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Christmas Meat Rations.I


Christmas Meat Rations. I TURKEYS AND GAME WITHOUT I COUPONS. The weekly ration of butcher's meat in the I week preceding Christmas will be doubled, while from December 16th to January 14th no coupons will be required for the purchase cf turkeys, geese, ducks, fowls, and game. These concessions, taken in conjunction with the distribution of dried fruits officially an- nounced, will permit of the Christmas table corresponding more closely to the festival period than the puU* generally have dared to hope. A Suet, loose fat, i-j.igues, kidneys, and ox skirt are included ^1 the term butcher s meat." The Food Controller, in announcing the increase of the meat ration between Sun- day, December 15th, and Wednesday, Decem- ber 25th, states that the coupons numbered 7 in the current ration books will purchase 8d. worth of uncooked meat and 5 ozs. of bone- less cooked meat, or 6 ozs. of suet, tongue, or kidney. CHRISTMAS CARGOES. Twenty thousand tons of Canadian apples art expected to arrive before Christmas; p and they are to be retailed at controlled prices, which promise to be moderate. Additional shipments to the extent of 30,000 tons are due in the spring; while soon afterwards resumed sailings are to bring fruit from Tasmania and California. Spain is sending nuts and oranges—the Spain is sen d a nf,, latter in only mediur quantities, for crops are indifferent. The oranges, even when more plentiful, will for a time remain at the fixed maximum price of IOd. a pound. Shipping restriction are being relaxed so that certain goods, sufofas raw cocoa, apples, bananas, and nuts, r¡:\ý now be imported on private account, and the list will soon be ex- tended. Butter supplies are barely sufifcient to supply the ration of an ounce a week, and Canada cannot help much until after Christ- mas at the earliest. [ PRICE OF APPLES. The following maximum prices have been fixed by the Food Controller for apples other than jam apples:—November, 8d. per lb.; December, 9d. January, 1919, 9d. Feb- ruary, lid.; March and onward, lid. Where apples are sold by a seller to a purchaser in quantities exceeding 20 lbs. at any one time or in any one week, the above prices are to be reduced by Jld. per lb; and where apples are sold in quantities exceeding 40 lbs. at any one time or in any one week, the maxi- mum prices are to be the same as upon a sale by wholesale. Cox's Orange Pippins which will not pass through a ring of 2 inches diameter and other apples of varieties which will not pass through a ring of 2A inches diameter are not within the Order, and are not subject to any maxi- mum prices, provided that they are separated out by the grower and invoiced and sold wholesale and ticketed and sold retail under their proper names, as provided in the Order. PRICE OF POTATOES. I The Food Controller has fixed the follow- ing prices for potatoes:—Grade I. Potatoes: Rate per cwt. when sold in lots of 1 cwt. or upwards, 10s. 4d.; rate per stone when sold in lots of 14 lbs. or upwards but less than f cwt.. Is. 5d. rate per lb. for lots of less than 14 lbs., 1 d. Grade 11. Potatoes: Rate per cwt. when sold in lots of I cwt. and upwards, 8s. 2d.; rate per stone when sold in lots of J4 lbs. or upwards but less than I cwt., lswllcl.; rate per lb. for lots of less than 14 lbs., Id. Grade 1. Potatoes means ware potatoes of any of the varieties: "King Edward," "Golden Wonder," "Langworthy," "What's Wanted," and Maincrop." Grade II. Potatoes means any ware potatoes except potatoes consisting exclusively of Grade 1. potatoes.

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