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"LINSEED COMPOUND" with wn» m Water is an excfllfut g*rgle for Sore Throat, Coida, Coughs, &c. Will.-The will of the late Mrs Hugh Evans, Penmount, has been proved at 415,965, and not < £ 6 965 as previously reported. In Hospital-News was received on Mondny that. Private D W. Jones, son of Mr and Mrs William Jones, Gwalia Hotel, had been admitted to a hospital in Franoe suffering from illness. War Sayings.-At the meeting held la3t week to fotm a War Savings Association in the town, Captain Hugh Morris, Glyndwr, was appointed a mem- ber of the committee. Moonlight March -On Friday night the Volunteer Training Corps went for a moonlight march along the Dolgeiiey Road. Mr David Rohprts (commandant) and Mr B. G. Rocke (platoon command- ant) were in charge of the members. Disabled Soldiers' & Sailors' Fund,- A successful bazaar in aid of the above food was held at the Assembly Rooms yesterday (Wednesday), a full account of which will appeartn our next week's issue. Our Boys.-Pte. Willi.,rim Tiior-ias, son of Mr and Mrs Thomas, Church Place, wbe is serving in Egypt, has been in hospital at Alexandria for the last eigbt weeks suffering from illness. Pte. Thomas is one of four brothers serving with the Forces. Promotion. Mr Jones Humphreys, who has been manager Mpssrs. W. H. Smith & Son's Railway Bookstall at Barmouth for, the last twelve months, bas been promoted to a similar post at Bangor, and will be succeeded, by Mr Archie Hiam, Cliftondale, Marine Road. "LINSEED COMPOUND" for Coughs, Colds and Bronchial Troubles. 9td Of Chemists. Oarden Plots—The Cambrian Rail- ways Company have granted permission to a good number ta have garden plots as their land, and it is to be hoyed that other landowners in their district will follow tbe good spirit shown by the Cambrian Railways Company ab this hour of need. Promotion. — Pte. Abel Roberts, Gollen, Northfield Road, who is serving with the Army Service Corpo (Motor Transport) now stationed at York, has beenpromoled lance corporal. Prior to joining the Army, ImoM Corpora! I Roberts ncted as chauffeur to Mr J. N j Roberts, Invaroga. Personal.—We are glad to see our popular and genial Stationmaster (Mr George Weliings) able to resume his duties after a month's absence owing to illness. Mr Weliings is at all times most obliging in giving any necessary information to the general public, and the Cambrian Railways Company are very foitunate in having his services. Cymdeithas Ddiwylliadol Undebol.— Cynhaliwyd y gymdeithas nos Fawrth o dan lywyddiaeth Mr Morris Jones, Cynfal, pryd y traddodwyd darlith ar "Morgan Llwyd o Wynedd," gan Mr John sLloyd, M.A. Cafwyd darlith rhagorol, a diameu yr enyn ynom fwy o n'vydd am ddarllen banes Morgan Llwyd a rbai cyffelyb, gan eu bod wedi tewi era ugeiniau o flynyddoedd, etto* yn llefaru. Hyderwn y CRown etfo glywed f darlitbydd ar rbai o arwyr Sir Feirionydd. LINSEED COMPOUND (Aniseed Senega, Squill, Tolu, &c). For Coughs and Colds, Influenza, &c. ¡ ¡"I'' "&1I"r.' .Ç' -l "COAGULINK Trunsparptit Cempnt, = for Glass, Cbma, &3., 6,J. and 1-s. Pont | free Temperan,le.-Ori Thursday eveni g, under the auspices of the Barmouth Temperance Union, a children's tem- perance meeting was held at the Wes- leviin Cbnppl. The chair waa taken by Mr Rhys Jones, Glanymor, and there was a good attendance. Songs, recita- tions, etc., wpre gi ven by the children. Also an fpxopllent, addrpss was delivprrd by Alderm^nHT. Martin Williams, J.P. The accompanists were M'hh Nesta. P. Owen and Miss Hilda Thnmi», whilst Mr J. R Thomas corduct-ed the singing. Obituary -Many of our readers wil he sorry to learn of the death of Mr George Piggott, which took place lust wppk at Birmingham. Deceased had been a tegular visitor to Barmouth during the past thirty years, and was well-known by n. good number of the inhabitants. Deceased was a cousin to our highly respected and esteemod townsman, Mr Thos. W. Piggott, J P Ffonaig, who was unable to uttend the Local Tribunal on Tuesday as he had to go away to attend the funeral Economical Cookery. The Visiting Committee of the Barmouth County School have arranged to hold a course ot five lectures and