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BARMOUTH COUNCIL. Monthly Meeting. The ordinary monthly meeting of the above Councilwh held on Tuesday afternoon. Pre eat: Mr J. Pryce Jones, J.P. (cbai, man), Messrs Rpes Jones, D. O. Hug' es, Henry Freeman; Francis Morris, J. Llewelyn Davies, Rhys Jones and Edward Williams, with Messrs R. Llewelyn Owen, (deputy clerk), T. R. Parry, (surveyor), John Roberts, (.'ate collector) and Watkin Owen, (b mting inspector). BOWLING CLUB, Me G. E. Owen, on behalf of the Bowling Club, appeared before the Council and asked for permission to obtain soil from Cellfechan Farm. The Club were afraid they could not com- plete the work unless they could have sufficient soil. The Surveyor said no harm would be done to the land. On the proposition of Mr D. 0. Hughes, seconded by Mr Henry Free- man, it was unanimously decided to grant the request, and that an intima- tion should be sent to the tenant of Cellfechan Farm. Mr Owen thanked the Council for their kindness. BILLETING OF TROOPS. The Tradesmen's Association wrote suggesting that the Council should endeavour to have troops billeted in the town. The Chairman said that the Council had bad a good deal of correspondence over this matter, and the last communi- cation received was that the first chance would be given to Barmouth if any troops were to be billeted at watering places. The Council bad done all they could in the matter, and he thought thatunder tbepi-esent circumstances no place would have any troops. Mr Rees Jones said there were troops billeted at Carnarvon and Baogor. The Deputy Clerk then read the correspondence which had been received from the War Office, etc which was to the effect that Barmouth would have every consideration if any troops were to be billeted. Everything possible had been done by the Council. The Chairman said that the Council could not do more than what they bad done. Mr Rbys Jones said that when the Lord Lieutenant of the County attended a conference at the Counoil Office some time ago, he promised to do his best to get troops billited at Bar- mouth. He thought it would be advis- able to send an application whether it was not possible for Barmouth to have a number of wounded soldiers. Bar- mouth would be an ideal place for convalescent soldiers If the town could not have any troops billeted here, perhaps they could have a number of wounded soldiers. He proposed that an application should be made to the War Office for wounded soldiers, and to remind the Lord Lieutenant also of this matter. Mr Henry Freeman seconded, which was carried unanimously. It was also decided that a reply should be sent to the Tradesmen's Association. WELSH TROOPS A letter was read from Miss Doli Richards, Greenhill, stating that March 4th bad been fixed as the Post Card Day in aid of the fund now being raised to provide comforts for the Welsh Troops. WATERWORKS. It was reported that the Finance Committee had considered the question of the present assessment of J6262 10s. Od. made in respect of the water- works and mains, and it was decided to leave the matter in the hands of the Chairman and the Deputy Clerk to deal with as they deem best. SEA EROSION. I Messrs. Saunders, Bradbury and Saunders, Solicitors acting for owners I of land facing the sea, with a frontage < of 80 90 yards, called attention to the recent inroads made by the sea to the north of the present Parade, and suggested that the Council should take steps to stem the encroaching by the building of a sea wall or groynes. The Council was urged to take the matter up forthwith by repairing the wall built by t,heir client on the Foreshore of his then adjoining land sold to Mr Mills, and by continuing the same in front of their remainibg land. The Clerk reported that ab Pwllheli a grant of £ 1300 bad been received from the Road Board towards an expenditure of e4000 in constructing a new road, not a sea wall, and that the gtant was made on a case made out that unemployment existed, which plea could not now be put forward. Mr Rhys Jones said he believed that a special meeting of the Council should be convened to discuss the matter, ns he considered it was an important question Mr Henry Freeman agreed, and said that it was important that all the members of the Council should be present. He proposeed that a com- mittee of the whole Council should be convened forthwith to discuss the matter. Mr Rees Jones seconded, which was uunanimously carried. It was decided to meet in a week's time. I SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported that the sewer under Mr Walter Lloyd Jones' shop bad been repaired. Since the completion of the work there had been heavy floods and high tide", but so far no water had entered the cellars of any bouse. A GOOD BALANCE. The Deputy Clerk reported that there was a balance of £ 1404 6s. 8d. in favour of the Council at the Bank that day as compared with £ 