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for Ktna and Countrp. .1" Î;¡ ROLL OF HONOUR. ""M,- JJ Barmouth Boys who serve their King & CQuntry on Land and Sea. -< "F_ THE NAVY. .Lieut-Commander Edward Griffith, Re- liance House Lieutenant Best Lingfield) Lieutenant 11. Lloyd (late of Tynycoed) Lieutenant Harold Lowe, Penrallt Lieut. R. Lloyd Lewis (late of Aelydon FJighfc-Lieut. R. Hilton Jones, R.N.A.S. Chief Stoker GrifIibh Richards, The Anchorage. P.O. fist CI.) Tommy Williams, Beach Road (RN.A.S.)" D o. Willie Owen, Craigmynach (do) Do. C. H. Mendhara, Mt. Argus (do) Petty Officer R. Williams, Aberamffra LeadingSeaman Thos. Williams,Gwynfa Dick Povvell, Llanaber Willie James Rowlands, Riverslea Rowland Rowlands, do. Alfred Price, Enfield House Johnny Owen. BwlchVane,Marine Gdns David W. Humphreys (late of Water St. Robert Jones, Abermaw Terrace Robert Ellis Griffith, Aberamffra Griffith Edwards, Green Bank. Thomas Garnett, Wynnstay House R Ailen, Cambrian Street. William Jones, Penycei (R.N.A.S) Edward Jones, Rronygraig John Richard Tucker, 6, Porldngton (A eroplane Service) THE ARMY Captain D. Oswald Davies, Greenbili Capfc. Tador Jones Captain Wm. Griffith, M.B., late 2, Belle Vue Lieutenant Reginald Lloyd, Tynycoed LteutenantV. St. G.Hewins, GarreglwYd 2nd Lieutenant G. B. Piggott, Fronaig | 2nd Lieu ten ant M. B uckiey u. e ri,1-n. M () U n tAr g u I 2nd, Meirion Williams, (late Police Station.) Sec-Lieut H. R. H. Dennis, Glenceirn 2nd Lieut. Robt. Scott Vaugbton, Bar- mocil1 Junction 2nd Lieutenant Wm. Morris, Tanyfedw 2nd Lieutenant C R. Hughes, Glynhefin 2nd. Lie a tenant C>wadoc Evans, 2nd Lieut. Lewis Williams, St Ann's Sergt.-Major G. Feistead, B t, y ri R w e I Ter. Sergeant A. C. O'Neil, do. | Sergeanii Wm. O'Neil, do. j Sergeant W.H.Williams, Liverpool I-Ise Sergeant Samuel Dillow, Water Street Sergeant John Astley, Cumberland Hse Sergeant J. H. Uoyd, late Marine Gdns*. Sergeant W H. Jones (litis of Aelydon) Serge. Dick Fuller, Beach Road Scrgt. G L. Booth, Brynawel Ter. Sergt. Bill Strongman, Harboro' House Sergt. Ai/red Strongman, do. StRff Sergeant H. Whitehead, Park Road Staff Sergeant Major W. Jones, Glanaig Sergt. Instructor W. Lyons, Corsygedol Hotel. Corporal Robert Peters, Craig-y-Nos Sergeant Edward Price, Glasfryn House Corporal Waiter Thomas Pagb,Pecgraig Corporat Frank Lioyd, 4, Bronaber Ter. Corporal Richard Tank, Victoria Bldgs. Corp. Rl-iys Ptigb,lj"y, Arfor(Cann.dians) Corporal John Parry Jones, Gianllyn Lce-Serg Herbert Aspinall, Beach Road Lee.-Corp!. Robert Williams,WesleyHse CorploraT Ellis Tank, Victoria Bdgs Corporal David Owen, Marine Gardens Lce.-Corpl. Dan Robinson, Bennar Ter. Lee.