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THE FORTHCOMING SALE. To the Editor. Sir,- Will you kindly allow me, through the medium of your columns, to give a few particulars concerning the comiog Sale First of all, I am highly delighted to think that every class of the community bas taken so kindly to it. A strong committee of men and one of ladies have been formed, and all arrangements have been completed. The ceremony of opening the Sale will take place at 2 o'clock on Wednesday next, Feb. 7th. At 4 o'clock a public auction will be beld on the live stock, as well as on some of the goods. An auction will be beld also at intervals during the eve- ning. The articles for sale will include, in addition to the live stock, farm pro. duce, such as potatoes, carrots, butter, eggs, etc. The drapery and grocery stalls will be well filled with such things as are necessary for eveiy day, while the miscellaneous stall will be loaded with a great variety of articles. Now I want to make a strong and earnest appeal to the public generally to patronize the Sale. For every shilling you spend, you will not only have the satisfaction of having its value in return, but you will feel that you are doing your bit to help and encourage our brave men who are sacrificing so much for os. "A little help is worth a deal of pity." This is the time for action, not words. Any amount of delicious refreshments will be provided by kind and generous ladies who have undertaken the work. Amusements will be provided, and the room made gay and comfortable. Admission free. T therefore hope, and my faitb is un- limited in the tender feelings enter- tained hy the people of Bamioutih and neighbourhood towards the boys." that there will bo no Jack of buyers. My pppi-al alst) extends to the gentry in the Parish I trust we shall be encouraged: in our efforts by their presence. Arrangements will be made to call for all perishable goods on Tuesday afternoon or on Wednesday morning. Will all tradesmen, and other kind friends who are giving other parcels, bavi- tbew ready by Saturday afternoon, with their names securely attached, and the value of the article as neatly as they can ascertain, when a number of Boy Scouts in uniform will call for tbem. Come one—come all, and help to make a red letter day in the annals of Barmouth during the war. Faithfully yours, The Library, Barmouth. TSSAR- J, JONES, I