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I BARMOUTH COUNTY SCHOOL GOVERNORS. I MONTHLY MEETING. The ordinary monthly meeting of the Governors was held on Monday after- noon. Present: M' R. Joves-Morrio, J.P. (vice chairman) presiding. Rev. R. Lloyd Roberts, M.A B D Rev. J. Gwyooro Dtvies, Rev. Z. M-tther, j Councillor J)jbn Roberta, Councillor R W. Jooet. and Mr Rhys Jones; with Messrs. E D. Jones, M A., head- I master, and R. Hewetyn Owen, c!e'k, The C!e<k f'pportpd t,b'ttthp Chairman (A)dermnn T. M"tin Williams, J.P.} was nnabte to be present i.liat day, aa be bad to attend iiii imp trtanti meeting at, Rby) in cunnfotio" w)th the Nation", M,mori;il to ttio-n of North Wiles who ùlive fitlien <t) the wa'. I FINANCIAL. The C ,PI k rpport,ecJ t,liat thf Gover- nors had an overdraft of .647 ttt the ht<nh. aR compured with R361 this time !nat YP", I'. T" mopt tt:p ovpt-drsft, t,lis G <vp<n<jr8 (,xpeelcd the bUtn "f .S364 be' t Wfpn now and t<hf f*t'd "t Mt'eh. Bt)!a Rmouotjng to JE42 were p4sgpd for p.'ymfut. I TIME OF MEETING. Thp CI),iii-tniii d"f-w attpntion to the .gdvistibility i)f eliqeiging the time of meeting from 8 30 t,,) 5 30. M the pre. spnt. littit- w,4g 'm bpr itieotivenient fUf rnl'lny mpmhfra tu aMend. Aftpr 8fm<! h11'thpr d'Kcassinn, th< Ro-v. Gvyno-o ID4viel give a notice of motion t hftt hp wiitjld tnovp nt the nfxt tnpptingnf thp G 've'nots that thf mftt* 'ng -< tthontd be tteld eve' y <wn moututi. I 8CRIPTURH EX\MtKATION. An to,.Pplictttiof) wts M,i(I-4 by. tl e B,tptist, Cblippl 8unJ 'y Schoui fur per. miabtun tu havp nbp ot one of the cltts, tootus fur Lbe aunuft! scoptme x>tmiua. Lion Oft the prnpnstt.ion of Mr R W. Joues, aecondt d by Mr J«hu Roberta the ttqup&t was Ht'ufdfd tu. -1 GARDEN PLOTS. A IpMer was tpad from Mr. S. Williflmon, Genera! Manager of the Cauthrinn R4i!wqys Company, stating that the Governors coatd have a plot of iand for garaetnng parpodes on pMymeat of 2/6 per annum, as the dtreotots were most anxious to hetp the scboot ia every way poss!b!e. The Rev. Gwynorn Davies said t,hat. the Governors ought to be very gratefo! to the Cambrian RftilwAYS Company for meeting them ao honourab!y. The Cbairman said the railway corn* pany bad acceded to the request made by the Go vendors. It was unanimously decided to accede to the on'er made by the Cambrian Rpil. I ways Company. I CORRESPONDENCE. The Clerk read a communication from the Local Government Bofud with reference to the payment of J620 made by the Governors to Second L!eutenan$ W. A. Beddows, B.8c., one of the school statf. The Governors bad asked for the gnidcnce of the Local Government Board for continuing the payment folt t this year, bat the Board etatea taat ?