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I Farm Labourers from Army.

Pembrey Sensation.I


Pembrey Sensation. I BABY'S BODY IN RIVER. I An inquest was held at Pembrey, on Tuesday, on the body of a female child, aged nine weeks, which was discovered by the police in the River Gwendraeth, on Saturday afternoon. Walter Elmes, of Towyn Cottage, Pembrey, who with his wife had been remanded in custody on Friday last by the Llanelly magistrates, on a charge on suspicion of having caused the death of a child, Kathleen, on or about the 4th inst., was present. P.S. Mitchelmore said the body was attired in a white nightgown, and wrapped in pieces of sack-cloth and serge coating in a stringed handbag, which was weighted with a stone weighing 191bs. The Coroner: What was the general appearance of the body?—Very emaciated, and it appeared to have been in the water for some time, but it was well preserved, probably owing to the cold weather. Witness added that he searched for the body in consequence of what Walter Elmes had told him a couple of days before. Prisoner had volun- tarily told him, I threw it in here (pointing to the mouth of the Gwen- draeth culvert). The Coroner: Did you as k Elmes what he had thrown into the river?— Yes, and he said a female child which had died before. What did he say was the name of the child ?-Kathleen. Superintendent Samuel Jones said that Walter Elmes had voluntarily in- formed him at the Llanelly Police Station that the deceased was not his child. The Coroner: Did he say that it was a foster child or not? Did he mention its name at all?—He said the name given to the child was Kathleen Elmes. The Coroner intimated that on the doctor's recommendation it would be necessary to adjourn the inquiry. The inquest was then adjourned for two weeks.

I A Great Welsh Composer.

lOur _-New Gas Shells._I

Agriculture in Carmarthenshire.