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f » t> t » t « t « • 4> » » » When MeaMfe 11 > âi{i be ins to go .117 "JEvery Picture 4 J ??????s te^ih*Story.* j One lo- that ,worn-out I miserable feeling, those dragging back- ? aches, headaches, and rheumatic pains, ? which make the daily round so hard! T T Nothing undermines the health so 1 seriously as kidney disorder. For when t the kidneys are weal-: or diseased they T poison the blood instead of purifying- it, I just as a poisoned filter poisons the water | that passes through it. f For' the kidneys are the blood-filters- I from, birth to death the blood is continually strealning through them to be filtered. 4 When it reaches the kidneys it is laden í with poisonous impurities; when it leaves the kidneys it is the purest blood in the 4 body its waste water, excess uric acid 7 and urea have been filtered out by the I kidn,eys, and are afterwards passed from 4 the system through the bladder as urine. v In this way the kidneys remove about 1 foo grains of uric acid and urea, and 3 pints of water from the blood, every day. + But when the kidneys are weak or dis- t eased, they begin to lose their powyr of separating the urine from the blood. Then the urinous waste left in the blood begins to spread disease to all parts of the body. The patient feels unnaturally drowsy and heavy, and grows irritable and miserable. The uric acid and urea begin to settle in the muscles and joints, causing irritation, and the stiffness and pain of rheumatism, 'I or may form into gravel-stones, bringing 1! on the intolerable pain of renal colic as the stones pass from the kidneys to the bladder. The urinary system is disordered; -<> gravelly sediment is noticed in tlip, water, which may be cloudy or discoloured, the patient may have to get up every ha' hour or so during the night to relieve <• bladder, or relief may be attended difficulty and pain. The urinary ? channels may become clogged with urinous waste, causing par- tial or complete stoppage. sical. The heart seems affected, the hands ■ and feet are always cold, and the patient may be subject to bad attacks of giddiness. Kidney disease is hard to cure because it so often reaches a serious stage before it is found out. But if you take your trouble in time, before the kidneys get too seriously involved, the disease may be per- manently cured. At the first appearance of any of the above symptoms, the patient should commence with a thorough course of Doan's Backache Kidney Pills, which act upon the kidneys and bladder like laxative medicines act upon the bowels; they promote a free flow from the kidneys, so that deposits of uric acid poison are flushed out, leaving the system clean and healthy. The medicine should be per- severed with lintil every sign of kidney ■> weakness has disappeared, for as long as the least trace remains a relapse is always to be feared. During treatment the patient should drink freely of ordinary water, and must avoid taking anything that may excite the kidneys or bladder. Diet is of great importance; this is 11 dealt with in the handbook entitled «■ Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder, a: copy of which will be sent free on application. 11 Doan's Backache WMiiey Pills are sold in one size package only, 2/9 a box, 6 boxes for 13/9. Never soltl loose. Of all chemists and <> stores, or direct from Foster-McClellan 00., 8, Wells-st., Oxford st., London, W. Don't ask for <> backache or kidney pills-ask distinctly for Doan's Baokaohe Kidney Pills, otherwise yon cannot blame the dealer if there is any mistake. ■ ) f 5 YOU NEED MANY THINGS g 5 AT A CHEMIST'S WHEN YOU S|§ B ARE ON YOUR HOLIDAYS. 9 ||g GetfAe&esfo?e?cy?AM?at M S ? E. 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