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POLITICS FOR WOMEN. By WOMAN VOTER. It is now possi ble to gather some idea as to the views of woman voters throughout the country from the opinons expressed in the numerous letters that have reached me since the commencement of these articles. It is very gratifying to discover how greatly they are appreciated, but even more refresh- ing is the knowledge acquired that the women voters fully realise the very great responsibility that rests upon them. One of ifly correspondents asks: "What is the good of all election or a vole if we are to have a coalition government wl¡;eh amounts to all the evils of the old p:1dy systems roiled into one? You will in many cascis have no choice but to vote for the Coalition candidate, who will no doubt obey, like a faithful hack, the party whip who secured for him his eeat." This lady ends by saying: "Why cannot we have a real National Party candidate in every con- stituency?" I agree entirely with her senti- iii,eiit,tlie election will be a farce indeed if we arc to return again to power only the old gang. It is for Mr. Lloyd George to find i;ew men, and I would .suggest that the majoLty of them should have seen service during the present war, but I fear the old party duds control the election machine. This election machine is a compllcakd and exceedingly expensive organisation, and needs lots of money to run it. and it is a remarkable fact that the general public will not pro- vide the necessary money for a political organisation. They have always had their politics free, but surely they realise that the money must come from somewhere, pmi that is wliy all the old parties have tneir secret funds, only the leaders knowing where those funds come frcm Now if evtry woman would refuse to vote for a candidate unless that candidate produced a balance- sheet, showing the source from which the funds of the party he represents are derived, we should be one stt-p towards a more honourable system of politics. It is appalling to find that soldiers who have won distinction for valour and bravery in the present war, who are standing vrn itidepeudout c.-nd daUs f:om purely patrioti. motives, arc being opposed by the old tra- ditional party hacks, whose sole contribu- tion to the war has been talk. I fear that it will be found very diffi- cult to record the soldiers' votes to any prac- tical extent, therefore another sacred trust lalls upon tiie woman voter. They who have lost their relatives, and they also whosv- relatives are still at the Front must vol" ;,s they think the fighting-men would wis: iheui to vote Let us think for a lriomer.i how those dear, dead heroes in Gallipoh would have voted were they here fo-day. Would the "Old Conternptibles" return to power the men who sent them to war un- armed and unprepared? Men who slepi whilst Germany armed against us Why. those very hacks who let us in for it ash up to return them again to Parliament to support the same leaders who cannot lead H J'at riots," who reduced our Army and Navy to save a few thousand pounds' worth of votes at the expense of eight millions t day, are still clamouring to lead the nation of warriors. Wo women can in a small degree avenge our dead heroes by voting for their com- rades. I believe the majority of the women in this country have no greater wish than to support Mr. Lloyd George, for it was he -who supplied the shells that should never have been lacking; it was he who organised the nation for the victory we are to-day celebrating. Therefore, we trust him to organise for peace; but I consider it in. finitely safer to vote for an independent supporter, such as a Silver Badge man or the National Party candidate, than for the recognised Coalition nominee, for a coalition is nothing more than a political trust 01 combine, and may prove exceedingly dangerous.


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