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Barmouth Licensing Sessions.


Barmouth Licensing Sessions. The annual Brewster Sessions for the Ardudwy-is-Artro Division were held on Friday last at the Police Station, Barmouth, before W. J. Wright, Esq. (chairman); Thos. W. Piggott, Cadwa!adr Roberts, Morris Evans and J. Pryce Jones, Esqrs. ANNUAL REPORT. Inspector Ben Evans reported that the number of bouses fully licensed was eleven: one licersed to sell beer, wine, porter, etc., for consumption on or off the premises and one for beer, wines and spirits, for consumption off the premises. Ten houses bold seven-day licenses and three six-day licences. Five bouses were tied to Brewers or owners. The following licences were granted for entertainment:—one stage play, one music and dancing, two cine- matograph, and one billiard license for the Pavilion, Barmouth, and one for the Talydon Hotel, Barmouth. On May 1st, the license of the Lion Hotel, Barmouth, was transferred from the late Mr R. G. Moore to his wife, Winnie Moore. On August 20th a temporary transfer of the license of the Last Inn, Barmouth, was granted from John Foulkes to George Onions, and on October 15th a full transfer was granted. On September 24th an Order was made by the Bench (under the Temporary Restrictions Act, 1914) for the sale and consumption of intoxicating liquors in all licensing premises in the division to be suspended and closed each night at 9 o'clock from October 1st until the termination of the war. The application of the proprietors of Talydon Hotel for structural alterations 'was granted on January 21st. The conduct of the licensed houses bad been satisfactory. Six persons were proceeded against for drunkenness, as compared with seven in the preceeding year, three of whom were charged with being drunk and disorderly, and three for single drunken- ness—four males and one female who was convicted on two occasions during the year. The Chairman said that the report was very satisfactory, and he was glad to observe there was a decrease in drunkenness. Great credit was due to licensees for the way they had conducted their business during the past year, and he hoped they would continue to ho;d the same discipline. The Bench renewed all the licences.