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ANOTHER BARMOUTH BOY FALLEN. We havs with deep regret to announce the death in action of another brave Barmouth boy, Lance-Sergeant Jobn Parry Jones the only son of Mr and Mrs Hugh Jones, GIanyllyn, at the age of :!6. He was one of the first who enlisted at Barmouth, having joined the First-Seventh Baft., R.W.F., on September 18tb, 1914. After being in training at New- town, Northampton, Cambridge, and Rushden, he was sent out with his Battalion in July, 1915 to the Dardanelles, where he had experience of that terrible ordeal; but he escaped unscathed. Then he was in the Egyptian desert for about sixteen months. He fought at the battle of Gaza, and came out of it un wounded. At the fierce battle of Beersheba, on the 27th of last month, he was ser- iously wounded, and succumbed to his wounds at El Arisk Hos- pital on the 80th. The news of his death was re- ceived with a shock by all in the town, as be was such a favourite with all, being such a genial and amiable young man. He will be missed by a large circle of friends. Re was always charac- terised by steadiness and de- votion to his duty, and was a faithful member of the Siloam Congregational Church and of the Sunday School and passion- ately fond of music. He kept unabated his interest in religious matters wherever he went, and his letters home were always full of references to the religious ser-! vices which be attended. He was exceptionally popular among the boys, and undoubtedly they will mourn his loss for many a day. It is evident that he was a capable soldier, for be was promoted to the rank of Lance-Sergeant. We all deeply sympathise with his father and mother, and sister, and cousin in their sore bereave- ment and sorrow, especially the mother, who is at present far from being well. Never a mother had a more attentive son. It will be a source of comfort to the family to remember that be went of his own free will, at the very beginning of the war, fought bravely, and died for his country. Soldier rest, thy warfare c'Rr, Steep the steep that knows not breaking, Dream of!e 6eids no more, Days of danger, nights of waging."