944 4s. 9d. last year. I WATER FOR BUILDING PUR- POSES. It was reported that the Surveyor bad been directed to report, all cases of building construction in which extras were executed by the Contractor so that a supplemental assessment should be made by the Council in respect of water used for the execution of such extras, as these were not taken into account when the first charge was made upon the Contractor who was about to use the Council's water. Cases had been referred to in which it transpires that use had been made of the Council's water before any permission had been obtained from the Surveyor, aud the Council desired it to be made public that they would have no hesitation in recommending the immediate prosecu- tion of any person found guilty of this offence in future, as it appeared that far too much liberty was being taken of the town's water supply which bad imposed such a heavy burden on the rates. The Chairman explained that this matter bad been discussed at the Finance Committee, and they thought that it was time that the Council should act firmly. There were resolutions on the Council's books that no water was to be used for building purposes, without in the first instance having obtained the permission of the Council. If the Council allowed that to go on, it would be open for everybody^to open the water mains. Mr Rbys Jones said that when extras were carried out by different contractors the Council would not receive any money for that work, and if the resolu- tions of the Council were enforced, that kind of practise would be soon stopped. He thought that contractors should be informed of this, and the Surveyor should see that no one was tampering with the water mains. MAIN ROADS. I Ic replyto Mr Henry Freeman, tbe Surveyor said the Council bad up to now. spent the sum of C252 14s. ûcL on the main roads, Mr Henry Freeman—We have already expended what we had. The Surveyor said that about £15 more would be expended on the main roads. The Deputy Clerk reported that a cheque for t62 10s. had been received from the County 'Council, being part payment in respect of the main roads eontract. RATE COLLECTOR'S REPORT The Rite Collector reported that dur- ing the past month he had collected the sum of C50 15s. 3d. The total amount of rates collected uptodate was C40601, 17s. 4d., as com- pared with £ 3,703 Is. Od. for this time last year. Mr D. O. Hughes said that mention should be made of the excellent manner in which tbe ratepayers bad met the Council in paying their rates so readily, and also to the Rate Collector for the able manner in which be bad collected the rates. He considered that the ratepayers bad responded well under the present circumstances, and it was encouraging to observe the financial position of the Council that day. He proposed that a reJord should be made of the matter. Mr Rhys Jones, in seconding, said the ratepayers and the Rate Collector bad helped the Council materially in the way the rates bad come in. The Chairman said there had been co-operation between the ratepayers and the Rate Collector, and it was very gratifying that the ratepayers had responded so well. The proposition was carried unani. mously. I ABOUT THE SHELTERS. The Inspector (Mr Watkin Owen) reported that the two shelters on the Marine Parade were in a bad state and six pains of glass bad been broken. Complaints had been made as to the conduct of the Belgian Refugees staying* in the town and who often frequented the shelters. Mr D. 0. Hughes proposed that a notice should be placed up and written in the Belgian language calling attention to the matter. Mr Rhys Jones seconded, which was agreed to. APPLICATION FOR INCREASE OF WAGES. An application was made by five of the Council's worUmeD> viz., Messrs. Richard Lloyd, -Robert Griffith, Owen Owens, David Jaiies a, n cl Griffith Edwards, asking the Council to raise their wages to 41 4s. oi a week, as the living bad gone uP so high. On the proposition of Mr Henry Freeman, seconded by Mr J. Llewelyn Davies, it wab decided to invite the workmen to appear before the Council. WELSH NATIONAL CONFERENCE. rT11. Tue iieputy Clerk read a communi. cation from Brigadier. General Owen Thomas with reference to the Welsh National Scheme for safeguarding the interests of Welsh Soldiers and Sailors and their dependents during and after the War, and asking the Council to send a representative to the Conference to be held at Shrewsbury. The Chairman said he was sorry lie could not attend the Conference on that day. On the proposition of Mr Rees Jones, seconded by Mr Henry Freeman, Mr Rbys Jones was unanimously appointed to attend the Conference. It was further decided that the Council should bear the expense of the railway fare of the representative to Shrewsbury. The Chairman said that was all the business, and the meeting was at an end. Mr Rhys Jones Qaid it was a record meeting. The Council only sat for an hour.