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Barmouth Licensing Sessions.



A SERIOUS TALK ON A SERIOUS I SUBJECT. When getting over a cold, fever, or illness of any kind, be careful to guard your kidneys against a breakdown. Every day thousands are recovering from one disease or another, and it's while "convalescing" that great care is needed to avoid falling into the clutches of kidney trouble. The kidneys, when in health, are the hardest worked organs in the body. No wonder that when the blood is loaded with uric acid poisons and the work of the kidneys is doubled, they break down. Kidney weakness follows as night the day. After influenza, pneumonia, fevers and even ordinary colds watch for kidney trouble, and don't neglect such signs as backache, headache, dizziness, nervous trouble, and that dull, tired feeling, no matter how unimportant they appear to you. Your kidneys will need help for a while. There is nothing more soothing, nothing better than Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. This medicine is for the kidneys and bladder only, and has no action on the bowels. With the temporary assistance of Doan's pills, care as to diet, more rest and sleep and exercise in the open air, you can soon get back to normal. Everyone reading this frank statement will understand why so many in Bar- mouth have confidence in Doan's Back- ache Kidney Pills. All dealers, or 2j9 a box from Foster- McClellan Co., 3, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, 1--V.