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AMMANFORD. I You will want to send your Photograph to your friends at Christmas. The best work is always obtainable at A. Bryant's Studio, 8, College Street, Amman ford. Have them taken early and avoid the rush. On Saturday last, the funeral of David Stanley Jones, the little child of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jones, of Cooper' s Well, Panty- ffynnon (who died on the 12th inst.) took place at Bethany burial-ground. The Rev. W. Nantlais Williams officiated. The little child was 19 months old. The funeral of the late Mrs. Letitia Evans, M of Wemoleu Road, Hopkmstown, took place at Ebenezer Baptist Chapel burial-ground on Saturday last, and was largely attended. The deceased expired on the 12th inst., and was 36 years of age. The Rev. Havelock Roderick officiated at the funeral. Driver Teddy Bartlett, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett, of Talbot Road, is home on leave from France, where he has seen about two years' active service. He is attached to the R.F.A. Previous to enlisting he was employed as a collier at Ammanford. Driver Bartlett has a brother in the Army. The mortal remains of Lewis Oswald Jones, aged 10 years, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, of 12, Coronation Terrace, Tirydail, were conveyed to Abercanaid on Monday last, where the interment took place. The de- ceased passed away on the 14th inst. The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Messrs. Rees Jones and Son, Quay Street. Among local boys home on leave is Priv. Stanley Fletcher, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, Boot Stores, Wind Street. Priv. Fletcher is attached to the Army Ordnance Corps, and has seen several years' service. He has taken part in the operations in Italy. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher have another son, Priv. Gilbert Fletcher, who is a draughtsman in the Army Ordnance Corps, and who has served his country for about three years. Driver Stanley Davies, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Davies, saddler, College Street, is home on leave from France, where he has served since the early days of the war. Driver Davies is attached to the R.F.A. He was present in the heavy fighting on the Somme, and fortunately escaped injury. He has a brother, Wireless Operator Milwyn Davies, who is at present in this country. Another brother, Mr. Ben Davies, was discharged from the Army some time ago. Priv. W. J. Lloyd, a son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Lloyd, of Gethin Terrace, Tirydail, has written to a friend stating that he is recover- ing from the effects of the 'Flu," and that he hopes to be allowed to come home to recuperate at an early date. Priv. Lloyd makes touching reference to the pathetic news of the death of the late Priv. Charles Fletcher, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Fletcher, College Street, who died in France recently. Privs. Lloyd and, Fletcher were out in Palestine to- gether, and were very great pals. Marconi Officer D. L. Jenkins, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, of Station Road, Tiry- dail, has written to his parents stating that he his left these shores and was embarking on a voyage to a foreign part. He has previously served for some years, and this is his second experience of such a voyage. Marconi Officer Jenkins expects to be away from home for three years. His many friends wish him a pleasant voyage and a safe return. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins have three sons who have done their bit for King and country. We are sure our readers will sympathise with Mr. P. F. j. Bosisto, of The Lean-to, Ammanford, who on Thursday, the 7th inst., attended the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Mervyn Davies (nee Miss Vera Bosisto, gold medallist, L.A.M., L.R.A.M.), at Bristol. A sad feature in connection with the above was the death of Mr. Bosisto's mother from heart failure following shock in the early morning of the 7th, the day of interment of her daughter. The funeral of Mrs. F. G. Bosisto took place on Tuesday, the 12th inst. The sad news has been received by Mrs. Jones, of Walter Road, of the death, on Saturday last, at Bedford, of her son, Priv. Rees Jones. The deceased was attached to an infantry regiment, and had seen- service in France, where he was wounded, and even- tually transferred to England. He had been in the Army for several years, and had been in France for about ten weeks. The body will be brought to Ammanford, and a military funeral will take place on Saturday next. The deceased was a brother of Mr. Idris Jones, the well-known local boxer. Sailor Idwal Phillips, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, of Talbot Road, has written to a pal" in Ammanford a very humorous letter, of which the following is an extract:— The weather here is absolutely it.' Quite like summer at home. I was seasick for five days, and I can tell you there was a huge dent in me. The boat rolls like old boots when she is out, and that makes it worse. Whilst crossing the Bay of Biscay she was rolling some.' his all over now, thank goodness. Whilst un loading, the coal- dust was awful; quite like Gwalth Bach.' It did remind me of the time I was a collier." Sailor Phillips, though only about 15 years of age, was a very promising footballer, having figured prominently in the County School matches, of which he was once a pupil. The annual meeting of the Free Church Council was held at Bethany Vestry on Friday evening. The vice-president, Mr. W. Cathan Davies, presided over an excellent attendance of members. The new members were warmly welcomed by the Chairman and Secretary. The following officers were