demonstrations on war-time cookery. The first class will be held on Friday afternoon, the 16th inst. The teacher will be Miss Enid Rowlands, Diplomee of the Cardiff School of Cookery. It is hoped that the course will he of great practical help at the present time, and that it will be well supported by all who are anxious to make the best use of every morsel of food stuffa. The Men in the Street on Economy. -Junps on meeting his f. iend Williams in High Street last week, asked him, Weil, old boy are. you going to hear what our M P. will have to say on economy?" "I may, but as far aa I am myself concerned it means not to spend a penny on anything I don't really want, and to be temperate in all things. I don't waste money on drink tobacco, nor anything else." Rpally said Jones, you ought to speak at the meeting" "No, there's too much talking by far and too little practising what people ought to do." Whist Drive—On Thursday evening last, a most successful whist drive was held at the Masonic Hail. The prizes were won as follows: —L-idips, first prise, Mrs Walter Lloyd Jones. Victoria Buildings 2nd. Misa Betty Humphreys, 1, Fronfelen tEerrace consolation prize, Miss R^bbittR, St. Ann's Gents. first prize, Mr Edmund Humphreys, 1, Fron- felen Terrace 2nd, Mr B H Johnson, Midland Hotel; consolation prize, Mr Edward Davies, Royal Hotel. The duties of M C. were carried out by Mr Ernest Lloyd, Minymor. The refresh- ment stall was in charge of Mrs D. E Davies, St Ann's. The duties of secre- tary were carried out by Private John R. Humphreys, Park Road. Great credit is due to Mrs D. E. Davies, Mr and Mrs Ernest Lloyd, Miss Patchett, and Mrs Denton for thpir generosity in provididg prizes, etc. Personal. -We cull the following from the "Social Events" in last Saturday's "Daily Telegraph The engagement is announced of Squadron Commander Robert Hilton Jones, R N., only eon of Mr and Mrs Robert Jones, iate of Cilmynacb, Barmouth, and Eileen, only daughter of Colonel Astley Roberts, it-F A, and Mrs Astley Roberts, Badlesmere, Eastbourne." Commander Jones' father WfLR I)nnk- manager at Bar- mouth for many y?ara, and was very popular with all classes, taking as be did very prominent part in all Bocial and philanthropic movements in the town. The young officer has the best wishes of a large circle of the old friends of the family at Barmoutb. "LINSEED COMPOUND" for Coughs and Colds. Of proven efficacy. 9id., 1/lid 2/9 J. Chemists only. *:»i" ,,?I -=-). "lJI. K- 11' g Obituiry.—It is with d i,-t) regret w*, d the d Lth of MI' George Gtrt,; Coleman, Hilldene, Marine G-ti-dpns. which took place on Sundiy morning at, the Bryn Seiont Hospital, C,irnarvon Deceased was a nitive of M Lnehester, and came to Bmnouth about three years ago and was employed as a baker and confectioner by Mr Gwilym D ivies, Wavprley Cafe. About, ten months ngo his health broke down, and he was advised to enter the above-nnmed hospital, where he obtained every kind- np!is and attendance from the matron, nurses, and e-pecially from Dr, E L wis Lloyd during his stay at the hospital. Much sympathy is extended to the young widow, and also hÎ8 widowed mother and brother in their sad bereave- ment. The funeral took place at the Southern Cemetry, Mmchester yester. day (Wednesday). The Red Cross—The usual weekly meeting look place last Wednesd ay at the Church Hall. There wae on excel- lent attendance, and the following things wel-P handed in completed 12 pairs socks, 7 scarves, 23 ClipS, 7 shirts, 5 vests, 2 pairs multens and cuffs, 3 pairs bed socks, 9 handkerchiefs, 6 comforts b^g, 8 pyj tmas, and 131 bandages. The following are gifts for the week:—Mrs Rofjerts, loveruga, 2 pairs socks; Miss A. E Reee, Brynglat, 3 pyj tnia ties; Mrs Gwynoro Davies, Haulfryn, 1 pair socks Mrs Watkins, Criccieth, 3 csps, 1 pait- mittens Miss Cotton, York Hiluses 2 pairs bed socks Mrs Johnson, Bryngoleu, 1 pair eockR anonymous, per Mrs Williams, 2/6 There will be no meeting on tbe 14th, the date of the American tea and rummage sale. We shall be so glad to see all our Red Cross workers and their friends Gwendolyn* Denton, hon. sec. Red Cross -The Red Cross Com- mittee are making a special effort on