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BARMOUTH PROOF. And not only Bnrmouth proof, but proof which has stood the test of time. More convincing testimony would be impossible to find. On January 3rd, 1909, Mra E. Morris,. of "Riviere," Abermaw^Terrace,^opposite the harbour, Barmouth, said :—" I have been suffering, on and off, with pains in the back for about four years I have hardly known how to drag myself about. Many a time I have bad to sit down in the middle of my work to take n rest, while to attempt to stoop was simply unbearable. (c My feet and ankles swelled, and there was a puffiness under the eyes. I suffered dreadfully with headaches, and felt tired and drowsy. The kidney excretions were disordered, and caused me distress in obtaining relief. "I began to use Doan's backache kidney pills, and before I had taken the first box I felt ever so much better. As I went on with the medicine my back grew easier, and I could get abont my work without having to sit and rest. I now feet brighter and better in myself —a different person in fact. I shall always recommend Doan's pills. (Signed) E. Morris." On March 29 th, 1915-over six years later—Mrs Morris said :—" Doan's pills are splendid, for they cured me, and I have kept well and free from the trouble these six years since." Don't neglect your kidneys if you have any such unmistakable signs of -kidney and bladder trouble as puffy eyes, watery swellings in the ankles and limbs, urinary disorders, gravel, rheu- matism, aching back, pains in the loins and sides, irritability, nervousness, de- pression, and a constant languid feeling. Doan's backache kidney pills will help you by throwing out the kidney poisons in which so many fatal diseases have their beginning. Price 2/9 a box, of all dealers, or t ro a-i Foster McCiellao, Co., 8, Wells Street, Oxford Street, London, W. Don't ask for backache or kidney pills,-ask distinctly for Doan's I backache kidney pills, the same as Mrs Morris bad,