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Ður Note Book (CONTINUED.) 1 I ouk to ciescribe here in full, but mention may be made of one or two. There is. for example, a simple scheme by which ex-service men may lari(I on easy terms. The Ministry of Reconstruction has this scheme in hand. and | details are shortly to be published. Grants are to be made by the Government in the form of a special unemployment benefit. Es-ser- vice men out of work are to receive 24s. a week, and similar arrangements are being made for civilians thrown out of work by the Peace. The difference between the soldiers and civilians in this benefit is that the former may receive it for a period not exceeding twenty-six weeks, while for the latter it is limited to thirteen weeks. Women workeis who become unemployed will be entitled 1,) 20s, a week. boy workers (ages from fifteen t,) eighteen) to 12s., and girl workers to 10s. ihere are also allowances for children of these civilian4- and soldiers situated in this uncom- fortable condition of lack of work. Prisoners of war returning to this country are. in many cases, in a very poor state of health. The War Office would be glad to know l iial: eggs in larger quantity were available for ihese disabled wariors. Should this note meet the eye of anyone who is desirous of helping our home-coming soldiers in this matter, he or s he is informed that presents of eggs should be sent to the National Egg Collection, 39. Great Queen Street, Kings\v;:y, London. \Y <\ 2. I do better than end these notes w:th a quotation from a fine tribute paid to us thi- New York Herald." The following lines were written by Mr. Frederick B. Hodg.iis i for that journal: — WHAT HBS BRITAIN 0 NE 'I IWHAT HPIS BRITAliN DE)NE What has Britain done? Kept the faith and fought the light For the everlasting right j Chivalrously couched her lance In defence of Belcliiiiii. This has Britain done. 'Yhat ha" Britain done? Given every seventh son. Met the challenge of the Hun Placed her men on every field Proud to die, too proud to yield. This has Britain dolic-f W hat. has Britain donc- Answers every far-flung breeze Blown across the Seven Seas Watch and ward secure we keep, Vigilance that never sleeps." This has Britain done What has Britain done? On every front, her flag unfurled. Fought a world-war round the world Then, when all is said and done. Ask her Allies, ask the Hun. What has Britain dune ■ What Itas Britain done ? For her slain Britannia weeps— She might boast who silence keeps, But, when all is done and said, Call the roll and count her dead, And know what she has done!