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GARNANT NOTES. [By GARNANT.] I Cwmammanites are delighted at the honour given to the Rev. Towyn Jones, IVI. P., in being appointed Welsh Whip by the present Government. Will the person who knocked his head against the motor-car the other night kindly communicate with the owner re the damage done, as the car has suffered to a greater extent than his head? AA..A £ =11= TT TV* 7 v* If you want to see cobblers at their best, go up to Stepney Road for a walk on Sundays, before chapel time. They always attend these places, and you can see them going with their hymn-books under their arm, looking heavenwards. I am sorry that the advertised con- cert to Priv. Wm. Isaac, Garnant, had to be postponed, as only a few turned up. This is another reason for insisting upon the pooling of funds, the same as Brynamman, Gwaun-cae- gurwen, and Bethesda, Glanamman. Why not have one committee for Gar- nant and one for Glanamman, and give them £ 1 from the Soldiers' and Sailors' Fund, and fl from the pro- ceeds of the concert, so as to treat all alike? Will the chapels make a move in this direction, so as to abolish f a,vourit Ism ? A pretty wedding was solemnised at Llandilo, on Thursday, between Mr. Jimmy Jones, electrical engineer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Councillor Dd. Jones, checkweigher, and Miss Mary Michael, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Michael, Cowell Road, Garnant. The bride was given away by her father, whilst Miss Hannah Jones (sister of bridegroom) and Miss Sarah Michael (sister of bride) acted as bridesmaids. Mr. Llewelyn Emanuel, Cowell Road (uncle of bride), was best n-an. The Rev. J. Edryd Jones tied the happy couple, who are now enjoying their honeymoon at Llandrindod. We all wish them the best of everything in life. The Red Dragon Bethania Dramatc Society, Glanamman, under the able conductorship of Mr. David Llewelyn, gave two performances of Richard Jones- Davies, Esq." at Stepney Hall, on Thursday and Saturday evenings. Every one went through his part ex- cellently. The choice of characters was very happy. The artistes were:— Mr. D.- T. Jones, Mr. J. Richards, Mr. Wm. Jenkins, Miss E. Thomas, Mr. D. J. Davies, Mr. David Jones, Miss Jane Evans, Thomas, Miss O. Roberts, Mr. Ivor Morgan, Mr. D. Morgan, and Mr. Edryd Jones. Mr. Lewis Beynon presided, while Mr. Griff. Lewis accompanied, and solos were excellently rendered by Miss Jennie Evans, Garnant. I should like to appeal to the work men to discontinue paying to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Fund until the £570 9s. 10d. has been depleted. It is said that there is approximately 400 soldiers and sailors from the place; but, assuming this to be correct, we have sufficient to cover all and have a good surplus in hand. We could divide the surplus between them at the end of the war. To maintain that a Government which demands the best of our manhood has its hands too full to look after the interest of those who have lost a limb-an arm or a leg-is an insult to the Government and to our Christianity. If they neglect to do their duty to our heroes, then it is our duty to throw them out of office and get a Government that will do so. There are too many drains on the earn- ings of the workmen to prolong this fund. If the percentage has gone up, the allowances have gone down, and the average workman does not earn more than in normal times; while the cost of living has gone up over 70 per cent. in Cwmamman. Once the war will end we will require all our money to fight the employers.