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BARMOUTH, DYFFRYN & DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION. ANNUAL MEETING. I The annual meeting of the Bapmouth, Dyffryn and District Nursing associ- ation was held at the CoutMi! School, Barmoutb, on Wednesday iast. There WAS a targe attendance. The chair was taken by Mrs HoHand, Caerdeon, who in the course of a most excellntj address, gave an account of the beginning of the Nursing Movement in this district. She pointed out that the movement soon gained strength because of the unity of. a!l classes in promoting it. She expressed pleasure at seeing the Barmoutb Branch in such a nourishing condition. SECBETARY,S REPORT. The Hon. Secretary (Mrs E. D. Jones) in her Annual report stated that during the year ending December 31st, 1915, the work of the Association bad been carried on the same lines as in previous years, and no event of impor- tance bad occurred to vary its routine. The "Norse paid 1,948 visits including 76 scbooi-nursing visits, and tbe number of cases attended during the year were 92 4 operations. As usual, Inspectors from the Jubilee Institute paid two visits to the district, and subsequently the following reports were received :— Nurse did her work skilfully and well, and earned out her duties with kind- ness and sympathy. Everything seemed to be going on we! (April). Good work is being done at Barmoutb, and the efforts of the Nurse are much appreciated. The equipment is in good order." (October). During the yoar.tho Nurse undertook, for the nj[st time, the duties of School Nursing in accordance with the arrangement made with the County Education Authority. Ber "ork consisted in visiting the parents of children reported on by the School Medisa! OfGcer, and informing them of the results of his examination, and sub. sequently in again visiting them to eee whether bia instructions bad been fol- lowed. As this entaifed considerable additional work for the Narse, the Com- .mittee decided to advance hersaiary by £1 in addition to the J64 advarce made last year.. No subscriptions Nvere re- ceived from Fairbournc this year. It appears from a report of a public meet- ing be!d in Fairbourne that the resi- dents had decided to sever their con- nection with the Association. It is gratifying to notice that in spite of this fa.ct our sub&eriptions this year have only by a very tittle fallen short of those of previous years, tbunks to the efforts of the coiifctors, and to the fact that this year there had been several new subscribers. It is sincerely to be hoped ¡ that notwithstanding the increasing number of cults upon subscribers throughout the district, the claims of the Barmouth and District Nursing Association may not be allowed to suffer. The Committee desired to thank those who bad given thankofferings) and to impress upon ail who can afford to do so, the desirability of acknowledging in this way the special services of the Nurse towards them. They also wish to ¡ thank Mr and Mrs Lioyd, Minymor, for organizing a concert this year again in aid of the funds. Gifts of clothing, &c., from Mrs Castle, Mrs Biakey, Mrs J. N. Roberts, Mrs Morgan Jones, Brynteg, were found very useful. The best thanks of the Committee were tendered to all subscribers and givers of donations by whose help the work of the Association bad been so successful carried on. Arising from the report, a lengthy discussion took place with regard to the delution of Fairbourne from the Associ- ation. Two or three members from Fairbourne expressed the desire of the inhabitants of Fairbourne to break off the connection with Barmouth and join with DoigeIIey. U)timate!y it was agreed that there wish sbouid be aceeded to, and that three representaeivcs of the Barmoutb Committee should meet three from the Doigelley Committee to settle on the boundaries of the districts. The foHowing took part in the dis- cussion: The Rev. R. Lioyd Roberts, M.A., R.D., Rev. Gwynoro Davies. Rev Edwin Jones, Mr Edwin B!akey, Jubilee Road, Mr Edward Williams, Mr David E. James, Mr Peacock, and Mr R. Lloyd Jones. Mr Humphrey Jones, manager, London City and Midland Bank, in pre- senting the financial statement stated that the balance in band wae practica,Hy the same as iast ye&r although the Fairbourne subscriptions bad not bppn received. The total number of sub- scribers were only eleven iess than last year. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. President:—Mrs Biakey, Cwmglas, At'tbog. Vice- President:—MissOwea,G)anafoo COMMITTEE: Mrs Biakey, Cwmgla.s, Artbog, Miss Davies, Gianmorfa, Dyffryn, Mt-sWiHiams-Davies, Artbog, Mrs Evans, West End House, Mrs Hogb Evans, Penmounti, Mrs Joaps, Aber House, Mrs R. W. Jones, Meuion House, Miss Elsie Jones, B.A., Dyffi-yry, Mrs Morgan, BaUymacora, MrsO.W. Morns/ G!aag!a.sfor, Mrs Nortbwood, Dt-yH-y-Car, Mrs Wiifiams-Pugb, Llysarfor, Mrs C. Roberts, Ynysfa-ig, Fairbourne, Mrs J. N. Roberts, Ivnerugq, Mrs Talbot, Tynyffynon, Mrs Armer WnUams, Gwaaas, Bar- moutb Junctioa, Dr. J. R. Heatb, Tyaycoed, Dr. Pugb Jones, Fionygraig, Dr.J.O.WiHiams.Bryo, Dr. Wood,L!acbedr. Hon. Treasurer —Mrs J. N. Roberts, Inveruga. Hon. Secretary:—Mrs E. D. Jones Hafod. The asutd vote of thanks t.eroom.ited a most successful meebrng.