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BARMOUTH COUNCIL., I SPECIAL MEETING. A special meeting of the above Council was held on Tuesday night. Present: Mr William Owen (presiding); Dr J. Pugh Jones, Messrs Henry Freeman, Rees Jones, Francis Morris, D. O. Hughes, Edward Williams, D. E. Davies, Rhys Jones and Robert LI. Williams; with Messrs R. Llewelyn Owen (deputy clerk) and T. R. Parry (surveyor.) I GLANYWERYDD DRAIN. The Chairman reported that a committee consisting of Messrs Edward Williams, Henry Free- man and himself, accompanied by the Surveyor, had called upon Mr Walter Lloyd Jones and Mr D. E. Davies with regard to having access to inspect the Glanywerydd drain. Also they had interviewed a representative of the Cambrian Railways Co., who was in town on Tuesday. The Deputy Clerk read a letter from the Cambrian Railways Co., giving I permission to the Council to inspect the drain, but that the Council should compensate the tenant, and make good any damage done. Mr D. E. Davies said be would give every facility to the Council to do the work. The Deputy Clerk read a letter from Mr Walter Lloyd Jones stating that he would require a compensation of .10/. per day from the Council for the use of his shop whilst the work was on. Mr Henry Freeman proposed that the Conncil should accept the terms of Mr Walter Lloyd Jones. Mr Rbys Jones seconded, which was carried unanimously. On the proposition of Dr J. Pugh Jones, seconded by Mr Rees Jones, it was decided to inform the Cambrian Railways Co., that the Council bad come to an arrangement with Mr Walter Lloyd Jones and Mr D. E. Davies. The Chairman asked who was to see that this work was carried out forth- with. Mr Robert Lloyd Williams proposed that the same committee, with the Surveyor, should carry the matter through. Mr Rees Jones seconded, Dr J. Pugh Jones contended that this kind of work was to be carried out by the Works Committee, as the opening of drains pertained t the Works Com- mittee. Mr Henry Freeman said that the three members appointed were mem- bers of the Finance Committee. As an amendment, he proposed that the Works Committee should supervise the Work. Mr Edward Williams seconded. Mr D. E. Davies said that a small committee could do the work much better than a big committee. Mr Rhys Jones thought it would be better if the Committee who bad already taken the matter in hand would carry it through. Mr Edward Williams said they had already asked the Surveyor to make enquiries about pipes. The Chairman-And to order cement too. Dr. Pugh Jones said the Committee appointed had done what the Council bad asked them to do. This other work was different altogether, and it was not fair to disregard the Works Committee. Mr Henry Freeman said there was some strength in what Dr. Pugh Jones contended that this work was the work of the Works Committee. On a vote being taken, three voted for the amendment, and five for the original proposition, which was declared carried. PLANS. On the proposition of Mr Rhys Jones, seconded by Mr Rees Jones, it was decided to approve of the plans for the proposed alterations at the Talydon Hotel for Mr Peacock; the Surveyor certifying that the plans were in accordance with the Council's Bye- laws.