentioned in Mr. Poland's letter should be sent at once, with the name and address of sender, carriage paid, to the National Committee for Relief in Belgium, 13, City Road, London, E.C. 1. All letters should be addressed to the Honorary Secretary at Trafalgar Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C. 2. One can never forget;" said the corres- pondent of the Times in describing the relief of Lille, those unending pitiable cries of Nous avons tant souffert.' Now is our opportunity to alleviate the suffering vhich has been borne so courageously.— We are, Sir, &c., (Signed) CHAS. A. HANSON, Lord Mayor of London (Chairman). ARTHUR SHIRLEY BENN, Hon. Treasurer. WILLIAM GOODE, Hon. Secretary.