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Barmouth Police Court.




To Mat. JJO. 5, KING'S CRESCENT. — Containing Two Sitting and Eight Bed- rooms. Two Kitchens, Bathroom, Hot and Cold Water Supply. No. 2, GREENWICH HOUSE, containing Kitchen, Sitting Room, Four Bedrooms, and W.C. Immediate possession. Apply, G. E. OWEN, Wern, or Greenwich House, Bar- mouth. FOR SALE, to close a Trust, those two *• Freehold houses known as IDRIS VIEW and HARBOROUGH HOUSE, Aberamffra, Barmouth. Lovely situation with gardens sloping down to Estuary. Idris View contains 12 reception 5 Bedrooms and offices and is well et. Harborough House contains 2, reception, 6 bedrooms and offices, is now vacant and has let at £ 24. Price for the two JE550. Part can remain on Mortgage if required. EDWIN BLAKEY, Surveyor and Estate Agent, Bar- mouth. TO BE LET.-Bronwen House, B?y TView, and Glandovey House. Apply, John Roberts, Ripon House. TO LET-F,-om 1st. May, 1918, Glan. william House and Shop, or Shop separately. Apply, J. G. ROBERTS, Caerau," Mynach Road. MASONIC HALL, BARMOUTH. Large Room suitable for Public Meet- ings, Auctions, Soirees, Concerrs, &c. Terms moderate. Apply, Secretary, Meirion House, Barmouth. TO BE LET, BANK HOUSE Marine — Parade, Barmouth. IMMEDIATE POSSES- SION. 4 large sitting-rooms, 12 bedrooms, &c., bath h. & c. Apply, John Roberts, Ripon House, Barmouth. B ARMOUTH,-TO Let (or to be Sold). Tudor ilouse, pleasantly situated facing the Estuary. Moderate rent, immediate possession. Apply, Rhys Jones, Penmount. TO LET—BARBER SHOP, next JL door to Williams' the Butchers' Shop, High Street, Barmouth. Apply, William Jones, Cycle Agent. WO LET-4, Church P?fe. Apply, ? G.R." Onice of this paper. HOUSE TO BE LET. MORLAIS, Church Place. Apply, Quay Cottage. TOO BE LET, No. 2. Anifoi- Terrace, from May 12th, 1918. Apply, Mrs W. Davies, Bodygadfan, Rhoslefain, Mer. TO LET.- No. I and 2, Mount, Plea JL sant, Barmouth. Immediate possession. Apply, Messrs. Wm. Griffith, Adams, and Williams, solicitors. Dol- gelley, or to John Roberts, Ripon House, Dolgelley. TO LET— No. 1, Victoria PlAce. i Immediate possession. Low rental. Apply, John Robert,s, Ripon House. TO BE LET. Unfurnished (or sold) -j L ns fromMiy, 1918, Richmond Hotel, Barmouth Apply, R Llewelyn Owen, Barmouth. HpO BE LET, Rpgent House, fiom TMay 12,?h, 1918. Apply, G. E. Owen, Wern. Apartments. gOARD OR APARTMENTS. -4Brs. Henry Freeman, Glanmeon, Buth. Close to Beach and Station. Highest re- ferences. A PARTMFNTS.-Comfortal)le Home- like Apartments. Highly recommended Sea and Mountain view. Sunny aspect. 1 mile walk. Apply, Mrs R. Davies, Fronbyfryd, Llanaber Barmouth. A PARTMENTS.-Close to Promenade and Station. Moderate terms. Apply, Mrs Morris G. Roberts, Henddol, Northfleld Road. • RPARTMENTS. Comfor?bie and I  Home-like Apartments. Highly recom- mended. Hot and Cold Bath. Apply, Mrs I Evan Williams, Bodlyn," Church Street. A PARTMENTS.—Snowdon View, Bar. mouth. Close to Beach and Station. Sea & mountain view. Apply, Mrs B. Owen. 1DOSE HILL, Barrnollth.-Com fort,able Apartments-or Board. Central position. Highly recommended Apply, Mrs EDWARDS. APARTMENTS.-L Brynymor. Bar mouth. Close to Beach and Station. Sea and mountain view. Apply, Mrs David Owen K PARTMENTS.