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I.. RH SHN. 1 I I B L the Bo'stin hitched his trou»-. 1", little way he's got, Slowly turned his quid o' baccy. Then ejaculated, Rot. 'Twas a rather trite express'oi. But was pretty rough on me, a vrdie't on the I had told hirn of the sea. I could never stand the man, 'Course, said he, ye're but -,L Oh, I'm meanin' no offence- An', o' course,, it. stands to reasot: You've 'ad no experience O' what life aboard a ship is;" And he slowly shook his head. All yer knowledge o' the sea, s ir, You ""e got oisi o' books If ve like I'll tell a story, An", what's more, the storyV true For it 'appened 'board a steamer. I was on the Khan Maru. In the China Seas we traded, And. si-, every mother's SOl. O' the crew were Chinese bless- ye. Lazy beggars • -ry one- Crashed "im on the deck. '• There was one, the Captain's ste-varu, Slit-eyed Chinaman, Ah San— Bears me -Iiv tli,, C',tptaiii I could never stand the man. l-'aoe was just like yellow parchm* little cruel eyes, Gl'tterin' like a slimy .serpent's, Seemed almost to mesmerise. One day—don t kliOW 'ow it 'appenell: Somethin' that Ah San had done Some ow roused the Old Man's temper, An' 'e 'ad a. 'asty one. With an oath he reached the steward, Seized 'ini fiercely by the neck, L'fted 'im just like a feather, An' then crashed 'im on the deck. I "Lookin' thro' the skylight" I a word the steward uttered, But I saw a look o' 'ate V"!a-h from out 'is cruel e-es, An' I knew the man would wait- Ay. a life-time for his vengeance, So I thought I'd watch the man, Warned the Old Man that he'd better Keep his eye upon All San. Next day,, looki:nr ,through the skylight <>' the cabin, I espied Ah San with a tiny bottle Softly to the table glide, l'our it in the Captain's coffee, An' a fiendish smile spread o'er 'is repulsive yellow feattucs- I AND I MET HIM AT THE DOOR. Coaxed im, sir, to drink it up i "AN" I MADE HIM DRINK nUT I: COFFEE, I: to i." mouth 1 eld the cup, 'Spite o' all 'is protestations; C'oi x e (I 'iiii, sir, to drink it lip Did he die?" I asked the BoVnn. Old Bill chuckled heartily. Guess *e did for V was buried That same afternoon at sei


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