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LETTERS FROM THE FRONT I Ty'Mynach, Btn'moutb. Dear Sir, Perhaps the townspeople who so kindly helped with the sale in Decpmber of last year,in aid of the Loca!RedCross Branch and Comforts Food for the men of the original draft from here of the l8t/7tb Royal Welsh Fasitiers, wil! be glad to bear that nearly all the parcels have arrived safely, and the men writtea tbankicg the loca! peopie so mnch for all their kindness and generosity, I have had acknowledge- ments from the following men already Sergeant Edward Price, Corporal EDis Tack, Corporal John Parry Jones,Lance Corpora! William B. Grimtb, Privates Thomas Hagb Jones, Lewis Davies, W. Ingram, Thomas Evans, Hampbrey Humphreys, Phillip WiDiams, Edward E Thomas, E. Powell, WilUam Edward Morris, H. Hodgekinson, Billie W. Roberts, Wiiliam R. Lewis, John Jones, Robert Henry Lewis, Dai Da vies, Owen Evan Owen, Tommy Owen EHis Roberts, and Hagbie Williams. I ap. pend the letters of Sergeant Edward Price, Private Edward E. Thomas, and Private Tommy Owen, as typical of the evident gratitude of the recipients of the gifts. Yours fa!tbfa!!y, GWENDOLENE DENTON. Hon. Sec. Red Crosa Fand. Beni Salaam, EGYPT. 19/2/16. Dea.r Mrs Dentoc, I received your lovely parcel safe to hand yesterday, for which please accept my very best thanks for the kindness of tboB&rmoutb people, aiso yourself. I cannot explain bow very pleased we al1 were when we received the parcels, they were just what we all needed. Again thanking you and all kind friends who belped. Yours sincerely, EDWARD PRICE (Sergt.). Beat Salaam, EGYPT. Feb. 26th, 1916. Dea.r Madum, Just a few iices to acknowledge the parcel which you sent me on behalf of the Red Cross Socieby. WeH, I am sure that all the boys were very tha-nk. ful for it as it was so useful to us. Would you Mndiy thank the Red Cross Fund of Barmouth on my beba-!f for sa<tne. We now stationed in Egypt, in the desert of Sitb-,tt, as they it, and ib is very warm here now. We visit Cairo at times, wbicb is a beautitnl place, and we n.iso go to see the Pyramids, which are worth while seeing. WeU, I hope that you wH! receive this letter sufe, and I dan.Bn,y !hat you will bear from many of the ohhar boys. I think that they all bad the parcel the same day ns I had mine. I hope that when Peace comes and Victory won that we sba!! see you to acknowledge you porsonnHy. Kindest regards to you one and all in Barmoubb from EDWARD E. THOMAS (Pte). 2929, C Cny., 3/7 R.WF. Park Hall Camp, OSWESTRY. January 86tb. Dear Mrs Denton, Jnsb a Hoe to thank you and all my Barmoatb friends for the splendid parcel of shirbs, socks and cigarettes, which I received this morning.and for all of which I am indeed very ?ratefuh I should be vry pleased if you would kindly thank the CommiMeo on my behalf, and accept my best thanks yourself. 1am, Yoars t,ru!y, T E. OWEN (Pte).

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