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BRYNMYNACH, BARMOUTH. Attractive Sale of Surplus Household FURNITURE Outdoor and other Effects. Inc] udidg :-Costly Oak Sideboard, Pair of Old Mahogany Carving Chairs, Massive Iron Umbrella Stand, Oak Framed Dining Room and other Chairs, Handsome Angle Bookcase, in Oak, Bronze Figure China and Glass Orna- ments, Finely Carveid.Oak Wine Cooler, Handsomely Embossed French Mantel Mirror, Books, including several boaodl volumes of Punch," and Sir E. Balwer Lytton's Works, Part contents of several Bedrooms, Valuable Mahogany Wardrobes, Chest of Drawers, Brais & Iron Bedsteads, Feather Beds, Curtains, Fenders, Toilet Sets, Kitchen Utensils, Deal Tables, Copper Warming Pane, Grained Chests of Drawers, Garden Tools, and numerous other effects. MESSRS. • HALL, WATERIDGE & OWEN Are instructed to Sell by Auction, On the Premises, On Friday, the 28th July, 1916, Commenoing at 11 o'clock punctually, ^tttebioaeera* Offices, High Btre. Shrewsbury and Oswestry. ¡Ú TO VISITORS. FOR ALL THE BEST Books by the Best Authors GO TO THE PUBLIC LIBRARY; STATION ROAD. Large Beading, Billiard and I Chess Rooms.  Bipa%IIE E?W9 9 A" ¡ makes a pleasant, sparkling drink, refreshing as a beverage, and gently corrective in the maintenance of healthy bodily functions. USUAL SIZE TIN 6d. FAMILY n lId. v Andrews' Liver Salt is a s i mple, handy ? j?*??F'' ?f? a?d !:o Health. Its use ?hen need e d begc?lhe bright ey€, th,,ee;ful tnitn-an d Aj jf ?''? <???f?\B?? ? laughing, tone of joyous Itfe.   ? 1aT? ?? .?? J J V Nature at times nee d s just a little help. .??tSt?tt ?-?-'? ? ?J\? Because this is so, an d because Nature ?B?' SNB?????t? \j<?.??? ?// '?' is not aluays he!ptd, we have peev i s h » JW??? i ?????/ c h i l dren, despon d ent women, an d I!? T' tempere d men. i   '??*??  ? \t)Z? ?/7?f? spec k of dift In the BF7'M? p l ace will w/f/infu ./?,?? i! Y ? III stop a motor c?r; An d poisonous matter, ?Mj?jip ?-<'?!n? m 3 our system, is boun d to lower j Mffm. cheery spirits an d lessen your en j oyment To k ep Liver active, Stomach III MmI W Y? M j \?/ normal, Bowels regular, and i^ill KidneYs'effectve,rely o? Ililrm iJ/j/Js Jjwl NS! ??/? F Andrews'—the helpful home \i' ??h ? a ? bennt to M? remedy. wi I h' iA benf?fit to eacif m WiWm M W| L V S0LD BY GROCERS, ? W ? L ?? CHEMISTS & STORES. Put a til on voor next order. Maybe it will be a life-brightener for you also. Take carer though, that you do get Andrews. Skoull you exheiirvce a*y (liff cully, fthase send your Chemist's or Giorrr's hame and aairess, anti your own, together with stamps, and, we will fo ward you thetin postage paid nnd refund your postage too. SCOTT &TURNR, LTD. (DEPT. A. 83), NEWCSTtE.ON-TYN£. (A 4) qP TO