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T  TJVI 17 TENNIS VIEW M.. PYLE9 RESTAURANT & BAKERY, College Street, AMMANFORD. The Best House in the District for High-class Bpeads Cake, & Pastr»y. Everything Manufactured from the Purest -Materials. My 6d. GLOBE CAKES in Madeira, Cherry, Seed, Sultana, and Currant delight all Consumers. No Tea Table is complete without one of these delicious comestibles. ALL KINDS OF ORNAMENTAL CAKES TO ORDER. The Premises have been ENLARGED to meet the needs of Customers. UP-TO-DATE TEA and DINING ROOMS. AFTERNOON TEAS A SPECIALITY. Catering in all Branches on or off the Premises. Accommodation for Commercials. EYESIGHT CHATS. "OCULAR HEADACHES." CSPHE most common symptoms of defective sight are" Headaches. Many Headaches attributed to Indigestion and Liver are due to the Eyes. These Headaches become gradually worse, and giddiness, insomnia, pains at the back of the Eyes follow. Nothing will cure this state of things except wearing correct scien- tifically-fitted glasses. The cause removed, the disagreeable symptoms disappear. I will test your sight and tell you if your Headaches, etc., are due to defects of vision. ENQUIRIES SOLICITED. V IT/1 AC. JEWELLER and A,* W. HJ?jAO) SIGHT TESTIN?OPTICIAN Rhosmaen Street, LLANDILO. SEED POTATOES. n conjunction with the Inspector to the Board of Agriculture we have this year procured a large supply of SEED POTATOES that are resistant to Wart Disease. LEWIS & EVANS, The House of Quality, GARNANT. GLASS of every Description. POLISHED PLATE GLASS (Thousands of feet in Stock) For Shop Fronts, Windows, Sashes, Cases, Motor Screens, etc., etc. Practical Glaziers sent to all parts. HORTICULTURAL GLASS stocked in all sizes. Enquiries and quotations solicited. Several tons of GALVANISED SHEETS from 4 ft. to 10 ft., 24 & 26 Gauge. Special quotations for half ton lots. A Large Stock of WIRE NETTING and BARBED WIRE in Stock. I have still some hundreds of Articles, including All Kinds of TOOLS to Clear, at BARGAIN PRICES, —— Slightly soiled through alteration of premises. SSSLXXZSS good household, from 1/9, 2/ 2/3 upwards, and hundreds of Articles too numerous to mention. B. SHEPHERD, Ammanford. Tel. No. 48. THE "AM MArt VALLEY CHRONiCLE" Printing Offices, Quay Street, AMMANFORD. The Amman Valley Chronicle Limited undertake any and every kind of Printing from a Visiting Card to a Poster, or a Dance Programme to a Novel. Orders taken for reprints of Letters, Articles, or Advertisements from the Chronicle. All communications, containing Orders for Printing, should be Plainly Addressed to THE MANAGER, Amman Valley Chronicle Offices, Quay Street, Ammanford. Letters, MSS., and Advertisements intended for insertion in the Newspaper should be directed to EDITOR, Amman Valley Chronicle, Ammanford. This Establishment is a Noted House for First-Class Printing, and for the Quality of the Work, combined with Accuracy, Despatch, and Secrecy, has gained the confidence of the Professions and Business Firms in the District of East Carmarthenshire. COMMERCIAL & GENERAL. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES. PRICE LISTS, BOOKS. PAMPHLETS, ANNUAL REPORTS, MUSIC OF ALL KINDS. CIRCULARS, &c. LEGAL & ACCOUNTANCY. ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION, PROSPECTUSES, INDENTURES, AGREEMENTS, STATEMENTS OF CLAIM. BALANCE SHEETS. STATEMENTS OF AFFAIRS. &c. SURVEYORS. PLANS. 1 BILLS OF QUANTITIES. CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTS. CONTRACT FORMS. &c. AUCTION & ESTATE AGENTS. PARTICULARS OF SALE AND PLANS. CONDITIONS OF SALE. POSTERS. CATALOGUES. TENANCY AGREEMENTS. &c. "AMMAN VALLEY- CHRONICLE" LIMITED, Printing Offices, Quay Street, AMMANFORD. Branch Office at Cross Hands.



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