- C ,i, p t. D?,in R-)t- Lee Corp!. Peter Hughes, Relience Hse. Lc-Corp Lewis Davies. Williams' Bldgs Lc-Corp. W. B, Griffith, Vulcan Villa Driver George Astley, Cumberland Hse. R. Williams Liverpool House William Finnigan, Water Street J. Herbert Ingram, Glasfor Terrace H. Wallace Ingram, do. Richard Jones, 2 Marine Terrace Jofm P. Williams, Beach Road David Davies, Williams' Buildings Robert Henry Lewis, Brynawel Terrace Edward Thomas, Church Place Robert Lloyd, 2, Mount Pleasant William Francis Jones, Bronygraig Tommy Loxton, Central Buildings Bobbie Lloyd, Victoria Buildings Billie W. Roberts, Advertiser Office Humphrey Humphreys, 1 Fronfelen Tommy Jones, Buxton House Tommy Owen, Snowdon View Phillip Williams, Aberamffra Thomas Evans, Water Street John Jones, Goronwy Terrace Francis Morris, Abermaw Terrace BVil Evans, Arvoa View Harry Powell, Llanaber Joe C^thervrood Thomas Hugh Jones, Eldon House — Hod geld n son, Marine Hotel John Rees Edwards, Morben Villa William Edward Morris, Glyndwr John Morris, do Lewis mdwitrds (late of Penygraig) VV illie ElIis Water Street Evan Jonos, Llwyndu Samuel Owen, St. Georges I John Thomas Roberts, Albion Hoose Wm. Richard Lewis, Gianywerydd Owen Evan Owen, 11, Marine Terrace I David Griffith, Cambrian Street Jack Davies, Bwlch Cottage R. H. Roberts, Penlan House Robert Francis Morris, Tanyfedw Charlie Scholz (late Wesley Place) Evan Pierce Jones (late Penygraig) William Evans, Glandwr Lodge David Thomas Evans, do. Tommy C. Williams, Tygwyn Bldgs. William Davies, Williams' Buildings John Edwards, LKvynon Archie Fox (late Aelfor Villas) John Garnett, Mount Windsor Owen Thomas Morris, Tanyfedw. David Ellis Humphreys, Gibraltar Ter. Alfred Smith Thomas, Glandwr Cottage Hughie Williams, Tegfan, Princes Av. John Lloyd, Barmouth Junction. Thomas O'Mara. Doctors Buildings. William Haines, Arthog John Parry, Glanmawddach C. Vaughan, C, I xvi, Mill George Bishop, Eion Hotel Cbas. S. Walker, Corsygedol Hotel F. Prewer, Brynmawddacb E. Powell, do Idwal Wynne, Arthog Willie Lloyd, Tynycoed Buildings David Richards, Leamington House. D. W. Jones, Gwalia Hotel John E. Rowlands, Rivers Lea Joe Whitehead, Park Road James Thos. Jones (late Water St.) John Llewelyn Evans, Fronoleu Farm D. I. Rowlands,Cambrian Establishment David Pugb, The Green Garage Evan Pierce Jones, La,wrenny Lodge G. Vernon Price, Enfield. F. A. Price, do. Harry Jeffs, Arthog Halt Hotel Ellis Roberts, St. Georges Tommy Roberts, do Llewelyn Davies, Tynycoed David Thomas Brooks, do Harry Dudley, Coesfaen Willie Owen, St. Georges David Hughes, Arvon View Waltei- Chiis. Miles, Green Garage John Charles Crab be, Water Street J ilmcs Joo es, Boots, Ta 1ydon Hotel Ellis-Pi ice Jones, Beehive Robert L!oyd, late Marine Gardens. David Griffiths, 1, Aelfor Terrace Robert Thomas, Church Place John Henry Jones, Tainewddion John M. Evans, Wynyi-,t,?i.y David D (!?iio of Glandwr L.')d?? Sapper William Watkins, 3, Penyhryn Sapper J. R. Jones, Manchester House Robt. Edward Griffith, Vulcan Villa, John Jones, Barmouth