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AJ!J'at;n,e1l.'A t; Ð.. T?OABD OR APARTMENTS.—Mrs Henry Freeman, Glanmeon, Bar month. Glofo to Beach and Station Highest references. APARTMENTS.—1, rynymor, Bar- 1-1 mouth. Close to Beach and Station. Sea and mountain view. Ap- ply, Mrs David Owen. FIA'[-I,TMEYiTS.t-Se,,i, and Mountain l PA:l\l\nDNTS.S?a, an :Mountain Ijl. View two minutes' walk to Promenade. South aspect. Large airy rooms. Terms Moderate. Mrs E, EIUMPHREYS,. 1, Fronfelen Terrace Barmouth. ROSE HILL, BARMOUTH.—Com- fortable Apartments—or Board. Central position. Highly recommended. Apply- Mrs EDWARDS. iN T S -Close to Promen- A PARTMENTS.—C!cse to Promen- .A ade and Station. Moderate terms. Apply, Mrs Morris G. Roberts, Heoddol, Northfieid Road. A PARTMENTS.—With or without izL Board. Cyclists Accommodation. Bath (hot & cold).—Mrs Evan Wil- liams, Bodlyn, Barmouth. A PARTMENTS.—Snowdon View, Bar- month. Close to Beach and Station. Sea and mountain view. Apply, Mrs B. Chven P-DM PORTABLE APARTMENTS Moderate terms. Central position, Olose to Beach and Station. For terras, etc., ppply o J Office of this paper. A PARTMENTS.-C,omfortal)le Home- like Apartments. Highly recommended Sea and Mountain view Sunny aspect. 1 mile walk. Apply, Mrs n. Davies, Fronhyfryd Llanaber. Barmouth. T" i ARM HOUSE APARTMENTS-TO L^T.—Hendreclochydd Farm, Llanaber. 2 sitting room and 3 bedrooms. Beautifully situated. Sea and mountain view. 5 minutes watk to sea, about If miles from Barmouth station. Apply—Mrs J. Morris A PARTMENTS or Furnished House. .?A. Foot Dinas Olcu. Grand views. Phillips, Sea View. G ENTLEMAN'S FURNISHED House ,J' to be let, with linen and silver, containing 3 reception rooms, 8 bedrooms. Standing in its own grounds and having an elevating situation, overlooking Cardigan Bay. Apply L," office of this paper. A PARTMENTS,-Accommotl,,ition for B. Cyclists. 3 minutes' walk from Beach Station and Post Office. Bath (hot and cold, MrsSergt. Rowlands, River's Lea Barmouth. FURNISHED House.—To let.—8 bed- rooms, 3 entertaining rooms, bath (h.&c.). 2 or 3 minutes walk from sea front and station. Sea and mountain view. Apply-" W. office of this paper. FURNISHED HOUSE TO BE liE-. 4 Sitting Rooms, 12 Bedrooms. Bath, etc. Every convenience. Mountain a,nd SRa view. Apply, Mrs. Mobley, 8 Porkington Ter Is,,oe d Mar i ne APARTMENTS. — Isgoed, MARINE A. Road, Barmouth. Apply, Mrs. T. Pa-y. Parry.. BRONLLYS, Marine Road.—Comfort- able apartments, near sea. 7 bedrooms, Terms moderate. Apply, Mrs Breeze. PARTMENTS. Country House A APARTMENTS. Bathroom, (hot and cold. Sea view. Tennis. Apply, D. E. Davies, Barmouth. MONA, BARMOUTH, entrance to Promenade. Facing sea. Board or Apartments. Term's reasonable. Home com. orts. Apply, Arundale, Proprietor. — ) PARTMENTS,-Pembi,olie House Barmouth, 10 Bedroom 3 Sitting-rooms. Commands an excellent view oft he Estuory and Cader Idris Range of Mountains. Five Minutes walk from Station and Two Minutes from Beach Apply,—Mrs Inspt. Watkin Owen. WHITFIELD HOUSE, The Estuary, Barmouth. Facing the far-famed Bar- mouth Bridge, with excellent views of the sea, river Mawddach and the Cader Range. Bath, hot & cold. Terms moderate, Apply- Mrs Richards. A PARTMENTS—1, Sea View Ter- XJL race. Barmouth. Comfortable apartments. Excellent views of sea and mountains. Apply—Mrs Pugb. .A'- TO BE LET. TO BE LET.—Riverscot, Aberam JL ffra. 2 Reception, 4 Bedrooms Bathroom, &c. Rent £ 24. Apply- Edwin Blakey, Barmouth. TTTORNISHED HOUSE TO LET.- JU The House contains 2 Sitting Rooms and 7 Bedrooms. 2 or 8 minutes walk from Sea-front and Station. Terms moderate. Apply R.' of this paper, MO BE LET—MASONIC HALL BAR- O MOUTH. Large Room suitable for Pnb- lic Meetings, Auctions, Soirees, Concerts, &c. Terms moderate. Apply,—Secretary, Meirion house, Barmouth. TO BE LET.