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THE OMNIBUS. I [Things Seen and Heard by the Conductor.) I The shortage of paper is fully realised when one is short of a Bradbury. Men struggle for something for the inner man. Women struggle for something for the- outer woman. The influenza epidemic shews no sign of abatement, and fresh cases are reported daily in the district. < Clean sweep of our Huns runs a head- line in a contemporary, but what about a clean sweep o the "flu ? Wireless telegraphy travels at the rate of 175,000 miles a second. Given a fair start, it ought to keep ahead of Dame RumouT. < She: Fred, do you believe that the pen is mightier than the sword? He: Well, you never saw anybody sign a cheque with a sword, did you? The doctors in the district are being sadly overworked these days owing to the influenza scourge, and it is really amazing how they bear the strain. < < Up to Saturday last, National War Bonds to the value of £ 1,226,307,941 had been sold. This is exclusive of last week' s sales through the Post Office. I The majority of schools in the county have been closed owing to the prevalence of influenza, hundreds of children having been laid low by the dread disease. < The Food Controller has issued an Order the effect of which will be to prohibit entirely the sale of sweetmeats in any theatre, cinema, or other place of public entertainment on or after the 1st November. ? ? The prohibition against the serving and consumption of milk as a separate beverage except to residents and children under ten, applied to catering establishments, is now extended to milkshops, dairies, stalls, and similar places. In accordance with the motion carried in the House of Commons last week, the Strangers' Gallery was thrown open on Mon- day to members of both ses, and for the first time in the history of the Chamber a number of ladies occupied seats therein. Chestnut flour is one of the many materials used for bread even in times of peace. Moun- tain peasants in France and Italy blanch, dry and grind the nuts, and then make the product into a sweet heavy cake or bread that is said to resemble the oatmeal cakes used in Scot- land. The number of letters in the alphabets of different languages varies considerably. Eng- lish and German have 26 letters; French, 25; Spanish, 27; Italian, 20; Russian, 36; Greek, 24; Latin and Hebrew, 22; Celtic, 17; Arabic, 28; Persian, 31 Turkish, 28; Chinese, 214. It has been calculated by an officer that the weight of bullets required to kill a man in war is about 168 lb., more than the weight of the average man himself. This is owing to the fact that troops waste tons of lead in en- deavouring to shell each other out of under- ground shelters. < < < The Press Association says there is reason to expect during next week a statement in the House of Commons fixing a date for the dissolution of Parliament and a General Elec- tion. It is calculated that the business now before Parliament can be completed during the week after next. 0 9 The executive of the Miners' Federation of Great Britain is seeking an interview with the Chancellor of the Exchequer this week in order to secure from the Government a payment of not less than 6s. a day for all soldiers and sailors, with a minimum separa- tion allowance of 12s. 6d. a week. • < The Captain met a recent arrival from the auld countree," and speedily got into a chat with him over conditions there. I sup- pose the war has caused the price of pro- visions to go up in Scotland as well as every- where else? he commenced. Aye, mon, ye're richt," agreed the visitor. Proveesions has gone up in price saxpefice the bottle." ? The Canadian Fruit Crop Report for Sep- tember places the Nova Scotia apple yield at 400,000 barrels. The embargo on apple ex- ports to Great Britain, the report states, is discouraging to Nova Scotia growers, but the orchards are being kept in good condition in view of the after-the-war possibilities, and local sales are being effectively encouraged. Under a new Order shortly to be issued, I and controlling the prices of draught and bottled beer, it is understood that beer will be standardised both in regard to price and gravity, and that a light beer will be avail- able at 3d. a pint. The present method of charging, which varies so much in different houses, will be terminated by the new Order. < < Some people are of the opinion that the spread of the influenza disease is due to mal- nutrition. They argue that one ounce of butter per head per week is not nearly suffi- cient for an ordinaiy working man. Also, the quality of some of the sugar now beinf distributed is simply atrocious, and when used to sweeten food for invalids completely ruins the appetite. < Two workmen were much annoyed with their employer, who kept his eyes fixed on them all the time they were working. When they could stand it no longer one marched boldly up to his master and said: Can you play chess? Yes!" said the astonished employer. Well,- said the workman, you'd better look sharp and make a move or you'll lose two men." A little lad we know has opinions of his own concerning Spanish Flu. Whilst on a visit with his mother to a neighbouring town last week, he expressed a strong desire to return home in order to attend school. His mother explained that the schools were closed and that if he returned home he would pro- bably get the Spanish 'Flu. He innocently replied: Well, give me the Spanish, and teacher can have the .Flu." The Rev. H. M. Hughes, of Cardiff, in referring to letters which had appeared in the Press with regard to the ministry, has spoken out very straight. He said that when the workmen required advances in wages they had their organisations by means of which the object could be usually attained, but the working men of Wales were in danger of jbecomåJg the biggest sweaters and slave- driver* in connection with their churches and the maintenance of the ministry!

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