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f THE WELSH HOSPITAL, NETLEY. BARMOUTH BED INSTALLED. I The wonderful amount of good work done at the above excellent Institution is well known all over the country. So far, according to statistics, the good work done at this Hospital has not been surpassed by any other hospital in the country. Some of the Barmouth woun- ded boys have already tasted of its com- forts and blessing and are loud in their praise of the attention they received while they were there. Our kind-hearted and genial Nurse (Nurse Roberts) whose thoughts are constantly with the afflicted, conceived the beautiful and truly Christian idea of endowing a bed, to be designed as the Barmouth Bed at the Welsh Hospital, whose Matron,Miss Evans, is well known to the Nurse. I inquiries were made as to the ex-, pense, and it was found that 26/- a week for the duration of the War, will ensure ,to ary one of our boys, who may be un- fortunately compelled to seek the shelter of a hospital, accommodation of a bed, over which a tablet will be placed The Barmoutb Bed." Not only will he feel more at home, knowing that he is the guest as ic were of those who give him loving thoughts, but be will receive little extra attentions which will gladden his heart. The Matron wrote It is very kind and generous of you to think of the Welsh Hospital, and your kind offer is a very welcome one. I only hope that many other towns in Wales will follow the splendid example of Barmouth, by endowing Beds in the Welsh Hospital i while the war lasts." When we think of our brave and I splendid fellows, who sacrifice home, comforts and even their lives in their noble response to the call of duty, who j can grudge a shilling a week, if it only helps to cheer the hearts of a few. The following are the kind friends who have undertaken the endowment of a "Barmouth Bed as long as the war lasts. The first payments having been made last Saturday. Mrs Richards, Fronoleu, Mrs Edward Williams, Ceylon House, Mrs Roberts, Inveruga, Mrs 0. W. Morris, Glanglasfor, Mrs D. E. Davies, St. Ann's, Mrs Richards, Greenbill, Mrs Francis Morris, St. Ann's, Mrs Eyton Jones, Minfor, Mrs Rbys Jones, Glanymor, Mrs W. G. Williams, Tynycoed Bdgs., Mrs Moore, Lion Hotel, Mrs Milton-Davies, Greenhill, Mrs Evan Davies, Cartref Dedwydd, Mrs Jones, The Library, Nurse Roberts, King's Crescent, Nurse Lynne, Tynyffynnon, Sir Edmund Buckley, Greenhill, Mr William Owen, Craigmynach, Mr H. Wynne Williams, Glantraetb, Mr Ernest Lloyd, Minymor, Mr Rees Jones, Moss Bank, Mr Gwilym Davies, Waverley Cafe, M J. W. Langley, Talydon Hotel, Mr O. Armer, Craigymor, Mr Humphrey Jones, L C, & M. Bank, Mr D. Roberts, N. P. Ranfc, Mr Richard Roberts, Ivy House, Mr H. R. Davies, Franklands, Messrs Williams, Marine House, Mr R. Llewelyn Owen, Llys Llewelyn. If anyone else would care to identify him or herself with the movement, the Hon. Secretary, Mr J. Jones, The Library; or the Hon. Treasurer, Nurse Roberts, will only be too glad to know. If there will be a small surplus, a few trifling luxuries would no doubt be very acceptable by the occupant of the bed. The following is a copy of the Secretary's letter in acknowledgment of the endowment: Dear Sir, I beg to acknowledge very cordially receipt of yours of the 15th inst, and to say that we are very pleased indeed that you have been able to secure a bed in the Welsh Hospital to be named the Barmouth Bed." If it would not interfere with you too much, it would suit us better if you will send us your cheque monthly. We have a meeting of our Finance Committee. this week, and I shall be very pleased to be able to report to them what you are doing. I note that you desire the remittance to commence as from Monday, and I am issuing intruc- tions for a bed to be named the Barmouth Bed," and for the name to be fixed on the bed at the Hospital. Our Hon. Treasurer, Sir W. James Thomas, is away at the moment, but I am sure he will be delighted when be knows what you propose doing. I remain, Yours faithfully, CYRUS J: EVANS, Hon. Secretary.