Railway Station Hubert Henry Hainge, Barmouth Junct John EneGriffith,Vul can Villa(Canadians Bennett J. Griffiths, do (Canadians) G. W. Price-, Glasfryn (Canadians) Iorwerth Price Jones, Gwynfa Cottage (Canadians) Gorner Thomas, Victoria Place (Austra- lians) Arthur L!. Thomas, Do. (Australians) Arthur Witson Roberts, 9, Porkington (Australians) D. H. Allen, Cambrian Street.' John Alun Evans (late of Barmouth) Wiliie Williams, School House Ernest G.Vaughton, Barmouth Junction Robert Arthur Jones (late of Vron Dairy Rowland Roberts, Water Street Fraser Farrer, late Talydon Hotel William Alun Evans, Dolafon. Morris Owen Davies, (late Penygraig) Evan Jones, Tanycoed cottage W, R. Owen, 2, Tygwyn Buildings R. E. Roberts, The Grange 0. Prys Hughes, Glynbefin (2nd Rho. desian RegtJ Albert Morgan ONeill, Brynawel Ter. Evan Lewis, Brynawel Terrace David Jones, late Panorama Mineral Works David Thomas Davies, Williams Bldgs Clifford Jones, 4, Marine Terrace Charlie Davies, Pantllan Laundry William Jones, Glanflyu Charlie Coleman, 5, Bronaber Terrace John Llewelyn Edwards, St. Ann's David Jones, E'don House Evan Lie ?elyn Evans, Pengraig Stanley Jones, Beach Road, Jobn Lewis Evans, Gwendolen Herbert Me'Manus, Bronwen House Griffith I-II. Williams, Marine House (2nd Rhodesian Regiment) Griffith Owen Edwards, Kohinoor Tommy Evans, late Siloam Buildings Robert Pugh, Liyndu Tommy Davies, Penlan House John Lewis, Ceil warb Abel Roberts, Goilen Arthur W. Hughes^ Glerhefin j Richard Williams, 2, Marine Gardenf4 f pt&l c ISK* • I | • m *„'• *< 3 Ifi^l t. ■< "it4«. hj i y* >s s • r -t- << 1 I J |7- fe- 4- "■ -\M i |A iL 6fty m*tc • ? v^v ■ !•" /s'l I\ 3A • J J -r > 1 J** 7 I V% VjR 1 //7^4 *> f^J-/ I Swift of foot was /^3^~ 1 o,o sins fcr Sons ef Men. f |. H??d?Mocc?ns" /y?y\ K?T?E S??'. f"?? I ———————————————— ? ,???? I ??????<? ench?ied. ??? ———?SUTMAO.? | | —Longf*ow. ■ FCrt BO v s* | FIT | tfl/l? 0mtv ■ <1 O If* WARRANTED 1 I'WITH COMFORT. //V c >0 WEAIl I —■' /%? ?;_ S!2ES ??/? 6?? ?? ?.?.?"?:'???,. ? H?LF-S?ZES. ? E.OTTC?-??. ? I I < Se I .1 Ag 4- I k eUf. e ? 0).. 'P'r<iî '7' I { I HIgh Street and" i.. a, i -o,, B o I _?_ ? 1* rl"Jî¡rV'lT' —— S ?? ?? f?'eighHnur&s a pcrfec! joint, so difterent from the'hit-o!-miss "method 9 J? 9 emp l oyed in otiier bicyc l es, It ensures strengt h an d safety t eve?Y PQZ'.L. kx R3LEICM 1 I THE ALL-STEEL BICYCLE 1 JI THE L!QU3D BRAZ!MG OFTME J $  *B? ? ? (wit, Duntop tyres ) is fu)t of un i que teatures ar? j is guarantee d for ever. i ■ ?- ?*? li Dunlop tyres ) is fill of un i que features an d is guarantee d for e?er. »j   ?? ?PRICES FROM ?5/19/6 OR 9/4 PER MONTH. 1B| I I  ?r   ?''  ??-?. S<"? a ?.c. for ?< Book of the Raleigh. 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CHARLES BLACK,'Ltd., 4, 5 & 6 SOHO SQUARE, LONDON. 1 'CHARLES BLCKJ.Ltd., 4, 5 & ,SOHO SQUARE, LONDON