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I ABERYSTWYTH RESIDENT'S GRATITUDE. Purely out of gratitude, and with the wish that others may profit by his experience, a resident of our neighbour- ing town, Aberystwyth, authorises the publication of the following. Mr E. White, who lives at 6, Pound Place, near the Parish Church, Trinity Road, Aberystwyth, is now stationed at Gibraltar in the Royal Naval Reserve, aud has spent* twenty-five years alto- gether in the Navy. On September 4th, 1911, Mr White said -I' I have had kidney trouble for the last four years or so shooting pains seized me right across my back,and these prevented my standing erect after bending. Fear- ful headaches also bothered me, as well as dizziness. There was gravel in the water, and I bad scalding pains when seeking relief. I lost energy for work, but after taking Dean's backache kidney pills I had great relief. They put new life into me, and I feel a different man altogether. I shall certainly recommend Doan's pills to others, for I have faith in them as akidney medicine. (Signed) "E.Whi te." On April 1st, 1915 nearly four years later Mrs White said I am pleased to say my husband is in the best of health, in fact, was never better." Often those in the greatest danger from kidney complaint do not know their kidneys are diseased, and so the trouble is neglected until it reaches a serious stage. Cure your kidneys while you can by commencing with Doan's backache kidney pills as soon as you notice any such clear sign of kidney disolder as urinary sediment, gravel, pains in the loins and back, rheumatism and dizziness. Price 2/9 a box, of all dealers, or trom Foster McClellan, Co., 8, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W. Don't ask for backache or kidney pills,—ask distinctly for Doan's backache kidney pills, the same as Mr White had.