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I CORRESPONDENCE. We <?o M0< hold ourselves respotisible /'b< thp ovinions 01 our correspondents. BRITISH AND FOREIGN SAILORS SOCIETY. TtJ the Editor. I Dear Sir, I venture to appeat to the sympathetic interest of your wide circle of readers in a caose which is very near my heart, and which, in a. variety of ways, is voicing the Empire's gratitude to onr sailors. In addition to its lengthy programme of practical beip, the British and Foreign Sailors Society has open en. trusted by the authorities with definite responsibitity for the immediate welfare of aged mothers, widowa and orphans of the heroic seamen who have fallen whilst on active service; and, in spite of the many appea!s of the presentbour, I know of nothing more deserving of our generous support. For, it most be remembered; in addition to ai! that can reasonably be expected from the State, there natcraiiy remain considerable duties, which, in. deed, can onty be met through the generosity of Jarge-hearted patriots. It is estimated that at least J650,000 will be necessary for the great task the Sailors Society has set itself, and know- ing personally, as I do, its practical methods, its worId-wide outlook, and its emcient administration, I ask yotM* valued co-operation. In view of the pressing need, it would give me personal p!easm'o to receive a generous donation from your readers. The smallest gifts wilt be more than welcome. Believe me to be, Very truly yours, MARGARET LLOYD GEORGE, 11, Downing Street London, S.W. I A MILLION EGGS NEEDED EVERY I I WEEK. I AN APPEAL. I I To the Editor. I Sir,—Three years ago it was my duty to make an appeal to you for eggs for our wounded soldiers. We bad at that time only started the work of the National Egg Collection for the wounded I and our weekly total was very little more than 12,000 eggs. To-day ouf weekly tola! from all soareea is over 150,000, but the demand from the hos- pitals and particularly from the wounded men in France has grown so enormously, that, if we were to receive 1.000,000 eggs every week, we con!d inot satiety their absoiutety crying needs.. We do not even receive enough eggs at, our Central Depot to satisfy the caM upon us by the British Base Hospitals in France, and we are consequently competed to again make a most urgent and emphatic call upon you and all our other kindty hearted sapporters to come to our assistance and make known our necessities as widely as possible. Eggs at the present time, and at the present price of 4/6 a dozen, should only be consumed by wounded soldiers or by civilians whose state of bea!tb makep this vatuabie article of food a rpa necessity to them. They cortain'y shouid not be consumed as ordinaty articles of diet and I make a most or gent appea! to all bote! and rflstacrRot keepers to remove egga from their menus until our bravo sotdiprs who have been woucdpd in defence of their in- terest have all the pggs they want. t appeal also to provision merchants an<& eggs vendors in general, to make 3 point confining their supphes of pggs t0f hoapitaisand convaiescpnt bomps, and o 80pp!y all sacb inBtitntiona on the barest possibta margin of proSt. To anyoao ahdcrtaking to sped n& eggs for the wonnded. I will gladly uodertaka to spnd stiitftblp hnxes for transport, to pay all carriage charges and relieve the donors of a!t ipxpensp i& the matter bpyond the gift of the eggs. A futi itet oi all our 2.000 collecting centres will be eeot on apphcation, and all donatione for the put chase of eggs sboutd be mttde payitblp to our Honorary Treasurer, Horace G. Hoimes, Eq ,J.P.. J54, Fieet S'rpet, London. FREDERICK CARL, Hon. Director. AGED MERCHANT'S SEAMEN'S INSTITUTION. To the Editor. Dear Sif,— When one considers the truly great and heroic part British Merchant Sea- men are taking in the War, their claim upon the generous consideration of aU is unquestionably estabHshed. That one of these bravo fellows should stand in need of a helping hand when forced by age or affliction to abandon the sea would be, one ventures to affirm. an ingratitude to those to whom as a body Britain owes horcommercia! pros' perity, and to whom to a degree most apparent of late she is indebted for the very daily necessaries of life. For baif-a.century the RoyarAlfred Aged Merchant Seamen's Institution has provided a Home or Pension for thousands of aged and destitute seamenf of the British Mercantile Marine. Like many other old estabtisbed Institutions the "Royat Atfecd" has felt the pinch of war conditions and tb& claims of the numerous funds for worthy objects arising out of the present National crisis. An earnest appeal is therefore made to Britons in all parts of the wor!d to help the Committee of this old Silor8. Charity to answer the urgent" pigotlls of distress" f'om hundreds of bard- pressed manners. Contributions kindly directed to <ho Royal Aifred Institution at 58, F'n- cbutch Street, London, E.G., will bo' gratefully acknowledged by Yours faithfuHy, CHAS. T.MILBURN. Chairman.