—Accommodation for CycHats 3 minutes' walk from Beach and Station. Bath (hot and coJd). Apply, 1\1188 Rowlands, River's Lea, Barmouth. for Kittfl and Countrp. ROLL OF HONOUR. Barmouth Boys who serve their King & Country on Land and Sea. II Sergeant William O'Neill, Sec-Lieut. M. Buckley, Lance-Corporal H. Dudley, Private D. Davies, late Glandwr, Private Griffith Owen Edwards. First Class Petty Officer Thomas B Williams, Gwynfa. I Gunner David Wm. Humphreys I (late of Water St.) Pioneer Evan LI. Evans,Penygraig R. H. Roberts, Penlan Hogse Lee-Corpl. Arthur Wilson Roberts, Capt. Tudor Jones Pte. Joseph Lloyd Evans Capt. William Morris, Tanyfedw Capt. D. Oswald Davies,Greenhill Robert Ellis Griffith, Aberamffra Tommy Davies, Penlan House Sergt. A. Strongman, Harboro' Hse Seaman E. J. Allen, Cambrian St. I J. Alun Evans (late of Barmouth) I Gunner John Owen, Water Street I Gunner W. Williams, School Hse. I Lee Sergt. J. Parry Jones Glanllyn David Jones, late Panorama Mineral Works THE NAVY. Lieut.-Commander Edward Griffith. Re- liance House Lieutenant Best (late Lingfield) Lieutenant R. Lloyd (late of Tynycoed) Lieutenant Harold Lowe, Penrallt Lieut. R. Lloyd Lewis (late of Aelydon Flight-Lieut. R. Hilton Jones, R.N.A.S. Chief Stoker Griffith Richards, The Anchorage. P.O. (1st Cf.) Tommy Williams, Beach Road (R.N.A.S.) Do. Willie Owen, Craigmynacb (do) First Class Petty Officer R. Williams, Aberamffra 1st -Class Stoker R. Allen, Cimbrian St. Dick Powell, Llanaber Willie James Rowlands, Riverslea Rowland Rowlands, do. Alfred Price, Enfield House Johnny Owen, Bwlch Varse,Marine Gdns Robert Jones, Abermaw Terrace Griffith Edwards, Green Bank. Thomas Garnett, Wynnstay Honse William Jones, Penycei (R.N.A.S) Edward Jones, Bronygraig Lewis Parry Jones, late Abermaw Ter. John Richard Tucker, 6, Porkington (Aeroplane Service) r Owen Francis Roberts, Cardigan View I John Robert Jones, Abermawr Terrace John Lewis, Ffriddfechan David Lloyd, (late Tynycoed) W. 0 Edward' (iate Ty EVy) Dennis Lloyd, Verdun House THE ARMY Capt. Will. Griffith,M B., late 2, BelleVue Captain G. B. Piggotst, Fronaig Lieutenant and Adjutant W. Meirion Williams, (late Police Station.) Lieutenant Rpginaid Doyd, Tynycoe LieuteuantV. St. G.Howina, Garreglwyd Lieutenant C. R. Hughes, GHynhefm Lieut. J. B. Menharo, Mount Argus Lieut. J. H. Lloyd, late Marino GànEl. Lieutenant Caradoe Evans, Minafon Sec-Lieut H. R. H. Dennis, Glenceirn 2nd Lieut. Lewis Williams, St Ann's Sec-Lieut. G. FolsteaJ, Bryuawel Ter 2nd Lieut. C. H.Meadham,MonntArgus See Lieut. Arthur Farrar, late Talydon Sec. Lieut. David R. J or.8, Aelfor Cjt. Sergt.-Major Bill Strongman Harboro' House Quarter Master Sergeant. Rhys Pugh, Llys Arfor (Canadians) Sergeant A. C. O'Neil, do. Sergeant W.H.Williams, Liverpool Hse Sargeant Samuel Dillow, Water Street Sergeant John Astley, Cumberland Hse Sergeant W. H. Jones (late of Aelydon) Sergt. Dick Fuller, Beach Road Sergt. G. L. Booth, Brynawel Ter. Sergeant Edward Price, Glasfryn House Sergt, Frank Lloyd, 4, Bronnber Ter. Sergt. E vanPierceJ onep (late Penygraig) Sergeant Ellis Tank, Victoria Buildings Sergt. Herbert Aspinall, Beach Road Sergt. Lewis Edwards,late of Penygraig Sergeant O. Prys Hughes, Glynhefin (2nd Rhodesian RegtJ I' Sergt R. Lloyd, late Marino Gardens Sergtj John Charles Crabbe, Water St. Ln ff SergeA.nt H, Whitehead, Park Road i S^aif Sergeant Mtijor W. Jones, Glanaig Staff Sergt. Wil iiauf George Wei lings Corporal Robert. Peters, Craig-v-Nos' Corporal Walter Thomas Pugb,Pengraig Corporal Richard Tank, Victoria B!dgs. Corp. Thomas L. Jones, New Zealand's late Abermaw Terrace Corpl. E. E. Roberts, The Grange | Corporal Tommy Owen, Snowdon View Lee.