Wednesday next, February 4!h, to en- sure that the American"tea and rum. mage sale shall be a great success. They will open proceedings at 230 at the Church Hall and provide an excellent tea and later in the afternoon, for which the moderate sam of 6d. will be charged. They wish it to be clearly understood that everyone ia most wel- come, whether they have received a reminder or not, that the American tea is not obligatory—that is to say that the ladies only in search of bargains in the rummage section need not feel obliged to have tea unless they so desire, ¡ but it is hoped that the excellent tea provided will be a special inducement to all the local people to turn in. Mr Walter Lloyd Jones, with his usual kindness, has very kindly consented to come in later in the day and put up to auction that is not already sold. Barmouth and District School Mana- gerig. The monthly meeting of the above managers was held on Wednesday last at the Christ Church Schoolroom, Mr Robert Jones, Eitbynfynydd (chair- man) presiding. There were also pre. sent: Mr Henry Freeman (vice chair- man), Alderman T. Martin Williams, J.P., Councillor John Roberts, Mr E. D. Jones, M A., and others.—A vote of condolence was passed with the rela- tives of the late clerk (Mr John Davies, Dyff ryn).-It was announced that the clerical work would be undertaken by Mr Richard Barnett, secretary to the County Education Committee, and Alderman T. Martin Williams explained that this arrangement would mean .a saving to the county of zC40 annually The question of providing cookery classes at Dyffryn gave rise to much dis- cussion.-It was reported that Mr Dangeifield, Coreygedol Hall, bad pro- mised the sum of zC 10 towards the initial expenses, and in view of this and the fact that the sub committee had re- ported favourably on the matter, it was decided by a majority to establish classes, which will be conducted by:Miss Enid Rowlands, PennaL-It was decided to appeal to the Government with a view of having a reduction in the rail- way fares. t Local Tribunal.-Thp Local Tribunal nvt. on Tuesday afternoon, fit the Council Office. Piesent: The Rev R. Lloyd Roberta, MA., R D., chairman; Messrs. Edward Williams, Ht-ni-y Fi-pe- man, J. Pryee Jones, John Jones, and Thomas Griffith with Mr R Llewelyn Owen, clerk. Liputpnant Lewis Davips, the couoty military representativp, was present, owing to the un- nvoidltble Rhpncp of Mr Thomas W. Piggott, J.P (military representative). The results were as follows :-Willi\t.m Watkin Davies, Hnulfryn, May 13 h I Willinm Edward Jones, Glyndwr, May I 13 h Hugh D Roberts, Imperial Hotel, I May 13th Gurndoc Evans, Glanglasfor, M ty 18bh John Jones, D ivos, 14 days and to undergoe medical examination Richard Davies, Reliance House, do.; Robert Lunt, The Arches, do David Williams, horseman with Mr D E. Davies, do.; Owen Williams, Ceylon House, do.; Owen Robert Owen, Compton Stores, do.; Evan Evans Griffith, Cornber Elouse, referred for medical examination. In Memory of an Old Pupil.—List Friday week, the pupils of the County School met together in the School Assembly Hall to pay a. tribute of re- spect to the memory of Lance Cirporiii Arthur Wilson Roberts who had been killed in action. After tbe pupils had sung a hymn, a portrait of the hero (presented by his father, Mr L. Wilson Roberts) was placed on the School walls. Then the Chairman of the Governors (Alderman T. Martin Williams, J.P) addressed the pupils, dwelling on the sterling character of Arthur Roberts, and impressing on the pupils the highest ideals of life. He appealed to them not be satisfied with the achievements of the past, but to be ever looking forward, eager to make new conquests. The Rev. Gwynoro D.ivies followed and made a few remarks on Arthur Roberts's faithfulness in the Band of Hope, and his devotion to the study of the Bible. As his old minister he spoke in the highest terms of his religious spirit and beautiful character. The meeting was brought to a close by singing another hymn :appropriate to the occasion. There were also present: Mrs Morris, Glanglasfor; Mrs Martin Williams, Bod Idria; and Gunner Ernest Roberts, an old boy, who was homo on ieave from the front.