- Arvon View, Bron- -). aber Terrace, Barmouth. From 12th of May, 1915. Rent C16 10 0. Apply,—G. E. Owen, Wern. Barmouth. FAR MH OUSE APARTMENTS.— [ Near Talyboht Halt Fishing, golf, full view of Cardigan Bay. Apply, Miss Parry, Lhvyngriffri Farm, Taly- bont, Dyffryn. TO BE LET.-No, 3. ABERMAW JL TERRACE from May 12tli, 1916. Apply, D. E. Davies, Green Garage, Barmouth. MOTOR GARAGE TO LET, Apply, R.G." of this office. TO BE LET from May 12th, 1916. Bron Eivion, King Edward Street, Apply, Proprietor. TO BE LET from May 12th, 1916. -L' No. 8, Porkington Terrace, Apply,—Cadwaladr Roberts, Mawddach House, Barmouth. TO BE LET, the buge and com- JL modious Warehouse now lccupied by the s.s. Dora Co., situated on the Quay, Barmouth, from the 12th day or May next. Applications to be sent, in to the Treasurer, Mr RHYS JONES, Gianymor, Barmoutb. TO BE SOLD FOR SALE.—Good assortment ofl genuine Antique Furniture, &c. Apyly, R. Roberts, Ivy House. FOR SALE.—PHATEON to carry 5 with driver. In good condition. Suit a cob about 15 bands. Reasonable price. Apply, Office of this paper. THE BARMOUTH Steam Cauudrp. PROPRIETRESS: MRS, BORTHWiGK. All kinds of aundry work done on the shortest notice, at reasonable charges DYEING AND CLEANING. ecial quotations for Hotels and large famliesi To Visitors. Those who wish to take home with them a real and interesting SOUVENIR of Barmouth can not do better th purchase a Copy of the History of Barmoutli and Vicinity" Bv E. ROSALIE dONES, B.A. published in 1909 at 3/6 now sold at 2/6 at the Barmouth Library and all Book sellers in the town. mum :s t 'i Printed and Published by Morris G. Roberts, Water Street, Barmouth. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS Aianoia.irs.oe2Mies3a.-fcs. BRITISH ENDUSTRIES AND THE AR. MANUFACTURERS and INVESTORS contempla,ting the Establishment of New Industries as a result, of the War, are invited to communicate with THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS CO., Who have a large nutnbel, of convenient and suitable SITES TO OFFER WITH AN ABUNDANT SUPPLY OF WATER FOR GENERATING MOTIVE POWER, admirably adapted for the erection of WORKS, FACTORIES, WAREHOUSES, and other INDUSTRIAL UNDERTAKINGS. The Company are prepared to assist in the establishment of such works by entering into arrangements for siding connections to be made with the railway, and will be pleased to obtain and furnish information as to suitable sites, siding facilities, rates for conveyance, &c. Applications should be made to :— S. WILLIAMSON, Oswestry, January 193 0 General Manager THE LI N RAGE, BARMOUTH. ——— Opposite Lion Hotel. ——— ACCOMMODATION FOR 30 CARS. Motor* Cars for Hire at Moderate Charges. RhPAIRS EFFICIENTLY EXECUTED BY PRACTICAL MOTOR ENGINEER Petrol, Tyres and Accessories. MERIONETHSHIRE AGENT FOR THE "FORD CARS, A. WILKINSON, Proprietor ft f- -fc, ifSnSjSwwrawrt^ ■ BMWiiSi 7 i i nMrni i nnT» r ;á;; U FLAWLESS JOINTS U 1 1 «B\ are secured by a pressure of 1,000 tons to the square inch, exerted by the mighty \5§jS If7 i power presses in the Raleigh factory in making the perfect parts of the 11 R LEICH THE ALL-STEEL BICYCLE \??mm????5?i? //? WHQue and guaranteed for ever. Prices from £ 5/19/6 or 9,4 perMM& ?M?W????M???? ??<t?.c/o??BooAo/?<?/?A. ?  <-> ,(" '!H ¡} ;#'   ??r'O' G Q ??-? ?  ?  T" Points fe" Cyclists, by Frank D0wden, F.Tt (4.8. Fitted with 18 al?izh Cyc l e Co.. Ltd,. Nottiai h -im. is 100 pr>. Fiom Aleuts and Bookmaila. Dunlop tyres. .4(1& 'Ir'J' 1;11- nr: The New Government Order. All Hotel and Lodging House Keepers must keep the Special ?, f   ?'?'   REGISTRATION FORMS which may be had at the 'Advertiser' Office. I