-Corpl. Robert Williams,WesleyHs.eI Corporal David Owen, Bwlch Vane Corporal W. B. Griffith, Vulcan Villa Lee.-Corpl. Dan Robinson Bennar Ter. Lce-Corpl. Peter Hughes, Relience Hse I Lc-Corp Lewis Davies. Williams' Bldgs I Lee.-Corpl. Jack Jones, Aelfor Cottage Lee.-Corpl. Gwilym W. Owen, Y Wern Lee. Corpl. Abel Roberts, GolMsn Lee. Corpl.T. O'Mara, DoctorsBuildings. I Lee. Corpl. Edwin Lloyd, Glanaber Ter. Lee.-Corpl. Willie Owen, St. Georges Lee. Corpt. J. R. Edwards, Morben Villa Lce-Corpl. T. Evans, late Siloam Bids. Lee. Corpl. John Lewis, Ceilwart Lce.-Corpl. H. Humphreys, 1 Fronfelen Driver George Astley, Cumberland Hse. R. Williams Liverpool House William Finnigan, Water Street J. Herbert Ingram, Glasfor Terrace H. Wallace Ingram, do. Richard Jones, 2 Marine Terrace John P. Williams, Beach Road David Davies, Williams' Buildings Robert Henry Lewis, Brynawel Terrace Edward Thomas, Church Place Robert Lloyd, 2, Mount Pleasant William Francis Jones, Bronygraig W. S. Loxton, Central Buildings Bobbie Lloyd, Victoria Building Billie W. Roberts, Advertiser Office I Tommy Jones, Buxton House I Phillip Williams, Aberamffra I Thomas Evans, Water Street John Jon Gorcnwy Terrace I Francis Morris, Abermaw Terrace I Evan Evans, At-von View Harry Powell, Llanaber Joe Cafcberwood Thomas Hugh Jones Eldon House John Morris, Glyndwr William Thomas, Church Place Fdward Lowe, late Petit-allt Samuel Owen, St. Georges John Thomas Roberts, Albion House Wm. Richard Lewis, Glanywerydd Cot. Owen Evan Owen, 11, Marine Terrace Robert Francis Morris, Tanyfedw Charlie Scholz (late Wesley Place) William Evans, Glandwr Lodge David Thomas Evans, do. William Davies, Williams Buildings John Edwards, Llwynon Archie Fox (late Aelfor Villas) John Garnett, Mount Windscr Owen Thomas Morris, Tanyfedw David Ellis Humphreys, Gibraltar Ter. Alfred Smith Thomas, Glandwr Cottage Hughie Williams, Tegfan, Princes Av. Willie Lloyd, Tynycoed Buildings David Richards, Leamington House, D, W. Jones, Gwalia Hotel James Thos. Jones (late Water St.) John Llewelyn Evans Fronoleu Farm G. Vernon Price, Enfield F. A. Price, do. Ellis Roberts, St. Georges Tommy Roberts,, do David Hughes, Arvon View William Ellis, Water Street Joe Whitehead, Park Road Ellis Price Jones, Beehive David Griffiths, 1, Aelfor Terrace Robert Thomas, Church Place F. Prewer, Brynmawddach E. Powell, do John M. Evans, late Wynnstay House Sapper William Watkins, 3, Penybryn Sapper J. R. Jones, Manchester House Robt. Edward Griffith, Vulcan Villa JobnEneGriffith,VulcanVilla(Canadians Bennett J. Griffiths, do (Canadians) G. W. Price, Glasfryn (Canadians) Iorwerth Price Jones, Gwynfa Cottage (Canadians) Gomer Thomas, Victoria Piace (Austra- lians) Arthur LJ. Thomas, Do. (Australians) D. H. Allen, Cambrian Street. Robert Arthur Jones (late of Vron Dairy Rowland Roberts, Water Street Fraser Parrer, late Talydon Hotel William Alun Evans, Dolafon. Morris Owen Davies, (lute Penygraigj Evan Jones, Tanycoed cottage W, R. Owen, 2, Tygwyn Buildings Albert Morgan ONeill, Brynawel Ter. Driver Evan Lewis, Brynawel Terrnce David Thomas Davies, Williams Bidgs Clifford Jones, 4, Marine Terrace Charlie Davies, •PantllanLauq&ry William Jones, Glanllyn Charlie Coleman, 5, Bronaber Terrace John Llewelyn Edwards, St. Ann's David Jones, E'don Honse Stanley Jones, Beach Road. John Lewis Evans, Gwendolen Herbert Mc'Manus, Bronwen