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Surrender of German . Warships.

Our Poultry Column.



tiTo POULTRY KEEPERS. Give Your HENS SPICK GRIT The New Shell Grit. Sold by all Corn Dealers. Write for samples and name and address of nearest Agent. SOLE MANUFACTURERS: LIVERINE LIMITED, GRIMSBY. I The GUARDS jia1 "THEY'VE sent for the Guards." Time A and again that message has put fresh heart into tired men, fighting against desperate odds. Time and again, when all ▼ seemed lost,the Guards have saved the day. Co, ¿,. It was a crucial moment in the first fighting — before Cambrai. The Huns were breaking War SavmuCartificatM through on our right. Everything depended ?"' *? each. ?'?" v*!u? in five yean' time on the Guard s. 1 saw t h em go Into action. ?" ?be JE?i e?ch. I They marched into that hell of shot and shrap- nel as steadily as if on parade. They prevented  time T<y"? hne. I cned J nehce that you w<mt your I d!i• saster to tI he wh<o1 le rB> ritish line. 1 cn'ed i notice that you want your a disaster to the whole British  I cri e d money back with ..y; with pride as I saw the matchless gallantry of termt due. You can buy I II I the Guards Division on that raw November ?? Sains. Certific?t*' morning." -Thus a young Officer who took part from morning."—Thus a young Officer wh o too k part p? ? Office, Ban?k o"r  e. Shopk_per actin.. a. in the battle. Sh.pk?p.r act:? a. ¡ Life Guard s, Horse Guar d s, Dragoon Guar d s °ff,cial Ag*nt -GrenadIers and Co!dstreams—Scots and Irish If *°u h*Tenot yet »°,ned d W I h h h fl f fi h a Savings A..oci.- an d Welsh—they are the newer of our hghting ?. ? u P*trio'ic l manhood. You are proud of them all: grateful duty t. do to. Apply to I II to them all. But what are you doing for them ? the secretary of your 1 Do the one duty assigned to you-the one thing local War Savinsrt Com- h expect r you- mittee, of write to the I th, ey expect of you— National War Savin.. jl | Committee, Salilbury Keep on buying Wl^-E" War Savings Certificates I I

G.C.G. Silver Band at Llandovery.



The Llanelly Division.