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ASK YOUR NEIGHBOUR. Hundreds of Barmouth people can tell you all about it. Home endorsement, the public ex- pression of Barmoutb people, should be evidence beyond dispute for every Barmouth reader. Surely the experience of friends and neighbours, cheerfully given by them, will carry more weight than the utterances of strangers resid- ing in far-away places. Read the following: On December 20th, 1912, Mrs M. Roberts, of "Gorphwysfa," near St. David's Church, Barmoutb, said come few years ago I was troubled with backache and pains round the loins. I proved that the kidneys were the cause of the trouble by other symptoms. Having beard of Doan's backache kidney pills, I thought I would trry them. I did so, and am pleased to say that the pills did me a great deal of good, in fact, in a short time cured me of the trouble. "1 should certainly take Doan's back- ache kidney pills again if I bad any return of the trouble I am pleased to recommend them to others. (Signed) M. Roberts. On March 29th, 1915-over two years later -Mrs Roberts said Doans pills are good, and keep me free from kidney trouble and backasche," When the kidneys are ill the whole body is being sloivly poisoned. That is why kidney complaint is so serious and why it so often ends fatally. Doan's baokache kidney pills cleanse and gently heal the kidneys, and so arrest, the cftuse of kidney trouble, backache, rheumatism, dropsy, urinary disorders, gravel, languor, weakness and unnatural drowsiness. Price 2/9 a box, of all dealers, or trom Foster McClellan, Co., 8, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W. Don't ask for backache or kidney pills,-ask distinctly for Doan's backache kidney pills, the same as Mrs Roberts had.