House Griffith Lei. Williams, Marine House (2nd Rhodesian Regiment) Robert Pugh, Liyndu Arthur W. Hughes, Glen be fin Richard Williams 2, Marine Gardens Lewis L!oyd Evans late Idris Temp. Morris Jones, Hyfrydle, Marine Gardens Meurig Griffith, Epworth Terrace David Jones, Bronygraig Griffith David Griffith' Bennar Terrace W. G. Williams, Tynycoed Buildings. Hugh Griffith. Cumberland Place Alfred Jones, Beach Road Gunner Allen Lloyd, Glanaber Terrace Sapper William Evans, Gwendolen John M. Pugh, 4, Aelfor Terrace Ellis Griffith, Benner Terrace K. Brazier, Osborne House George Beer, Minymor Laundry Morris Harry Evans Fronoleu Farm Sapper Hughie Evans, Craig View Edward Dudley, Coesfaen. George Dudley, Coesfaen Hugh Pugh Williams, Victoria Buildings Thomas Morris, Hendremynach Driver F. H. Churchley, Buxton Cottage Sapper David Richards, Glanydon Griffith Griffiths Hen Bias, David Pugh, Caperrera Cottage John R. Jones, 2, Beach Rd.(Canadians Gunner E. Wellings, Cumberland Place Gunne Ivor Pugb, Doctor's Buildings Humphrey Richards, Brynawel Hugh Davies, Old Belle Vue Griffith Pugh, Water Street Gunner Robert Williams, Moss Bank Griffith Francis Williams, Water Street Hugh Williams, St. George's David John Williams, Liverpool House Alfred Tyler, Brynmynach Lodge Charles Tyler, do William Tyler, do Albert Tyler, do John Lewis, Cader View Rees E. Williams, Buxton Cottage Bert Strongman, Harboro' House William Meirion Jones, Gwynfa Cottage John Davies, Williams' Buildings Robert Williams, Glencairn H. M. Jones, Hafod-y-Fron, Llanaber Llewelyn Price, Enfield Harry Morris, Fronoleu Villas Richard P. Williams, Gwynfa Robert R. Williams, Belgrave Sapper John E. Profit, Bodweni Drivar Thomas J. Griffith Glanywerydd John Richard Lewis, Llanaber Gwilym O. Jones, 9, Porkington Ter. Gilbert Slater, Brynawel William Edward Jones, Glen Arrow Ellis Morgan Evans, 1, Brynawel Ter. John R Humphreys, Park Road Evan Thomas, 4, Graigydon Cottage Griffith Price, Bryngoleu Sapper John Edwards, The Crossing Sapper Llewelyn Edwards, do. Sapper H. WTellings, Cumberland Plae. Evan Jones, 4, Ty Givyn Buildings Lewis Owen, Bwlch Vane J. A Owen, Advertiser Office Eddie Evans, Tygwyn Cottage Driver Hughie Pugh, Bardsey View David Owpn, Siloam Buildings, Meredith Pugh, Llanaber, Thomas George Foulkes, Mordon Alfred R, Wellings, Cumberland Place Sapper John Milton, 2, Aelfor Terrace William Aitbur Williams, Victoria Bldn. David Rees Davies, 2, Aelfor Terrrace, South African Regiment Robert Graham (late of Penygrnig) Canndians Sapper Humphrey Graham, do. Samuel Williams, Tai Isaf Buildings Bertie Jones, Oak House Evan David Roberts, 5, Coventry Ter. David Tyson Hughes, 10, Marine Ter. J. R Richards, (late of Min y-don) Robert 0 Jones, Water Street Richard Blades, Wesley Place Norman M. Junes, Manor House Willie 0. Jones, Oak House John Roberts (j unr.,) Ripon House Hughie Williams, 5, Water Street Peter Loxlon. Central Buildings Evan Evans, Gwelfor John Emlyn Rowlands, Riverslea Walter Slater, 4, Brynawel Terrace William Rowland Jones, Bronyllyn Gunner Thomas Williams, Walsall Cot. W. A. MATON, Airt; DesJlex- aMicI Ph()..togJ:'aph.r, 1, PAVILION, Marine Parade, BARMOUTH. Pictures and Photographs Framed. Also a selection of Water Color Drawings and Oil Paintings for Sale. High-Class Portraiture at Moderate Prices. Out-door Photographs taken by appointment. Printed and Published by Morris" G Roberts, Advertiser Office, Barmouth.