elected for 1918-19:-Presid-ent, Mr. W. Cathan Davies; vice-president, Rev. B. Ellis Jones, B.A. treasurer, Mr. Georg, Fox; vice Mr. W. Popkins, resigned; secretaries, Rev. D- E. Harris and Rev. W. Meirion Wiiiiams. The retiring president and trea- surer were accorded a most enthusiastic vote of thanks for their excellent services during the year. The officials of the Council were ap- pointed a sub-commrttee to formulate a pro- gramme for the sessiop, and to report at the next meeting of the Council. On Sunday afternoon, a united thanksgiving servIce to commemorate the end of hostilities was held at AU Saints' Church. The large edifice was filled to Its utmost capacity by jthi Nonconformists and Church-peopl e of the town, and the service was one of the mott impressive ever held in the history of Amman- ford. The following officiaied:-Rey. J; W. Jones, B.A. (vicar), Rev. D. Spenser Jones, a.. At (assistant curate). Rev. D. Tegfan Davies (Christian Temple), aiid the Rev. W. Nantlais Williams (Bethany). Appropriate hy fnns were rendered and prayers were offered. The National Anthem was alto sung. Mr. E. T. Davies, F.R.C.O., Mer- thyr, played the Introductory Voluntaries, and the Hallelujah Chorus at the close in his own masterly style. In the evening, the service was continued in the local places of worship, and at All Saints Church the Rev. D. Maldwyn Davies, M.A., organising secretary of the Church of England Waif*' and Strays' Society, officiated. Special col- lections were made in the afternoon to help the Belgian refugees in this locality to return to Belgium. h is with regret that we have to report the death of Nurse Gracie Fletcher at Griffiths- town Hospital, near Newport, on Saturday last. The deceased was the eldest daughter of Councillor and Mrs. Thos. Fletcher, news- agent, College Street, and was 28 years of age. She was of a kind and genial disposi- tioi and was very popular. The news of her death will come as a shock to many, as she was on a visit to her home recently. The body will be conveyed to Ammanford and will arrive at the station at 5.30 p.m. on Friday. The funeral, which is for gentlemen only, will take place on Saturday next at 3.30 p.m., the place of interment being St. Michael' s burial-ground. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher have recently received notification that their son, Gunner Archie Fletcher, who is attached to the R.G.A., has been wounded, and is at present in a hospital in this country. Fortunately, he is progressing favourably. During the last three weeks the family has lost two of its members, and a third has, as reported above, been wounded. The greatest sympathy is felt with Councillor and Mrs. Fletcher and family in their sad bereavement. The Rev. Pedr Williams' visit to Amman- ford in the interests of the Young People' s Popular Meetings to be held at the Y.M.C.A. on Friday evenings during the winter, came off on Thursday in last week. A preaching service was held in the afternoon, and a lec- ture was delivered in the evening, both ser- vices being held at the Christian Temple. The Rev. Pedr Williams was at his best. Both services were marked by the living touch of the prophet and orator. In the course of the lecture on Dr. Parker-Preacher, Wit, Orator," those who had had the inestimable privilege of hearing the eminent City Temple divine imagined that they were listening to him once again. Mr. Pedr Williams, with h:s rich and powerful voice and dramatic powers, was able to do full justice to his versatile and immortal subject. The vice- president of the Freo Church Council, Mr. W. Cathan Davies, presided at the lecture in the absence of the president, the Rev. John Griffiths, B.A., B.D. The audience very cordially received the Chairman on his first appearance before the public in this capacity. At the close, on the motion of Mr. John Lewis, J.P., seconded by Mr. Rhys Thomas, due acknowledgment was made of the excel- lent service rendered the Council by the Rev. Pedr Williams. The lecturer proposed and the Rev. W. Richard seconded a hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman for presiding. On Wednesday evening of last week, a grand organ recital was given at the Gwyn- fryn Chapel. The organist was Mr. T. Ll. Jenkins, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M., Cilfynydd, Pontypridd. The artistes were-Soprano, Madam John Thomas, Llanelly; contralto, Madam Rachel Jones-Rees, Cwmllynfell; baritone, Mr. W. T. Rhys, Ammanford; and elocutionist, Mr. D. Clydach Thomas, Clydach-on-T awe. The chair was occupied by Mr. G. O. Williams, B.A., Gwynfryn, and the following programme was contributed: —Organ solo, Introduction and Allegro," Mr. T. LI. Jenkins; song, "There's a Land," Madam John Thomas (encored) recitation, Stori Gadair Tregaron," Mr. D. Clydach Thomas; song, (a) Absent," (b) Vale" ("Farewell"), Madam Rachel Jones-Rees; organ solo, (a) Chant Solennell," (b) Prelude in C Sharp Minor," Mr. T. LI. Jenkins; song, Blow, Blow, thou Winter Wind," Mr. W. T. Rhys (encored) duet, In Springtime," Mesdames John Thomas and Rachel Jones-Rees; organ solo, Prelude and Fugue in A Minor," Mr. T. LI. Jenkins, which was excellently Tendered; recitation, Tomos Bartley ar godi Mochyn," Mr. D. Clydach Thomas; song, Gwlad y Bryniau," Madam John Thomas (encored) organ so lo, Scotch Scenes—(a) "Pastorale," (b) "Rondo Ecossais, Mr. T. LI. Jenkins (encored) song, 01 Star of Eve," Mr. W. T. Rhys; song, Idle Words," Madam Rachel Jones- Rees (encored) organ solo, Variations de Concert," Mr. T. LI. Jenkins. There was a good audience present, and the proceeds were in aid of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Fund in connection with the above church.











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