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PARK ROAD CHAPEL ANNUAL TEA PARTY AND COMPETITIVE MEETING. The annual tea party and competitive meeting in connection with the above chapel was-held last Wednesday, March 22nd. In the afternoon a splendid repast had been prepared by the lady members, and all who partook of same did ample justice with the various good things placed before them. In the evening a most successful -tri tL)e evening t most successful able condactorship of ibe Pastor, tBe. Rev. E. Afonwy Williams, whilst Mr Griffith Wiliiams. A it ro House, acted as chairman, who, in the course of the meeting, delivered a most eloquent address to the children. The adjudi- catorg who ably carried out the duties entrusted to them were the Revs. Edwin Jones, Gwynoro Davies, E. Vaugban Humphreys, Theopilus Lewis, LInn- bedr William G i, fil t li, M A., Dyffrya Mr Joseph Thomas, G.M., Mr Owen Griffith, and Mr John Lloyd, M.A., who in the unavoidable absence through indisposition of the Rev. E J. Parry, filled the vacancy. The Sunday School officers, namely Mr Owen Edwards, Mr J. G. Roberts, and Miss Jennie Richards, Glanydon, carried out their official duties in a most worthy manner. LIST OF AWARDS. ESSAYS. (Open). 1. Miss B A. Williams, Artro House, and Mr J. G. Roberts (equal). Under 21 years. Miss Rath Evans, Gwelfor. POETRY. 1, Miss B. A. Williams. MUSIC. Children under 7 years of age. 1st, E'len Catherine Roberts, Henddol 2, William D. Williams, Buxton Cottage; 3, Pegi Robertc, Brookside. Over 7 and under 9 years. 1st, Dick Roberts, Brookside. Under 13 years. 1st, Jennie Llovd í Lewis, Brynleg 2, Lloydie Griffith, 3, King's Crescent; and Gwynetb Richards, 1 G; eechiil (equal) 3, Dilys Griffith, 3, King's Crescent. Boys under 16 years. 1st, Lewis Edwards, Green Bank; 2nd, Gwilym Roberts, Brookside. Girls over 16 years. 1st, Lizzie Ann Richards, Glanydon. Modulator test. Class I. Kitty and May Evans, Gwelfor; Jennie Lloyd Lewis (equal). Class II. Dilys Griffith and Gwynetb Richards (equal). RECITATIONS. Under 18 years. 1st, Kitty Evans; 2, May Evans; B, Lizzie A. Richards. Under 14 years. 1st, Dilys Griffith; 2, GwHyrn Roberts; 3, Jennie Lloyd Le wis. Under 10 years. 1st, Dick Roberts Jack Roberts, and Gwyneth Richards 2, Annie M, Williams. Under 7 years. 1st, Enarys Jones I Wiliiams 2, Elwyn Roberts; 8, Ellen Catherine Roberts. SCRIPTURE EXAMINATION. Adult. 1, Miss B. A. Williams 2nd, Mr J G. Roberts. Under 21 years. 1st, Miss Rutb Evans 2, Miss Jennie Jones, Balmoral. Children under 16 years. 1st, Lily Jones, Marine Gardens. Under 14 years. 1st, Kitty Evans 2nd, Gwilym Roberts 3rd, Herbert Dfmpsey. Under 12 years. 1, Dilys Griffith. Under 10 years. 1, Gwynetb Richards; 2, Jack Roberts. Best twelve questions from Marc. 1, Miss Ruth Evans 2, Mr J. G. Roberts. HANDWRITING. 1st, Jennie Lloyd Lewis 2, Lloydie Griffith and Dilys Griffith (equal), 3, Gwynetb Richards. MISCELLANEOUS. Answering any questions from the Tlws Dii westol. Glass 1. 1st, Kitty; Evans, Gwyneth Richards, and Jack I Roberts 2, Lloydie Griffith, Gwilym I Roberts, and Lewis Edwards. Class 2. 1, Dick Roberts. General knowledge, under 12 years. 1, Dick Roberts; 2, Annie M. Williams and Gwyneth Richards; 8, Esuiie Hughes and Emrys J. Williams. Ditto under 7 years. 1, Dick Roberts, Eiwyn Roberts, Emrys J. Williams, and Pegi I Roberts. Best story. 1, May Evans. II During the evening, the children ren- dered several iincler the con- I dactorship of Mr john Jones, Balmoral, whilst Miss Madge Price presided at, the orgau.